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News Just In, A Live-Action Harry Potter TV Show Could Be On The Way

By Jessica Best
28th Jan 2021

three people standing with looming clouds behind them

Pay attention muggles, a Harry Potter TV show is said to be in the works and we’re about two spins of a Time-Tuner away from grabbing our capes.

Without wasting too much time (yes—cue all the Horcruxes, floo powder and butterbeer you can imagine), word on the street is that there’s a live-action Harry Potter TV series in its very, very early stages of development. So early, in fact, that there are no writers or possible talent which have been explored for the show yet. All we know so far is that the Harry Potter spin-off is being talked about at HBO Max, so hold steady on your brooms because deals have been made yet.

We know you’re just as excited as we are, so stay tuned for big updates on this one.

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Image credit: Warner Bros

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