Where To Find 9 Of The Prettiest Flower Walks In Auckland

By Bella Ramdhanie
9th Oct 2019

Cherry trees in blossom, Auckland's Best Flower Walks

It's time to take a break from working so hard and to head outdoors because Auckland is beginning to blossom, making it the perfect season for a walk. 

Spring is well and truly here and it’s a beautiful thing. Enjoy the fact that you live in one beautiful city and enjoy the best flower walks Auckland has to offer.  

Cornwall Park 

Cherry trees are providing the stunning goods this spring. A spectacular display of cherry-blossom flowers awaits you at Cornwall Park this time of year. The enchanting pink flowers are with good reason an Auckland must-see and will have you appreciating spring in all its glory.

Auckland Domain

Along with anyone with eyes, we think the Domain is pretty, well, pretty. The Domain is truly charming, whether it be going for a romantic stroll with the s/o or going for your morning run, you won’t regret it! Don’t be shy to explore, the Domain includes duck ponds, picturesque Wintergardens and vibrant flowers and plant life. 

Eden Garden

Living up to its name and in true Eden style, exploring this garden is seriously peaceful.
The home to many native New Zealand plants, Eden Garden is a flower-filled sanctuary. Located in the heart of Auckland, guests can enjoy the charming waterfall and a display of perennials, vireyas, camellias and bromeliads.

Albert Park

All you true Aucklanders will have been to Albert Park at one time or another. Whether you were taking a short cut to work, or sitting legs crossed on the grass struuuggling your way through an uni assignment. This spring we’re suggesting you take a minute to appreciate all that is included in the surroundings of Albert Park. Aaand by this, we mean all the breathtaking flowers.

Auckland Botanic Gardens

Located in Manurewa, the Auckland Botanic Gardens offer unique, beautiful landscapes that are perfect for a relaxing walk. With more than 10,000 plants from all over the world, the popular attraction is visited by hundreds of thousands each year, and for good reason! Pay a visit to the gardens and enjoy the native forest and display of captivating flowers.

Ayrlies Garden

Located just a leap from Whitford, Ayrlies Garden is one of our country’s most iconic and well-known spots. Take in the spectacular range of plants, trees and flowers and commune with nature with a leisurely stroll and really take the time to smell the roses. 

Parnell Rose Gardens

We certainly can't miss a garden that celebrates roses! The concept in itself is something that sounds beautiful, and trust us, it sure is. The Parnell Rose Gardens is an epic place for activity goers to wander the dreamy grounds and embrace their inner romantic. Plus, a cheeky 'gram with bae couldn’t hurt?

Wrights Watergardens

Surrounding the Mauku waterfall, lies the picturesque Wrights Watergardens. Explore the hidden pathways, follow the surprise bridges and you will find yourself amongst one of the gorgeous gardens that Auckland has to offer. Although majestic in every season, walking amongst the flower-filled gardens accompanied by the warmth of the sunshine sounds like an idyllic way to spend an afternoon to us.

Mincher Garden

Speaking of romance, Mincher Garden is home to a kissing gate! Pass through the kissing gate under the willow trees and find yourself winding your way down gravel paths taking in all that is the garden. Characterised by its orchards, streams and native plants, the Georgian-styled garden is genuinely magical. This is a private garden situated in Coastsville, so you'll need to contact them to make an appointment. 

Caught the walking bug? Lace up your kicks and check out Auckland's best walks.

Image credit: Auckland Botanic Gardens, Wrights Watergardens, Eden Garden

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