Listen Up, Lewis Road Have Dropped A Brand New Milk And It Tastes Just Like Banoffee Pie

By Kathryn Steane
22nd Feb 2021

Lewis Road Creamery's new Banoffee flavoured milk with banana and caramel in the background.

Oh Lewis Road, how your flavoured milks make our hearts sing! Especially your latest offering, which combines the deliciousness of banana and caramel in a drink that tastes just like banoffee pie.

Yes people, Banoffee Banana Caramel Fresh Flavoured Milk from Lewis Road Creamery has officially arrived, and we reckon it could be their best flavour yet (if you're lucky, you may have already snapped some up at your local supermarket).

Don't get us wrong, we've loved every sip of their S’mores, Gingernut and Mochaccino creations, but this shit is BANANAS. Inspired by the flavours of the classic banoffee pie, it brings together Lewis Road's premium fresh white milk with natural banana puree and a sweet, creamy hit of caramel. Basically, it's dessert in a bottle.

Available now in 300ml or 750ml bottles (we recommend the latter for those of you who—like us—have trouble exercising self-control).

The Details

What: Lewis Road Creamery Banoffee Banana Caramel Fresh Flavoured Milk
Where: Supermarkets nationwide
When: Now

Why not add a block of Whittaker's Hundreds & Thousands choccy to your trolley while you're at it.

Image credit: Lewis Road Creamery

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