Where To Adopt A Dog In Auckland And Save A Life Today

By Urban List Writers
26th May 2020

A gorgeous black and white dog looks at the camera with its owner standing behind.

They’ve got a problem: homelessness. You’ve got a problem: doglessness. But together you can get rid of the less and turn it into happiness, win-win.

In adopting from one of the top Auckland dog rescue centres rather than getting a dog from a breeder you really are saving lives, helping our community by getting them off the streets—and at a fraction of the cost. Not to mention you'll have a fluffy pooch that will provide endless love, laughs and loyalty. Be part of the solution.

You don’t know true love until you have a dog in your life—just make sure you’re ready to commit to a long-term relationship.

We compiled a list of the best places to adopt a puppy or dog in Auckland.


Mangere & Hobsonville

One of the best known dog rescue centres in NZ, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA)’s Auckland branch was founded in 1883 and they have been doing their part to encourage the humane treatment of animals and to prevent animal cruelty ever since. You can do your part by adopting a dog from them. You can browse dogs on their website but it’s best to go visit them in their site in Mangere or their brand-new site in Hobsonville (just check they're open, at the time of writing they were closed due to COVID-19). It makes you believe in love at first sight. Just beware of those puppy dog eyes because you don’t have room for all of them.

Saving Hope Foundation


Saving Hope is a no-kill dog rescue centre based in Auckland. Due to their policy of never turning a pooch away they are now one of the biggest rescue centres in New Zealand and will pick up pooches from all over the country thanks to an army of dog-loving volunteers. This organisation also offers fostering services, so if you're not sure how a dog will fit into your life this could be a great way to find out—giving them in-home experience while they find their forever home.

Pet Rescue


Pet Rescue is the adoption branch of the charity Paw Justice. They act as matchmakers between unloved and unwanted pooches and people ready and willing to adopt. These doggies come from all walks of life and after a hard start in life they deserve to go to a loving home. You can browse their website to find the right pooch for you. They make it really easy for ya—the dogs are ready to go—desexed, vaccinated, dewormed, deflead and microchipped.

Greyhounds As Pets


Elegant and affectionate, greyhounds make great pets for most households including those who live in small homes. Contrary to popular belief, they do not need a lot of exercise or eat like weightlifters due to their love of the couch. Greyhounds As Pets (GAP) have rehomed more than 2,000 former racing hounds over the past 12 years. You can browse dogs on their website and the GAP team will help you make the best possible match for your household. They also offer training and behaviour coaching after adoption as well as ongoing availability for the lifetime of your greyhound. Winning.

A puppy in a red collar looks off to the side in an achingly-cute manner.Auckland Puppy Rescue


The guys at Auckland Puppy Rescue are dedicated to rehoming pups aged from newborn to 12 months and rely on foster carers around Auckland to help the dogs experience real family life before moving on to their great new families. You'll pay for your new puppy love to ensure that wonderful organisations like this can continue their good work. Also all pups are desexed, vet checked, microchipped and even registered with council for their first year. Doesn't get much better than that.

Animal Re-homing

North Shore

Animal Re-homing saves dogs from all walks of life and collaborates with many other organisations to do so. They aim to rescue, rehabilitate and ultimately rehome all the animals that they meet. Help ‘em out a little. All animals are free on the conditions that you provide, love, warmth, shelter, care, attention and food. They rely entirely on donations so if you can’t get a dog for whatever reason you could give a little financially.

Chained Dog Rehabilitation & Rehoming NZ (CDRRNZ)

Auckland, Queenstown, Online

This registered charity is staffed by nationwide volunteers who work tirelessly to bring 'New Zealand's dirty secret' of habitually chained dogs to an end. Seeking to educate and rescue dogs from this most horrible fate, Chained Dog have lots of dogs who are looking for both foster homes and adoption to continue their rehabilitation and have their lives turned around after a rough start.

The Humane Society Of NZ


The Humane Society of NZ get the strays and stragglers of Auckland and then do all the checks to make sure they're healthy and happy. Since they do not have any facilities they rely on volunteers to take in the dogs temporarily until a permanent home can be found. This is where you come in… You could save a life today.

Lost Pet (formerly Pets On The Net)


Lost Pet is website for lost and found pets, and pets ready to be adopted around the whole country! You never know your new pet could be waiting for you just around the corner—ready for love, hugs, and all kinds of adventures with you. Why not search the NZ-wide database for your ideal companion and make it into an epic road trip to pick them up should you find your new best friend.

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Image credit: Justin Veenema, Berkay Gumustekin 

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