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Where To Watch The Blood Moon In Auckland

By Albert Cho
25th Jul 2018

Where To Watch The Blood Moon In Auckland

The cosmic light show in January had Aucklanders shook and they’re about to experience some more shakin’ with more astronomy epicness coming later this month! It’s not every day that the moon turns firey red. In fact, this 100 minute (or so) eclipse won’t be coming back until the 2100’s so it’d be a crime to miss out! Aucklanders will be able to catch a glimpse of the full lunar eclipse on Saturday 28th July at around 7:30am so remember to hold back a bit the night before so you can get up in time to witness this beauty!

Here is where to watch the blood moon in Auckland.

Mount Victoria


Take yourself up Mt. Vic in the adorable little suburb known as Devonport. At this location, you get a view of the small town as well as spectacular city views. The wide open space makes it easy for you to walk around to get the best view of the blood moon...as long as the skies are clear! Don’t forget to make a visit to the local fave Corelli’s Café before you leave Devo. Their carrot cake is an absolute must!

North Head Historic Reserve


Yup, that’s right. Devonport doesn’t have just one look-out point, but TWO! North Head is situated a little further down from the central part of the suburb but the views are nothing short of spectacular. After you get your dose of the eclipse, be sure to take a stroll down to Cheltenham Beach. This North Shore gem is like no other as it's surrounded by no exit streets, making it exclusive...ideal for when you’re needing some me-time.

Mount Eden Summit

Mount Eden

If you live on the other side of the bridge, don’t you worry as there’s plenty of volcanoes for everyone! A little bit removed from the CBD, you'll find Mt. Eden. The summit is quaint and peaceful, perfect for a relaxing morning walk while getting a little sight of the rare eclipse. However, don’t be shy to make the most of this early wake up time and head to the Village afterwards for some fresh goodies at Olaf’s Bakery!

One Tree Hill


The key to getting a good viewing of the eclipse is to take yourself somewhere high up to get closer to the sky. This brings up to One Tree Hill! Cars have now been banned at the summit point of One Tree Hill so this means more cardio but totally worth it! Less hectic, more serene and more room for appreciation of the blood moon.

Long Bay Regional Park

Long Bay

The Long Bay walk is an easy stroll of just under 6km but the stunning vista scenery takes your mind off your morning cardio session. You’ll find yourself crossing beaches and farmland and reaching high points to get the best views of Auckland.

Shakespeare Regional Park


The spot to be for those embarking on a nomad lifestyle, Shakespeare Regional Park is our inner-city escape we can’t get enough of. A short 45-minute drive out of the city lands you at this ideal spot with breath-taking views. Renowned as the best camp grounds in Auckland, pitch up your tent, fry up a classic Kiwi breakfast while you wait for the show of a lifetime.


West Coast

Located just up from the popular Piha Beach is Anawhata, a remote location with fewer people and known as one of Auckland’s best kept secrets. As you’re there to get a good view of the sky, take yourself up to the hills. But this doesn’t mean you should neglect the beach waiting for you down below. The secluded sandy haven will make you feel as though you’re on a retreat and is the perfect spot for some down time away from the hustle and bustle. 

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