The Best Float Tanks In Auckland And Where To Find Them In 2022

By Armelle Frimpong
10th May 2022

A person floats blissfully in a float tank at Float Culture, one of the best float tanks in Auckland.

Sensory-deprivation tanks, floatation tanks, float baths—whatever you want to call them no doubt you’ve heard someone raving about them. But what exactly are they and what can you expect after deciding to try one?

Let's lay it all out. Float tanks are cocoons or pods which hold a body of water and a large number of Epsom salts. When you step inside, lie back, and relax you will experience weightlessness, gently floating as you’re buoyed by the water (well, salt technically), drifting for upwards of an hour. As the lid of the tank is closed, you’ll experience something that very few of us get to in our busy, noisy, hectic, daily lives—a bit of damn peace. You’re free to float and dream with absolutely no demands made of your time or attention. What you’ll experience will be completely unique to you.

If that sounds like something you need in your life, we’ve got you covered. Here's our guide to the best float tanks in Auckland.

A person floats blissfully in a float tank at Float Culture, one of the best float tanks in Auckland.Float Culture & Titirangi Float Club

Grafton & Titirangi

Float your woes away at Float Culture in Grafton where the flotation tanks contain 500kg of Epsom salts. Cocooned in a dark pod floating effortlessly in warm water, you’ll have no choice but to slip into a deep, peaceful and meditative state. The increased relaxation and deep peace you find will help promote an overall sense of wellbeing, which can in turn improve your natural immunity. Float culture also has four themed rooms to help you really get in the zone. Choose from Lake and Ocean to dial up the experience, or perhaps if you’re feeling like a return to nature choose the forest room. Maybe you’re more up for a spacey vibe? Become a member to take advantage of Float Culture's rad automated float pod in beautiful Titirangi which offers cheaper floats for those wanting to make floating a regular part of their wellness journeys. Simply text before you'd like to take flight and let them do the rest. 

White Beauty Spa & Float Lounge

Herne Bay

The team at White Beauty Spa And Float Lounge are passionate about educating you on the benefits of float therapy and is always on hand to answer any questions. The water is maintained at a relaxed skin temperature (34.8C), making it safe for pregnant mums and ideal for safely detoxifying the body. After your float, head to the powder room where you’ll find everything you need to get ready for your day, including Osmosis mineral makeup. Guests are also invited to relax in White’s float lounge and enjoy either a glass of beautiful fresh ionized water or an iced or hot organic tea infusion before making your departure back to reality in your own time.

The couples float room at Infinity Float complete with twinkling stars. No wonder this is one of the best float centres in Auckland.Infinity Float

Botany Downs

Do you suffer from claustrophobia? Worried that you’ll leap from the tank and dash out in your togs with a panicked look for all to see? Fear not. At Infinity Float Centre they offer large float rooms as well as the more traditional float pods. The float rooms are so big they allow you to stand up if you suddenly feel the need (you won’t). What’s more, the float rooms are large enough to accommodate a partner or friend so that you can enjoy a blissful zero-gravity float in tandem. After all, don't they say that couples that float together, stay together? As if you needed more convincing, the Epsom salts you'll be floating on also do wonders for your body, which absorbs the minerals and gives your bloodstream a hit of (probably much needed) magnesium and sulfates. What's not to love. It's also said that the more floats you have, the better it gets, so you have our permission to get out there and get floating, you can thank us later.

Not in Auckland? Don't worry, here's where you can find the best float tanks around NZ.

Image credit: Main and top image, Float Culture, Infinity Float.

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