Be Kind To The Planet This Christmas With This Epic Sustainable Gift Guide

By Holly Shin
20th Nov 2020

Christmas penetration levels have almost hit 100%, which can only mean one thing—it’s time to get gift hunting! This year we’ve all had to step back and re-evaluate what’s important, and what better way to do this at Christmas than picking gifts that are earth-friendly and eco-conscious. This doesn't mean you're stuck with deciding between what set of metal straws to get though (copper or stainless steel?), thankfully there's so much more to choose from this Christmas.

We’ve done our research to find the best gifts you can gift from local and international sustainable brands, so without further ado, here’s the list.

A close up of beautiful native flowers on a treeGive a Tree With Trees That Count

PRICE: $10

If you’ve got a friend or family member who’s notorious at killing off their indoor plants, here’s another option. Trees That Count are an environmental NZ charity who plant native trees all around New Zealand. For a cheeky $10, your loved ones will receive a personalised gift certificate and a native tree will be planted in Aotearoa on their behalf, plus they’ll be notified exactly where their tree gets planted (so maybe you can road trip to visit it). A hassle-free option with the environment in mind.

A model wearing a white top and necklaces from Luna & Rose

Luna & Rose Zodiac Necklaces

PRICE: From $169

If there's one purchase we've tried to avoid this year, it's not buying cheap jewellery that we end up throwing out after a couple months of wear. Luna & Rose make stunning zodiac sign necklaces from recycled sterling silver into long-lasting pieces, and they are then packaged in biodegradable boxes for you to wrap up and gift. They also donate 1% of all profit to charities around the world, including Sustainable Coastlines NZ, so your hard-earned money is going to a good cause, too.

A pink and purple gift box with nail polish from Kester Black

Kester Black's Vegan Nail Polish Kit

PRICE: $75

Usually, nothing reminds you more of nail polish than the strong smell of a cocktail of chemicals, but Kester Black polish is nothing like that. Their vegan and cruelty-free polishes are made with no nasty chemicals and the business is carbon neutral: actually amazing. Pick up their Party Nail Pack for a friend that loves bright, fun nail stickers—it comes with their miracle base coast and topcoat for fun, custom nails.
A navy blue knee-length linen robe, monogrammed 'His'

Men's Monogrammed Robe From Jasmine & Will

PRICE: $159

Give your man something that’s a little bit fancy with an eco-friendly linen robe, monogrammed with whatever your heart desires. Linen is one of the best natural and sustainable fabrics out there—you could bury it in your back garden and it would degrade in a few weeks. You won't need to worry about that for a long time though, as this is a long-lasting and breathable robe that any man will love.

A lilac velvet chair with a white circular handbag lying on it

Velvet Heartbeat's Chloë - Piñatex Crossbody Bag


A gorgeous handbag made from pineapple leaves? How about yes. New Zealand-made brand Velvet Heartbeat have used Piñatex to create this gorgeous, long-lasting cross-body bag that will not only look good on the lucky friend/family member who gets it, but also will feel good. Piñatex is made from pineapple leaves, which would usually just be a by-product of pineapple farming, but instead has been made into a non-plastic leather alternative. Win!

A wooden gift box containing bottles and pottles of pastel colours natural skincare

Okana Radiant Skin Gift Box

PRICE: $129.95 

You know the product must be really good for your skin if you could technically eat it (we don't recommend this though). Okana is made from all-natural fruits and vegetables with no long list of chemicals, plus it's made right here in New Zealand! The Radiant Skin gift box has all their best products in it for some lucky receivers' new daily routine, including our personal favourite the Apple Juice foaming cleanser.

View of a matching polka dot black and white activewear set from behind, a tank top and bike shorts.

Polka Dot Bike Shorts From Nimble Activewear

PRICE: $85

Say hello to the cutest bike shorts in town, made from old plastic bottles. If your friends are #fitspo, treat them to a matching set from Nimble Activewear and know you're doing your bit to help recycle the millions of plastic bottles used around the world each year. Breathable and stretchy, you'll probably want to gift yourself a matching set too.

White canvas sneakers from toms, with a rubber heel.

