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Halloween Costume Ideas For 2017

By Albert Cho
26th Oct 2017

Halloween Costume Ideas For 2017

Yes, it’s the one time of year when you can dress up to the extreme of extremes without being judged—yes, we’re talking Halloween and it’s nearly upon us! So take this as an opportunity to go all out and show up all basic bunnies and vampires at the party. You want to keep things relevant, topical and trendy, so here are some ideas to make this Halloween one for the ages!

Pregnant Kylie Jenner

You love her, you hate her, but the important thing is that everybody knows her. We’re all aware of the rumours of Kylie being pregnant, outshining the news of her sisters confirmed pregnancies. You can really play around with this one as Kylie’s look is so versatile! She’s renowned for her multi-coloured wigs and you can pair this with either a tight-fitting dress and strappy stilettos or an Adidas tracksuit and big sneakers. Just make sure to stuff a pillow in your mid-section to give you that baby bump and don’t forget the matte liquid lipstick!

Gigantic Emoji

Emoji’s have become way more of a hot topic this year with the new movie coming out. And, we reckon we’ll never stop using them. Channel your DIY skills and get yourself some paint and cardboard and transform in to a gigantic emoji! Some good ones could be the good old poo or a devil to keep it a little closer to Halloween vibes. 

Kendall Jenner And Pepsi

These are the last ones on the Jenner/Kardashian’s, we swear! But how could we overlook this Kendall Jenner and a can of Pepsi?! It was such a big controversy this year when ignorance levels were so high that it almost became scary. Reattempt to achieve social justice with a can of Pepsi this Halloween. Middle part your hair, wear a white shirt, deck out in denim and don’t forget the iconic can of Pepsi. If you want to be extra, get a pal to DIY a giant cardboard cut-out of a Pepsi can and stick with them the whole night. 

Mayweather And McGregor 

If you aren’t afraid to show a little skin, this one’s for you! 2017 was the year we got to experience the fight of the century—can we get more relevant than that? Find a friend, take off your shirt and slip on some boxing gloves. You want people to know that you’re the iconic duo so make the effort to draw on McGregor’s chest tattoos! 

Wonder Woman

Cliché, we know but Halloween just wouldn’t be the same without a superhero costume. Wonder Woman was released this year and it gained so much popularity, making total inspo this Halloween. This costume is easier to achieve than you think, too! Just find a tight, red, strapless top, cut out her golden embellishment and pair it with electric blue shorts or skirt. If you want to go the extra mile, stick on some white stars to your shorts or skirt and find some red knee-high boots.

An Avocado

2017 was the year of the avocado crisis for Aucklanders. Supermarkets were charging ridiculous prices and our local cafes were taking them off the menu—that’s some scary stuff. A green cardboard cut-out will do the trick! If you have a belly, be proud and let that peep through the middle. If not, just find some stuffing to emulate the seed.

Belle From Beauty And The Beast

Another cliché but Disney princesses are a must for Halloween. Belle is at least trendy, with the action movie released this year! There are so many costumes for this one available online but you can easily do a DIY of her casual look. All you need is a long blue dress paired with an apron. For Belle, the hair is as crucial as the accessories—a simple book and basket. 


If you’re looking for something along the lines of Disney but more recent than Belle, Moana is a great option! Be careful with this one though guys, the last thing we want to do on Halloween is offend a culture. You can dress up as beautiful Moana by either buying a costume online or finding similar styles of clothing and sticking to her colour schemes. Make sure to avoid any stick-on tattoos and face paint! 

Britney Spears – Hit Me Baby One More Time Era 

Throwing it back to the ‘90s has never been trendier. This one is perfect if you’re on a budget as you can find these things lying around your house. Tie up the lower part of your white button-up shirt and your hair in pigtails with pink pompoms, slip on a black tennis skirt, chuck on a grey cardi, find some thigh-high socks and voila! 

Mrs. Trunchbull From Matilda 

Matilda the Musical was a mad success in Auckland this year! Find a big grey hoodie (preferably one that says 1972 Olympics) and tie the biggest, chunkiest leather belt around your waist. Slick your hair in a high bun and find something to hold as your shot put. You are now the villain of one of the most popular Roald Dahl’s novels. 

The Super Pig From Okja 

Animal costumes are CRUCIAL for Halloween and here’s a way to do it best! Okja isn’t just an ordinary pig, Okja is a super pig that has gained huge popularity internationally in 2017. Slather your body and face in grey paint and DIY some big cardboard cut outs for Okja’s humongous trademark ears. 

Archibald From Riverdale

We all know that somebody who doesn’t want to dress up, but there’s nothing lamer than dressing as yourself to a Halloween party. So if you want to stick to looking “normal” without being a party pooper, listen up. 2017 was the year of Riverdale and Archibald’s costume is so easy to achieve. Wear a baseball jacket but make sure you dedicate to the iconic red hair. If you’re a natural red head, you’re in luck. If not, get yourself some temporary dye or hair paint spray. It’s Halloween, some level of commitment is required. 


While we’re paying tribute to Kiwi superstar KJ Apa, we can’t miss Lorde. Especially when she released one of the best albums—Melodrama—this year! Lorde is an easy look to achieve as it’s so distinctive. Just curl your hair, wear some dark clothes and make sure you don’t  miss the purple lipstick! After all, Lorde said herself “people keep asking me what I will be for Halloween and my answer is that I am Halloween”. 

No Face From Spirited Away

The Studio Ghibli Festival just happened at the Academy Cinemas, reigniting our love for these films. No Face from Spirited Away is a classic when it comes to Studio Ghibli and is for sure scary enough for Halloween. All you need is face paint and a long black sheet to cover your entire body. Practice your poker face as this costume does not look right with a big, wide smile. 

Pennywise The Clown From It

If you’re really looking to genuinely scare the life out of your friends this Halloween, this costume is definitely the one for you. It hit cinemas in Auckland not too long ago and the clown in that movie was one to remember. Paint your face, make it haunting and add those red lined details. Find some ruffles, make them look weathered by adding coffee stains, grab your red balloon and you’re ready to do some haunting.

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