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Auckland’s Best Bakeries

By Ayu Fristiasa
27th Aug 2017

Auckland's Best Bakeries

All people seem to go on and on about these days is doughnuts (guilty), and we get it, they’re dayum good. But you can’t forget all those other delectable things on offer from the humble bakery. First things first: there’s bread. Tasty, carby, bready bread. Then there are masses of pastries and baked goods like croissants, eclairs, sausage rolls and quiches. So carby and so tasty.

And, lucky for us, Auckland is blessed with a selection of bakeries offering breads and pastries in almost every shape and form. Naturally, we felt it our duty to share our roundup of Auckland’s best bakeries. Controversial, we know.


Grey Lynn

Vegans rejoice! Tart is Grey Lynn’s bakery delivering all your favourite baked goods in the most beautiful way. Their doughnuts look like they were stolen off of ‘The Simpsons’ set and dusted with a touch of glitter (as if they didn’t look mouth watering enough.) Tart bakery doesn’t stop there! They are also making some Kiwi classic pies—with a twist. Try their Mexitarian, you won’t be missing the meat, that’s for sure.

Scratch Bakers


Tucked in Graham Street you’ll find the masters of baking, Scratch Bakers. Baking up a storm for the cafes around Auckland, this is your chance to go straight to the source. The spacious interior leaves room for their jam-packed cabinet showcasing some masterpieces including their delicious rhubarb and frangipani tart. You’ll find the classics and the creative creations of these gifted bakers. With a bustling kitchen, you can opt to order from the menu as well.



Borrowed by the Italian phrase ‘by hand’ this bakery boasts authenticity and artistic skill. When you walk through Amano’s doors you’re greeted with an almighty wall of breads and loaves. You might have to pinch yourself, because you’ve just entered bread heaven!  The Italian-French-inspired bakery exhibits a selection of breads from sourdough to seeded loaves. Don’t worry about the carbs though, with a selection of pressed juices, that’s still healthy right? It easily makes our list of the best bakeries in Auckland.

La Tropezienne


French favourite from the Shore locals is bakery La Tropezienne. The name can be hard to pronounce but their pastries are oh-so easy to devour. While you’re here, warm up with a mug of chocolat chaud to make the most of your inner Frenchie. We recommend la religeuse—a little snowman of custard goodness,  these treats really are religiously good.

La Couronne


A Taiwanese take on some French baking, La Courrone has an extensive selection of baked treats on offer. With a choice of a shopping basket to carry with you around the store, La Couronne knows you’ll be buying more than one pastry treat! Specialising in made-to-order cakes perfect for birthdays and special occasions, there’s nothing La Couronne doesn’t miss.


Mt Eden

Looking for one of the best bakeries in Auckland? You can’t go past the the unique range of European breads is Olafs bakery, which is situated in Mount Eden village. From your French baguette to your walliser roggenbrot, this place is your rustic European go-to for breads and loaves. They are also experts at pairing their breads with the perfect meats and cheeses, making some tasty sandwiches, which can be found in their mouthwatering cabinet.

Little and Friday

Belmont & Newmarket

Little and Friday’s scrumptious cabinet goodies will make you want to reach for your phone and foodgram.  You won’t be able to say ‘no’ to that apple crumble tart or anything else in their cabinet for that matter. These treats go out the door quick, as you might catch a glipse of the bustling kitchen team constantly topping these goodies up to keep you coming.



Prioritising fresh and seasonal produce at hand, 4&20 delivers your daily dose of delicious carbs the best way they can. The classic grilled sandwich is a favorite to all but 4&20 does it better by grilling it with three cheeses! Talk about drool worthy. Also, take home a selection of pantry goodies, including their chutney and tomato kasundi ready to enjoy.

Pukeko Bakery

Browns Bay

This humble little bakery makes simple but delicious pastries. Sourcing their ingredients from other local businesses and market owners, it’s all about simplicity and passion at Pukeko. The sticky sweet apricot and custard Danish is a favourite that goes down so fast you probably should have bought two.

Brotzeit Cafe & Bakery


We even have our very own slice of Germany right here in Auckland. Serving up fresh classics including gorgeous bronzed bretzel (pretzel), loaves and scrolls you'll find yourself spoilt for choice at Brotzeit. There's even a little something for those on the go including freshly made rolls, each filled to the brim with delectables. 

Image Credit: Amano

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