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Lock And Load At Auckland’s Best Paintball

By Grace Noles
17th Feb 2020

A man wearing a mask shows the reflection of another man taking aim.

Adrenaline junkies, listen up! We’ve got just the list for you. Test your stealth, aim, and courage with a ‘friendly’ game of paintball with friends, family, or co-workers — because let’s admit it, it’s always fun to belt your friends with a paintball or two, all in good nature of course. We’ve rounded up some of the most adventurous and spookiest places to play in Auckland. Lock & load… 

World Challenge Tag 


Head over the bridge and up Riverhead ways to play paintball at New Zealand’s largest paintball fields. World Challenge Tag has more than 20 battlefields to chose from and available themes to suit any occasion. Whether you’re wanting to duck behind posts, shoot from trenches, or aim from the tree tops, World Challenge Tag has got you covered (in paint that is). They also offer low-impact paintball and for a bit of a change, why not try your hand at archery tag?

Asylum Paintball 


Asylum has everything and more for all your paintball needs, located at the former mental asylum at Karaka along with Spookers which also makes its home here. It specialises in low impact paintball games for the younger ones, stag and hens do packages for adults, and everything inbetween. Rain or shine Asylum has got your back with both indoor and outdoor battlefields, as well as party rooms and bbq areas so you can really make a day out of it. 

Red Alert Paintball


Get your running shoes on because Red Alert is the ultimate outdoor paintball playground. The huge battlefield allows for heaps of paintball dodging to really test your skills. They also offer paintball grenades for when paintballs just aren’t quite cutting it anymore. 

Delta Force Paintball


Take a short drive through to Woodhill and you’ll come across Delta Force Paintball. Get trained in the art of the game on the base camp before venturing out into one of the awesome themed battlefields such as “Tomb Raider” or “Resident Evil”. Their battlefields are decorated with the most realistic giant sphinxes, huts, zombies, guard towers, and barbed wire fences to really freak you out. 

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Image credit: Andres Felipe Aristizabal

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