Where To Go Rock Climbing In Auckland

By Emma Pickles
19th May 2017

Where To Go Rock Climbing In Auckland

Wannabe a rockstar? We are talking about the rock minus the roll kind...

So you’ve tried all the fad workouts and now you’ve hit rock bottom? Yoga, pilates, blogilates, barre, zumba, kayla istines bikini body guide…none of them have stuck?
Have you ever contemplated rock climbing? It may be a little unconventional but it’s a great full body workout that’ll totally rock your body. The road to being fit and strong is a rocky journey. 
Just try to ignore the eight-year-olds scaling up the walls in seconds with no absolutely fear whatsoever beside you. Despite what you may think, you have your best rock climbing years are ahead of you.
So here are the best places in Auckland to climb some rocks (safely).

Clip ‘N Climb

Mt Eden, North Shore
What do you get when you cross a theme park with a rock climbing centre? Clip 'N Climb! They take climbing to a whole next level. You’ll be overcome with an explosion of different colours, shapes and themes—there's striped blow up walls, timed walls, stained glass walls, glow in the dark walls, ropes, poles, ladders and more. You’ll be able to climb anything after this. And you don’t need a partner, you just choose a wall (this is the hard part), clip on and go. And if you want a real challenge, this place has Auckland’s one-and-only natural feature indoor rock wall. This is no ordinary rock climbing hub.

Extreme Edge

Panmure, Glen Eden
Live life on the edge at Extreme Edge. It is exactly as the name suggests—extremely extreme. There’s 200 climbing routes for endless entertainment. They go up to grade 30 and if they're anything like your school grades you won’t be getting far. Extreme Edge has courses for all ages and abilities but if you’re a bit of a badass you can show off your harnessless skills in the bouldering areas.

AGS Rockwall

Mt Eden
Real rocks. Real action. Historically it was an old prison quarry, now you can climb it. At 20 metres high this is one wall that’ll definitely get your adrenalin going. A small word of advice- don’t look down. If this truly does instill deep fear into your bones you can start with the 10 metre wall and take it from there. Remember to bring a partner to rock with you! Note on this site, you need to register online before you go. And helmets are compulsory. Safety first, kids!

Birkenhead Leisure Centre


Birkenhead Leisure Centre has everything you need for adventuring. A 216 square metre rock wall, archery, bush survival, kayaking, a ropes course and, of course, a pool and a gym. There are 26 lines of varying difficulty to cater to everyone’s ability. If you think you're a bit of a pro let your life get flipped-turned upside down with the six-metre overhang route. Don’t worry, there’ll be instructors around to supervise.

The University of Auckland Recreation Centre

Auckland CBD
If you want to get some climbing action in, but have no time to venture afar, then the University of Auckland Rec Centre is the perfect option. The two-metre bouldering wall is perfect for harness-free practice. There’s discounted fee for students, so take a break from your desk-bound daily grind and get those endorphins flowing.

Red Hill Community Centre

Red Hill Community Centre have a pretty small but rockin’ rock climbing set up. With 8 climbing options you can quickly conquer all the rocky routes. So get some friends together and challenge them to a rock off. You’ll enjoy hours of entertainment. Book here!

The Crater

The Crater is a little different in that it is a rock climbing venue that you can hire out. This way you won't be embarrassed in front of strangers when you pull your stunned gecko look 1 metre off the ground. This would be great for school groups or team building exercises. You’ll get an instructor, harnesses and helmets, plus use of the kitchen included in the hiring fee. It's great for groups of 25 or less.

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