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20 Of The Best Pies In Auckland Right Now

By Kathryn Steane

A delicious looking vegan pie from Richoux Patisserie, one of the best pie makers in Auckland.

As Kiwis, a love of pies is practically in our DNA. These hearty pastries have been keeping us fuelled for generations and are the perfect meal for lunch, dinner, or even a cheeky brekkie. But not all pies are created equal, so we've put together a list of Auckland's absolute best to help you sort your pies, from your pie nots.

So in no particular order, here are Auckland's best pies, let the munching begin.

Ashby Pies

Saint Heliers

A selection of treats from Ashby Pies, home to some of Auckland's best pies.

Ten thousand-plus followers on Instagram is not to be scoffed at. Scoffing, on the other hand, is very much encouraged when you visit the home of said Insta account, Ashby Pies. This Saint Heliers bakery has earned a rep as one of Auckland's best pie spots since opening its doors in 2020, cooking up ridiculously delicious versions of the treat stuffed with fillings like fried chicken, potato and gravy—pulled pork, apple and crackling—chicken katsu—and the best-selling mince and cheese. While we're at it, we might as well give their incredible saussy rolls and cinny buns a shout-out, too. P.S. All of their pies are also available cold, meaning you can enjoy the Ashby goodness any time you like. Dangerous!

Levain Artisan Bakery

Blockhouse Bay

A cut-open meat pie on a wooden board, with a fork overhead  Levain Artisan Bakery's pie cabinet is nothing short of a golden, flaky treasure trove that’s jam-packed with some of the most unique and upscale pies in town. Alongside top-quality iterations of classics, the family of foodies behind this bakery have reinvented the pastry wheel and we’re here for it. Find pies filled with chunky slowed cooked beef cheeks, jalapeños & cheddar, one filled entirely with meatballs, and a potato-topped smoked kahawai pie. Word on the street is they’ve been known to pop an oyster-filled creation on the shelf. Vegans and fans of quirky creations rejoice, there’s an ever-changing plant-based option popping up: from banana blossom, mushroom and peppers jungle curry to jackfruit Thai curry and beyond. We vote you won’t be able to walk out the door with just one pie in tow.

Mr T's


A person holds a tray of 15 perfectly golden pies. Onehunga's pie game is strong, with the first of the burb's eateries making it into our list of Auckland's best pies. We're talking about Mr T's, the much-loved bakery and cafe that merges classic treats with Vietnamese-style dishes and is especially loved for its mouthwatering pies. Yip, we'll be damned if there's anything better than tucking into one of their perfectly bronzed, piping-hot steak and cheese numbers on a cold winter's day.  

Mairangi Bay Bakery

Mairangi Bay

Diehard pie fans will be well acquainted with Mairangi Bay Bakery, whose pastry creations continue to slay at the National Pie Awards every year. Yup, this bakery on the North Shore is absolutely killing it with their selection of mouthwatering pies including a brand-new confit garlic salmon number with sauteed streaky bacon, leek, cream cheese and mushroom (drool). And in more good news, Mairangi Bay Bakery also sell cold pies that you can take home and reheat at your leisure.

Loafers Bakery


A hand holding a juicy chicken and cranberry pie, sliced in half from Loafer's Bakery, where you can get one of the best pies in Auckland. The only thing better than Loafers' famously huge cookies? One of their hefty AF pies. Jump in the queue (quite literally) at this North Shore fave, and prepare to make what could be the hardest decision of your life—butter chicken, or chicken cranberry (pictured above and actually just two of the many flavours available). The pastry on these is textbook, serving up a perfect crunch before giving way to a bulging layer of gourmet filling. 

Muzza's Pies

Mt Albert

And what kind of article would this be if we didn't mention the institution that is Muzza's? Their pies are the stuff of local legend (and the cure for many a hangover), which you can watch their talented bakers whipping up behind the counter. All the classic flavours are here, as well as a rather moreish selection of sweet ones (simply too good not to mention). 



