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The Best Christmas Decorations To Deck Your Tree Out With In 2021

By Kathryn Steane
30th Nov 2021

A hand holds a Care Bear Christmas decoration.

Christmas is indeed the most wonderful time of the year and our fave part of the festivities is hands-down decorating the tree. That said, we've searched out the very best Christmas decorations money can buy, and we think you'll be impressed. From fairy bread and Golden Snitches to Care Bears and festive avocados (yes, they're totally a thing), there's a lot to get excited about.

So crank up the carols (Wham Last Christmas, if you're taking requests) and let the decking of the halls—erm, tree—begin. Here's our pick of the best Christmas decorations to deck your Christmas tree out with in 2021.

Please note: most ornaments are available in-store and online, while others are available online only.

Care Bears Resin Christmas Ornaments

PRICE: $5.99

For all the 80s kids out there, Typo's Care Bears ornaments are an obvious choice for your Christmas tree this year. Officially the cutest decs on this list, we're going all out, and getting all three (Cheer Bear, Grumpy Bear, and Tenderheart Bear). P.S. Now might be a good time to mention that Typo also have Care Bears-themed Christmas wrapping paper and Christmas cards.

Paw-Some Bauble Gift Pack 

PRICE: $19.99

Get the festivities started with this pack of cheeky canine-themed Christmas decorations from Peter Alexander. What might seem nice at a glance are really rather naughty... and just the thing to get tongues wagging (or relatives blushing) at Christmas lunch. Plus, they come with a cute matching storage box. 

A fairy bread Christmas decoration.Fairy Bread Resin Christmas Ornament 

PRICE: $5.99

The next best thing to stuffing our face with fairy bread? Covering our Christmas tree in it, duh. Enter Typo, who are making it a breeze with cute ornaments inspired by the fave childhood treat, complete with glitter 'sprinkles'.

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Golden Snitch Metal Hanging Ornament

PRICE: $44.99

Every tree needs a Golden Snitch Metal Hanging Ornament, right? If you can catch it (it's currently available via The Market), the prized sphere—used as part of Quidditch in Harry Potter, of course—will give even the most humble tree a magical edge.

Beyonce Christmas Decoration  

PRICE: $36.00

Queen Bey, on our tree? Hell yes. Enter Tea Pea, who are bringing us this 14cm-high handpainted, ceramic version of arguably the world's most powerful female artist of all time, complete with festive glitter details.

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Claybird Runaway Girl Decoration

PRICE: $27.50

Adorned with one of these high-fashion decorations—a collab between top Kiwi designer, Karen Walker, and local ceramicist, Yon Kavvas of Claybird Ceramics—we reckon your Christmas tree could just about sprout legs and walk the runway. Choose from four gorgeous shades, each stamped with the iconic Runaway Girl in 18k gold.

Spongebob Squarepants Resin Christmas Ornament 

PRICE: $5.99

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea, and would make an epic addition to this year's Christmas tree? Spongebob Squarepants, of course, whose handpainted, resin self looks even more amped for the silly season than us.

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Caviar and champagne christmas decorations on a tree.Antiqued Caviar Glass Decoration 

PRICE: $14.99

For a tree that exudes the finer things in life, might we interest you in this glitzy glass Caviar tin from Adairs. Crafted in a gorgeous vintage style, it's the Christmas decoration we never knew we needed.

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Felted Green Avocado Scarf Decoration 

PRICE: $14.99

If your tree isn't decked out with at least one avocado wearing earmuffs and a scarf this year, you may need to rethink your commitment to the silly season. Lucky for you, Adairs have a decoration of that exact description and we think you'll agree, it's freakin' adorable.

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Down To The Woods Merry Meerkat Dome

PRICE: $39.99

There's something about this cute, snowglobe-like dome with party hat-wearing meerkats holding Christmas lights from Down to the Woods that makes us smile. And don't even get us started on that storage box.

You might also like this Down to the Woods Frenchie Party Pooch Dome, and Down to the Woods Silly Sausage Dog Dome.

Festive Martini Christmas Decoration  

PRICE: $36.00

Christmas calls for a martini (or two), and now even your tree can get in on the action with this gorgeous drink complete with straw from Tea Pea. Adorned with a glitter rim, it's the perfect way to bring a bit of Christmas 'cheer' to those branches.

Claybird Peace Sign Decoration

PRICE: $27.50

If ever there was a year to get acquainted with peace, it's 2021. Get those positive vibes kickstarted by decking out your tree with one of these gorgeous white hand-cut peace sign Christmas decorations—again from Karen Walker and Claybird Ceramics—splashed with 18k gold.

You might also like this Claybird Star Decoration.

The Child in a bag, christmas ornament.

The Child Resin Ornament 

PRICE: $19.00

Okay, so you know how we said earlier those Care Bears decs were the cutest on this list? We need to take that back. 'Cos that was before we saw this guy—Baby Yoda, The Child, Grogu—whatever you want to call him. Just know that he is super adorable, and he needs to be on your Christmas tree NOW.

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Red Beetle Vintage Glass Decoration 

PRICE: $14.99

No Christmas tree is complete without one of these babies hanging from the branches! A shiny red Beetle with a snowy Christmas tree of its own strapped to the top, it's the epitome of festive (cue Driving Home For Christmas...).

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Red Awesome Mix Tape Christmas Decoration

PRICE: $29.00

As much as we like the idea of finding Star-Lord aka Chris Pratt underneath our Christmas tree this year, even Santa has his limits. So in lieu of the superhero himself, we'll settle for this epic handpainted ceramic mix-tape inspired by Guardians of the Galaxy instead.

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Rainbow Nails Resin Christmas Ornament 

PRICE: $5.99

Christmas is the season of love and goodwill, so we're thinking one of these cool ornaments—a hand pulling the peace sign, complete with rainbow nails which you can hang one of two ways—is the perfect addition to our tree in a year like 2021.

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3 Scoop Multi Icecream Vintage Glass Decoration 

PRICE: $14.99

Christmas is synonymous with snow, so decorating our tree with icecreams is a natural leap, right? That's where this gorgeous ornament from Adairs comes in—think three scoops of Neapolitan goodness, piled atop a golden waffle cone. Just how we like it for reals.

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Wooden Holiday Ornaments Set

PRICE: $80.00

Christmas, but make it monochrome. Enter this gorgeous set of ornaments from Wee Gallery, handcrafted in Liden wood by traditional Russian craftsmen and women, then painted with black and white wild animals. Keep these cuties safe for the remainder of the year inside their complimentary wooden keepsake box.

Gingerbread House Christmas Decoration

PRICE: $22.00

For an ornament that's as thoughtful as it is sweet, this hand-embroidered gingerbread house will definitely do the trick. Designed by Danish sisters Gry and Sif then crafted from 100% New Zealand wool under World Fair Trade Organisation practices in Nepal, this delicious decoration is about as festive (and feel-good) as it gets.

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No Shits toilet paper christmas decoration.No Shits Toilet Paper Resin Christmas Ornament 

PRICE: $5.99

And finally, if Christmas has you feeling more grinchy than giddy (in which case, we're surprised you've made it this far), we have the perfect ornament for you. Bearing the message 'no shits left to give', why not make it your (only) contribution to the flat/family tree this year.

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Image credit: Kathryn Steane, CottonOn, Adairs, Eb Games, CottonOn.

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