Smash A Block Of This New Snifters-Inspired Chocolate That’s Dropping Today

By Kathryn Steane
29th Apr 2021

A broken up bar of snifters chocolate.

If you thought that the curtain had closed on Snifters, think again, because the iconic peppermint lolly—which has been forever in our hearts since it was pulled from shelves permanently by Pascall in 2009—has been reimagined as a choccy block by the legends at Cadbury, and we cannot contain our excite-mint (sorry not sorry).

We've had collabs aplenty from both Cadbury and Pascall, but none have had us more giddy than the arrival of the limited-edition Cadbury Dairy Milk inspired by Pascall Snifters block, which will be landing in shops (and presumably, your mouth) from today.

Taking two icons—Cadbury's signature melt-in-the-mouth Dairy Milk choccy—and the hard-shelled peppermint and chocolate nougat we all know and love (and may, on occasion, have even wept for), it's a match that's mint to be. The secret lies in the deliciously minty Snifters-flavoured marshmallow, which you'll find generously studded throughout this incredible new treat which we can hand on heart say, does the original lolly justice.

Now as this is a limited-edition offering, you know the drill—grab that supermarket trolley, and get stockpiling. You've been warned.

The Details

What: Cadbury Dairy Milk inspired by Pascall Snifters block
Where: Supermarkets, dairies and convenience stores nationwide.
When: From today.

Image credit: Kathryn Steane

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