A tray of gloriously golden beef and stout pies. Onehunga residents, you're a lucky bunch to have a spot like Lunchroom in your midst. Despite the name, this one is far from your average lunch bar and is knocking it outta the park with next-level doughnuts, sammies, cakes—and some of Auckland's best pies. We're obsessed with their unlikely flavour combos, which in the past have included the best-selling corned beef and silverbeet, and beef and stout (made with Epic Beer's Extra Stout Ale, naturally). 

The Mustard Kitchen


The Mustard Kitchen has little in common with the lunch bar that was once in its place—except for pies, that is. To say their version is a step-up from that of their predecessors, however, would be a gross understatement. These homemade goodies are some of the best in Auckland, and have been drawing locals—and out-of-towners—to the cafe's Morningside site for several years now. And with timeless flavours like steak and mushroom sitting alongside more modern options (a little bird told us they once did a French toast pie with bacon, banana, egg and maple)—all packaged inside a buttery, shorter-than-usual crust—we can totally see why.

Little & Friday

Newmarket, Ponsonby

Pies fresh out of the oven at Little & Friday.You're no doubt well-acquainted with Little & Friday's mouthwatering sweets, but did you also know that they make a mean pie? Combining handmade flaky pastry with free-range meat and organic produce, these are like the kind of pies your Grandma would bake—only on steroids (just look at the size of that lid!). They even come in individual foil cups, which is exactly the type of extra detail we love. Our fave flavour here has to be the mince and cheese, though the chicken and leek ain't a bad second choice by any stretch of the imagination. 

Blue Rose Cafe


This unassuming little haunt on Sandringham Road is packed to the hilt with World Famous Pies which, naturally, bring all the pie-lovers to the yard. Yes, we went there, and no, we’re not sorry. Blue Rose Cafe has eight tantalizingly good pies to choose from and, believe us, you’ll want to eat them all, many times over. A creamy blend of corned beef, taro leaves and coconut await you in their Samona gem palusami pie is a must-try and their vegetarian Lu’au—a delicious fusion of taro leaves, cream cheese, onions and coconut—is next level. Their hangi pie features pork belly, stuffing, kumara and pumpkin; and their boil up pie is an absolute crowd-pleaser with bacon bones, watercress and potato in perfect pie pastry. They’ve even got their very own BK pie of slow-cooked brisket in Koko samoa with tasty cheese. Genius.

Richoux Patisserie


A brilliant line up of pies from Richoux Patisserie, one of the best pie makers in Auckland.Ellerslie peeps, consider yourselves blessed—because when it comes to pies, Jason Hay of Richoux Patisserie is a legit god. He's responsible for cranking out some of Auckland's absolute best pies and has the awards to prove it. Jason is especially good at coming up with novelty flavour combinations that are guaranteed to impress even the most seasoned pie fan—we're talking chicken, cranberry and camembert—cheeseburger—and even butter chicken, without the chicken (for our vegan friends, naturally). However, if you prefer to keep things simple, don't worry—Jason also knows how to make a mean mince and cheese. Their vegan creations are definitely worth a try, including the legendary vegan steak, jalapeño and cheese version pictured above. 

The Mill Bakehouse


A tray of freshly baked and very puffed-up looking pies. It's all eyes on the pies at this humble West Auckland bakery, which happens to produce some of the best damn pies around. That pastry lid has so much puff it should be criminal, while the fillings are as delicious as they are varied—think vegetarian, steak and pepper, potato top and smoked fish to name but a few. We're a huge fan of The Mill Bakehouse's butter chicken number, and if you like your pies sweet, they also make a mean custard version.

The Cazador Delicatessen

Mt Eden

As one of Auckland's top restaurants, it's only fitting that Cazador would also be responsible for some of its best pies. Look for them in their dedicated delicatessen—located right next door to the main eatery—and prepare to have your mind well and truly blown. Case in point: their suped-up version of mince and cheese, which pairs juicy wagyu beef with creamy béchamel sauce. However if you wish to partake of this deliciousness, be warned—these bad boys regularly sell out before 1:30 pm.

