Auckland’s Best Cookie Creations

By Albert Cho
15th May 2018

Auckland’s Best Cookie Creations

When it comes to the consumption of sweet treats, we’re with the Cookie Monster. Cookies are a primo all day, erryday kinda snack. Morning latte companion? Cookies. Afternoon sugar hit? Cookies. Midnight munch? Cookies.

They can be warm and chewy, crunchy and crumbly, or sandwiched between a slab of ice cream—the options really are endless. And to get you on the same cookie lovin’ level as us, we’re going to share our favourite cookie creations in Auckland. Are you ready to crumble?

Moustache Milk & Cookie Bar

K’Road, University of Auckland City Campus and Food Truck

Moustache Milk & Cookie Bar changed the cookie game in Auckland with their fresh batches and moreish creations. Whether it’s a classic chocolate chip you’re after or something a little out of the ordinary like their cinnamon donut or Nutella cookie, Moustache know how to do it right. These guys think outside the box and always come up with new specials. Some of these include giant Squiggles, Crème Egg cookies and red velvet. Moustache have treated cookies as a separate art form and have extended their range even further with their cookie dough ice cream sandwiches, cookie cakes and tubs of cookie dough that you can order from their online store. Vegans, don’t worry as they do a killer peanut butter chocolate cookie, free of animal products!

Kookie Haus


Kookie Haus started off at local weekend markets around Auckland with their cookie dough sandwiches and they have grown to have their own retail store in West Auckland. They do the most indulgent cookie treats from cookie dough sandwiches, cookie dough ice cream cones, cookie doughnuts and more! Our fave would have to be their s’mores cookie dough sandwich. Two double chocolate chip cookies sandwiching a ball of cookie dough and melted marshmallow, what more could you ask for? Kookie Haus is another joint that doesn’t forget about our vegan folks! Their Oreo cookie dough sandwich is so moreish, you won’t believe that this bad boy has no butter.

Big Fish Eatery


Speaking of cookie dough, these guys really know how to turn this little treat in to an epic dessert. Big Fish Eatery have taken things to a larger scale as they present us with a hot cooke on a skillet. They pile matcha, chocolate peanut butter or white chocolate macadamia cookie dough into a dish then chuck it in the oven. The warm cookie dough ends up being crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside for a combination of textures. The warm cookie skillet is then then topped with vanilla ice-cream or dark chocolate ice-cream and it just melts all over the cookie dough. Grab a spoon for the ultimate moment of pure indulgence.


Auckland CBD

Big Fish Eatery aren’t the only eatery that do cookie on a skillet! Top Auckland eatery – Depot do a mighty fine job at the cookie in a skillet. Their cookie is macadamia and white chocolate and is topped off with a huge scoop of vanilla bean ice-cream. To take things up a notch, they add a Hershey’s chocolate drizzle on top of the ice-cream which turns in to hard shell, giving it that extra crunch and wow factor.

The Dairy


Who can resist an ice cream sammie? Definitely not us. The Dairy in Ponsonby Central are pros at the ice cream sandwich game, taking generous slabs of Kapiti ice cream and squashing them down between two chewy, homemade cookies. Their impressive cookie selection includes chocolate caramel, orange pistachio, coconut and ye ol’ choc chip. The result is actually heavenly and with the option to add candy floss, it’s one of the best cookie consuming experiences you’ll have in Auckland. The Dairy is so good that even Beyoncé couldn’t leave Auckland without tasting these babies!

Little Bird Unbakery

Britomart & Ponsonby

Whenever you’re in the mood for some afternoon un-baking, Little Bird has got you covered. All their cookies stay far, far away from an oven (they’re made with dehydrated wheat-free oats and almond pulp) but taste just as scrumptious as any of the cookies on this list. Relive your childhood with the shrewsbury and chia raspberry jam cookies, the sweet and spicy ginger date or pick up one of their macadamia caramel ones. Oh-so good, oh-so healthy.

House of Chocolate Dessert Café


House of Chocolate Dessert Café know how to whip up an exceptional dessert and cookies definitely come in to the picture. Their chocolate chip ice-cream sandwich is seriously like no other, calling it a sandwich is almost an understatement. The cookies are thick and have a gooey centre that oozes with melted chocolate and presses the generous scoop of premium Kohu Road organic ice-cream. If that wasn’t enough sweetness for you, the ice-cream cookie tower is drizzled with chocolate ganache to make it even more spectacular.


Wynyard Quarter

If you’ve paid this Italian restaurant a visit, you would know that Baduzzi’s selection of desserts are out of this world. Their tiramisu has become an Auckland icon and we cannot forget the Valrhona chocolate torta caprese. Their latest addition to the dessert menu is their gelato cookie sandwich and it’s AH-mazing! The cookies are soft and chewy while the gelato is creamy and rich, this is a dessert that is not to be missed!

The Caker


If you want something a little more sophisticated, make your way to The Caker. They don’t only do the most delicious cakes but they also bake up unique cookies and use a combination of flavours that sound a little off but tastes so right. Their chocolate chip cookies are enhanced with fresh mint leaves and sea salt and our absolute fave would be the chocolate cinnamon cookie sandwiched between a salted caramel icing and topped off with hazelnut praline. The Caker also do some bomb mixes you can make at home like their dark chocolate peanut butter cookies with are so moreish and gooey.

Red Rabbit Coffee Co


This Parnell gem takes cookies very seriously and goes as far as getting them delivered all the way from a bakery in Wellington. Red Rabbit Coffee Co stocks the salted caramel cookie from Leeds Street Bakery in Wellington. These babies went absolutely viral in Welly and Leeds Street Bakery have earned the reputation of being the go-to when it comes to satisfying a cookie craving. Aucklanders don’t need to make a trip all the way to the capital of New Zealand to get a taste of the infamous salted caramel cookie as Red Rabbit Coffee Co have them waiting in their cabinet!

Image Credit: Jaiden Bhaga at Kookie Haus

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