Toms White Vegan Sneakers

PRICE: $120

Toms are such a trusty, reliable footwear brand and in time for summer have released a great range of vegan canvas sneakers including our faves, these white ones right here. These sneaks are 100% vegan, plus if you don't know already, for every pair of Toms you buy they gift a pair to people in need all around the world. Gift a pair to a friend too for some extra warm fuzzies this silly season.

A woman and a man wearing new organic Bond's underwear

Bonds Organic Undies

PRICE: HIS—$22.99 HERS—$17.99

Ok so undies may be the most cliche long-term relationship gift ever, it’s always a handy stocking filler. And if you’re going to gift undies to your loved ones, then you absolutely want to make sure you pick a sustainable pair. Our top pick is Bonds new Organics range, which comes in a variety of cuts and colours. They’re all crafted from organic GOTS-certified cotton grown using sustainable farming practices. We dig that and your bod will too. Shop the range here at Farmers.

A wooden box with a mini grater, a bar of beeswax, folded pieces of material, felt tip pens, and a decorative fern leaf.

Beeswax Wrap Creator Kit from Honey & Cocoa

PRice: $42

Help a family member say goodbye to plastic wrap and hello to a reusable, more sustainable option. With this Honeywrap creator kit, they can make their own beeswax wraps. Everything is included in the kit to make the process super simple and easy, plus it’s a lot more fun than just getting them the wraps. 

A man wearing a dark blue button up shirt standing outside by a hedge.

Hundred Line Men's Linen Button Up Shirt

Price: $169

We've sung the praises of linen before and here's another option. New Mt Maunganui-based menswear brand Hundred Line has a variety of timeless linen and cotton clothing for the men in your life, including their dark blue Lewis Shirt. These staples will last for years due to their high-quality materials and classic designs, perfect for saying goodbye to fast fashion.Beige-coloured AllBirds shoes surrounded by sand and NZ flax

Hoiho Tree Runners From AllBirds

Price: $160

All Blacks who? Allbirds are the AB's you'll want to gift to someone this Christmas. Check out the limited-edition colourway Hoiho, a soft beige Tree Runner with all the comfort and sustainability Allbirds is known all over the world for. These shoes are carbon-neutral, and are made from eucalyptus, sugar cane and merino wool for perfect all-day wear. Shop men's and women's here - also, a portion of each purchase goes towards Forest and Bird’s conservation efforts for the Hoiho penguin, yay. 

Prologic Skincare Range

Price: From $65

Stand back, this stuff is powerful. About Face aren't messing around stocking the NZ-made, recyclable and vegan skincare range Prologic. These bottles are perfect for a stocking stuffer or combo a few like the Anti-Aging Treatment spray and Gel Cleanser for a perfect gift for mum (or yourself, we won't judge).

A blue and purple reusable coffee cup with patterns of flowers.

Bamboo Cup From Adairs

Price: $16.99

Got a friend still getting their coffee in takeaway cups? Bring them into 2020 with this botanical bamboo cup from Adairs. It's made with natural sustainable bamboo which is awesome, along with a handy silicone grip. The print is native Australian flowers too, so they'll have something pleasant to look at every time they take a life-giving sip of their morning coffee.

A recycled paper book titled 'Collectors Anonymous' sitting on top of a map.Collectors Anonymous, Edition 4

Price: $24.95

This is for those thrifty friends and family who love a good secondhand store. It's a guide to every single antique store, thrift shop, and pre-loved clothing boutique in New Zealand, and that's just the start. With 1500 listings, this guide will be sure to keep the bargain hunters and vintage aficionados busy with roadies this summer. Plus, buying secondhand means they'll contribute less to inorganic furniture and clothing waste—vintage finds are so much more unique and long-lasting than that $35 side table everyone has from Kmart, too (shots fired).

Fancy a little something for yourself? Check out our ever-evolving list right here

Design credit: Dom Lonsdale.

Image credit: Trees That Count, Kester Black, Jasmine & Will, Velvet Heartbeat, Okana, Nimble Activewear, Toms, Bonds, Luna & Rose, Honey & Coca, Hundred Line Clothing, AllBirds, Prologic, Adairs, Collectors Anonymous  

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