16 Totally Awesome Halloween Costumes To Wear This Year

By Martha Brooke
20th Oct 2016

awesome halloween costume ideas for 2016

If you’re after any Halloween costume ideas and inspo, look no further. Forget cat ears and day of the dead, this year is all about 2016 and the topical events and people that have been a part of this crazy year thus far! Get ready to raise a few eyebrows and be the life of the party!

Donald Trump

This list wouldn’t be complete without a mention of everyones ‘favourite’ pursed lipped and yellow haired American presidential candidate; Mr Trump. Don a red tie, hideous yellow wig and perfect that pout to pull off this look. Oh and don’t forget to shout some daft and ridiculous statements to get the full effect.

Hilary Clinton

We couldn’t do one without the other now, could we? Grab her trademark white shirt and power suit combo, throw on a pearl necklace and bouffant that hair for Clinton’s go to look. Grab your bestie, flip a coin for who goes as who and trade insults the whole time. Easy!

Various Snapchat Filters

With the rise of the Snapchat filters taking over selfies worldwide, this is an easy and on trend costume idea for all. Think tongue out dog and flower crown goddess for a recognisable and totally relatable costume. Go forth and channel your inner basic bitch!

Harley Quinn

Suicide Squad was probably the most talked about film of 2016 so far and with one character stealing everyones hearts and boyfriends, expect to see a lot of Harley Quinn’s this Halloween. Dye your hair red and blue (not permanent mind you!) and release your inner psycho!

Eleven From Stranger Things

Stranger Things captivated the world this year with the crazy kids from Indiana kicking ass. Eleven was a vital character throughout and by rocking a blonde wig, pink dress and carrying round a shit tonne of waffles, you too, could pull of this gifted and somewhat scary little girl.

Dustin From Stranger Things

A firm cast fave, Dustin was comical and crucial in Stranger Things. Rock a baseball cap, graphic tee, curly, brown wig, backpack and a pair of corduroys for his iconic look. If you’ve got an old school chopper bike, you get serious brownie points!

An Avocado

A NZ Fave, you can’t go wrong with the avo. Be the popular one at the party by turning up in a green cardboard cut out. If you are pregnant, don’t feel left out, this ones for you. Cut a hole in the middle, pop your belly out and pretend that it is the stone! Voila!

Stephen Avery

Why not pay homage to Netflix stand out, Making A Murderer’s Stephen Avery this year? If you have the capacity of super fast tash growth, go forth and sprout, but if not, grab a fuzzy fake stick on, orange boiler suit and a vacant look and you are on for a winner. Well, in Stephan’s case, not so.

Max Key

New Zealand’s prodigal son known for his suave hair-do, killer DJ skills and massive contributions to society, Max Key is an obvious choice for Halloween. Simply tie a bandana around your head, quaff your hair to idiotic levels and stuff some socks down your Calvin’s for Mr Key’s signature look.


The Bachelor’s Naz is a force to be reckoned with, in and out of the ring. Remembered for her true blue sassy attitude and shit stirring abilities, she kept the nation captivated with her hard hitting remarks and ample cleavage. Wear a long-haired, black wig, sequin dress and a pair of boxing gloves to really knock this look out of the park.

Any Celeb From Kanye West’s Famous Video

Causing controversy among the celebs involved (Poor Tay Swizzle), Kanye pushed the boundaries for this stunt. Simply wear a nude coloured body suit, carry a white bedsheet and pillow and close your eyes. Easy! Gather your mates to fill the entire celeb cast involved. Think Kimmy K, Anna Wintour, George Bush and the rest of the motley crew.

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go was a worldwide sensation, let’s face it. Dress up as Ash, Mitzy or Brock to release your inner trainer or choose to go as one of your fave Pokemon themselves. With an array of stores selling Pikachu onesies, you won’t be stuck for choice. You’ll be comfy and popular the whole night through.

The Briscoes Lady

Constantly filling the airwaves with announcements of sales, it seems that as soon as one ends, another begins. Everyone’s favourite Briscoes Lady is always super happy and chirpy about homewares and is the definition of perfect housewife. Don your best mumsy clothes, never stop smiling and carry round a selection of your fave appliances and homewares.

Chewbacca Lady

Possibly the most random thing to come out of 2016 so far, Candace Payne got her 15 minutes of fame for laughing whilst wearing a Chewbacca mask in her car. With predictions of potential sell outs of the mask itself, if you do manage to score one, never take it off and never stop laughing!

Drake, Hotling Bling

As one of 2016’s most iconic songs so far, Hotling Bling dominated the airwaves and topped the charts worldwide. Dig out your red puffer jacket, draw on that signature beard and never stop dancing with your hands in that weird telephone position. If you’ve got a friend willing to go as one of the back-up dancers, you’re on for a winner.

Leo And His Oscar

It was a defining moment in history, the day that Leonardo DiCaprico finally won an Oscar. Wear your smartest tuxedo, slick your hair to the side and never let go of your (fake, shop bought) Oscar. Walk round thanking everyone in your acceptance speech and always be on guard for that dastardly bear.

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