Auckland’s Best Chicken Wings

By Natasha Van Der Laan
20th Dec 2017

Winging It | Auckland’s Best Chicken Wings

Oh how we love you, chicken wings. Whether they’re fried, spice rubbed or marinade-glazed, we want wings, and we want them now. We love them so much that we dedicated an entire article to them—it’d be rude not to. So, without further ado, here are the best chicken wings in Auckland. 

Winging It | Auckland’s Best Chicken Wings

Citizen Park


Chicken wings are best enjoyed with a bevvy. Nobody knows this better than everyone’s favourite neighbourhood drinking hole, Citizen Park. In fact, their wings are FLAVOURED with alcomohol. Here you’ll find Louisiana-style wings with either bourbon, burnt butter and candied pecan or beer sauce and honey-mustard greens. If you’re under 18 go for the hot sauce, celery and blue cheese option.

The Fed

Auckland CBD

When the late-night wing craving kicks in, you can call on the friendly folk at The Fed to hook you up. From 11pm to 1am on Friday and Saturday nights the diner serves ‘happy wings’ that will, indeed, make you one happy camper. The hot wings are accompanied with blue cheese ranch dressing that does an excellent job at providing relief from that smokin’ hot flavour.

Winging It | Auckland’s Best Chicken Wings

White + Wong’s

Viaduct Harbour

 White + Wong’s know a thing or two about wings. Their wok-fried delights are flavoured with honey and lemon, which, as we all know, is a superb combo. They're then seasoned with sesame seeds and picked chilli—yom! These delish bad boys are best enjoyed with a woktail (or two). Rock on down to Quay Street to get amongst. 



Chicka is an entire '80s-themed eatery dedicated to fried chicken and beer. The ultimate duo, you'll find a menu featuring a range of authentic Korean and Thai fried chicken that'll leave you spoilt for choice. Our top pick is the thai style Chicka Wow Wow–fried chicken wings topped with a drizzle of curry. Pro tip: wrap in the ooey gooey corn cheesy for a whole new level of awesome. 

Bird on a Wire


Masters of all things chicken, it’s only appropriate that Bird on a Wire dish up hot wings in a glorious fashion. Choose between BBQ and American-style or, if you’re feeling hungry, opt for a serve of both. Go on, you deserve it. 

Al’s Deli

Auckland CBD

Oh hai there, Al. We love you and your wings. If you enjoy all things hot and spicy go for Al's Deli's hot sauce option—it’s not for the faint-hearted. Extinguish the fire burning in your mouth with one of Al’s hardshake offerings. Alternatively, save yourself the pain and opt for sweet and sour, Bloody Mary or plain-flavoured wings. 

Dong Demoon

Auckland CBD

For a Korean-take on chicken wings, check out Dong Demoon. Here they serve up buldak, which literally translates to “fire chicken”. And, if you didn’t already guess it, these wings are hooot! Thankfully they’re served with rice balls that help ease some of the heat. 


Viaduct Harbour

Get your mitts on a dozen spicy buffalo wings at Degree. The finger-lickin’ deal is available between 5 and 10pm. Recruit your squad and challenge them to a wing-off. May the odds be ever in your favour.

Image credit: Jaiden Bhaga, Citizen Park, White + Wong's

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