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The Best Spots To See Autumn Leaves In And Around Auckland

By Ava Wardecki
14th Apr 2021

Non-deciduous? Uh-uh. We don’t need that kind of negativity in our lives. Give us falling leaves any day. After all, is there anything more calming than falling leaves in autumn? Yes, they’re technically dead leafy corpses but they’re still Insta-worthy.

So while there’s still calm before the winter storm (pun totally intended), we think it’s the perfect time get out and about and savour the stunning moments of autumn. And, what better way to do that than to head on outdoors and catch a glimpse of the trees around our city in all their orange and gold autumnal glory. Here are the best places to see autumn leaves in Auckland. 

Franklin Road

One of Auckland’s best-known roads is good old Franklin Road. This inner-city strip is famous for its annual legendary Christmas light extravaganza, but we reckon it’s gorgeous year round. It’s lined with huge trees that drop equally as huge leaves and it’s pretty much an ideal stomping ground to, well, stomp on some crunchy-looking auburn leaves. Pop around the corner to Howe Street which is simply awash with fallen leaves at this time of year too.

Cornwall Park

Big old trees and lush lawns surrounded by a blanket of orange leaves await you at Cornwall Park this time of year. Located just a stone’s throw away from all the inner city suburbs, there’s no excuse not to pay this park a well-deserved visit. If you find yourself getting a little worn out and peckish on your adventures here, then make sure to head up to Cornwall Park's well-placed cafe or if you're feeling fancy, the bistro to recharge with a high tea.

Oakley Creek

Wanna know a secret? Not only is the reserve around Oakley Creek hella scenic this time of year, but it’s also home to a quaint little waterfall. That’s right, a real life, flowing and natural waterfall. In fact, it’s the only waterfall in central Jafa-town. Get your phone ready to capture that perfect ‘Gram and don’t forget a witty (and original) “chasing waterfalls” caption.

Western Springs Park

There are three things that are bound to happen when you stroll through Western Springs park. 1) You’ll be amazed at how such picture-perfect lakes and willowing trees can exist in the middle of the centre city. 2) You’ll promise yourself that “I’m going to make a real effort to come here more often, it’s so close” but never pull through. 3) You’ll fight off a greedy gaggle of geese that are hell-bent on stealing your sandwich.

Auckland Domain

The Domain is quite the picturesque place if you ask us—or literally any Aucklander. There’s plenty of areas waiting to be explored like the duck ponds, the Wintergardens and the ancient trees with topsy-turvy-tangly tree roots. Whether you’re going for your morning run, walking the dog or going on a romantic evening stroll with your significant other, it’s safe to say that the Domain is always a good idea no matter the season.


Need to escape the hustle and bustle of Auckland city? We feel you on that. That’s why we love little old Puhoi. It’s just close enough to be able to shoot off to on a whim, but far away enough to feel like you’re getting a break from your inner city pre-winter blues. Speaking of colours, you’ll be blown away by just how pretty this little village looks when all of its trees turn orangey-gold this time of year. Trust us, it’s postcard-worthy.

Albert Park

You can’t call yourself a true Aucklander if you haven’t been to Albert Park for either a sun-soaked snooze between uni lectures, a breath of fresh air during your lunch break, or to celebrate the Lantern Festival back in the day. While this inner-city park is undoubtedly excellent for these activities, it’s also great for taking in all the golden, leafy sights of autumn at this time of year.

Matakana Village

Matakana Village is a blossom wonderland during spring and it’s just as beautiful in the autumn. The maple colour scheme paired with the classic architecture makes it absolutely idyllic and enhances the atmosphere of the small town village. The autumn vibes of this place will for sure get you in that fall buzz and crave things like cinnamon and pumpkin spice.

Auckland Botanic Gardens

Want a cheap and cheerful autumn date idea that won’t leave a big dent in your wallet? Then Auckland Botanic Gardens is where you need to head to. This flora and fauna wonderland is home to a whopping 10,000-plus species of plants from all over the world spread out across many different areas. A stroll through the gardens here are not only sure to impress that significant other, but it won’t set you back one cent. It’s a win-win.

Outside Languages International

Tucked away on Princes Street, there’s a beautiful seating area outside the Languages International Building. The leaves have fallen, covering the floor with golden hues which go so well with the brick walls. Not only is this gem ideal for your Instagram shot of the season but it’s also a quaint and peaceful spot to enjoy some downtime. 

Now you've toured Auckland's best autumnal spots, settle in for a pre-season hot chocolate.

Image credit: Supplied

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