Daily Bread

Belmont, Britomart, CBD, Newmarket, Ponsonby And Pt Chev

A person tucks into a mouthwatering bolognese and provolone pie with a knife and fork. Give us Lord our daily bread... erm, we mean pie. Especially if it comes from the kitchen of this much-loved bakery, which has not one but six branches across Auckland. Run by the duo behind kingi and the award-winning Orphan's Kitchen—along with a 22nd-generation German baker (say what?)—it should come as no surprise that the pies at Daily Bread are some of the best in the biz. And with flavours like bolognese and provolone, curried kumara, and mint and mutton, you'll be wanting to make a pilgrimage to one of their stores, stat. 

Baked @ Devonport


Yeah yeah, we all know Sally sold seashells by the seashore, but did anyone mention how she worked up such an appetite, she then went and snapped up a steaming hot steak and cheese from Baked @ Devonport? At least, that's how our version of the tongue-twister would go. Any day spent at this dreamy seaside village should include at least one Baked @ Devonport pie, with hearty offerings like butter chicken, cheese frank, and one of the best chicken and mushroom pies around. We're also keen to try out their Hunza rice pie, stuffed with mushroom risotto.

The Baker's Cottage


Trays of freshly-baked pies, some topped with a layer of dreamy mashed potato. For unthinkably good pies, you can't go past The Baker's Cottage in Kingsland. This iconic spot (which, btw, has been slinging baked goods for more than a century!) has churned out countless pie creations over the years, including a rather glorious (and hugely popular) pork belly and potato top number. These pies just rock.

Scratch Bakers HQ

Auckland CBD

Scratch Bakers supply their goods to some of Auckland's top cafes, so you know that when you get a pie here, it's going to be something spesh. It's hard to go past the pork belly (the only thing better than pork belly itself), however they've also been known to sling some rather delish lamb and chorizo, butternut and feta, and cheddar, chicken, white wine and leek options. On second thoughts, we'd best take one of each.

The Store


The Store is one of those eateries that can't put a foot wrong, and that's especially true of their cabinet selection—which, you guessed it, includes some pretty epic pies. Be it smoked fish, bechamel and fennel, or another wagyu beef take on mince and cheese, there's a slice of pie here with your name on it (quite possibly more).

Ripe Deli

Epsom, Grey Lynn & Smales Farm

A lovely looking pie from Ripe Deli.For pies that pack a real bang for their buck, you can't beat Ripe Deli. These guys have some of the tastiest pastries in Auckland and the best bit is, you can get them on both sides of the bridge. So what's their secret, you ask? Classic flavours, done with finesse. The beef brisket and smoked fish are always a good time, but where we reckon the party is really at is with the mince and cheese (because if you couldn't already tell, we're big fans). This baby mixes things up with with not one but two types of cheese (Swiss and Gruyère), sitting atop a bed of succulent free-range mince. Get it in ya.

Tart Bakery

Commercial Bay, Grey Lynn 

This one's for all the vegans out there—and the non-vegans, as it turns out. The very notion of a vegan pie is a mind-blow (we take our hat off to anyone who can make pastry without real butter), but don't expect Tart to rest on this laurel alone. Their fillings are just as impressive, with flavours like mac and 'cheese', beany Mexican and creamy mushroom regularly doing the rounds. Yip, if we can say one thing here, it's this—don't let the term 'vegan' deter you, because these pies give the real deal a damn good run for their money.

Fancy rounding things off with something sweet? Here's where to devour Auckland's best doughnuts.

Image credit: Jalapeño and vegan cheese pie from Richoux Patisserie, Ashby Pies, Levain Artisan Bakery by Ava Wardecki, Mr. T's, butter chicken pie from Loafer's Bakery, beef and stout pie from Lunch Room, Little & Friday, vegan steak, jalapeño and vegan cheese pie from Richoux Patisserie, The Mill Bakehouse, bolognese and provolone pie from Daily Bread, The Baker's Cottage, Ripe Deli.

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