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Darkfield Radio Is Back With A New Sinister And Immersive Audio Experience

By Simon Cassar
11th Jun 2021

A dystopian scene showing huge containers.

From the team that gave you the creeps at last year's socially-distanced event DOUBLES (not to mention the scary as hell shipping containers experience) comes Darkfield Radio Knot, a completely immersive new audio event.

It’s an interesting but surprisingly simple set-up for the immersive experience—you need a smartphone, a pair of headphones, and to be a willing test subject. Head to the Darkfield Radio website, book a ticket for a session of your choice and jack a pair of headphones in. 

The audio is designed to engulf you in 360 degrees of sinister story action, completely changing the areas that we inhabit daily. Before the launch of season two on June 25th, the award-nominated first season will be available including ‘Visitors’ which is hauntingly described as “a dead couple look for a temporary solution to their permanent condition.”

Season two will bring the ‘KNOT’, a cyclical story that will require you to change location, you’ll need to situate yourself in three locations; on a park bench, in a car, and in a room of your home to complete the narrative. Darkfield Radio has proven the power of the audio experience, switch off the screen and journey through the sounds. For more information, click here.

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