Auckland’s Best Fried Chicken

By Olivia Atkinson
14th Nov 2018

Auckland’s Best Fried Chicken

Some of Auckland’s restaurants have become experts at creating fried chook goodness. Golden and crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside, with a dipping sauce or mayo for dunking—just the way a fried chicken eating experience should be, thanks Auckland.

From Southern-American to Korean and Japanese, we’ve crunched our way through the finest eateries and located the best fried chicken in Auckland. 

Ramen Takara

Browns Bay & Ponsonby 

For crunchy, moist morsels of fried chicken, Ramen Takara is where you need to go. You can either opt for for six or 12 pieces, but definitely to go for the latter—the more fried chicken the merrier, right?

The Coop


The Coop in Takapuna is where you’ll find the crispiest, crunchiest fried chicken with the thickest batter and tender meat. This Jamaican jerk fried chicken hub also does a mighty fine Po’ Boy which is so much more than a regular chicken sandwich. A long, soft, buttered bun stuffed with crispy chicken, slaw and kudos to The Coop for not skipping out the humble slice of Swiss cheese.



Chicka in Kingsland is a restaurant that fully dedicates themselves to the heavenly combination of chicken and beer. From different sorts of batters and marinades and the variation of beers, the options are endless. Chicka has it all from the classic crispy wings, drumsticks, boneless thighs. Their marinades range from sweet and spicy, garlic honey soy and even Thai coconut curry. 


Multiple locations 

Mexico whips up what can only be described as one of the tastiest fried chicken in Auckland. Super tender chicken with a crunchy, fiery coating, served alongside a smoked paprika aioli to put out any flames—our stomachs are rumbling at the sound of it! 

Ding Ding Fried Chicken

Wairau Valley

If it’s Korean fried chicken you’re after, Ding Ding in the corner Taiping Asian Supermarket at Wairau Valley knows how it’s done. From first glance, you would not think that this hole in the wall store would fry up some of the best chicken in town but you better believe it. The half and half is the way to go. Half original, crispy, lightly battered fried chicken and half that has been glazed in a sweet and spicy marinade.

The Candy Shop


The Candy Shop is another one to look out for if Korean fried chicken is what you’re after. Served boneless for convenience but stays true to the flavours of authentic Korean fried chicken with that sweet and spicy marinade. To make it even better, The Candy Shop add waffle fries and deep fried chewy rice cakes to their fried chicken platter because why not?

Peach’s Hot Chicken

Food Truck 

Lurking around Auckland in a baby pink truck is Peach’s Hot Chicken and they know their stuff when it comes to the delicacy. You can choose your spice level from mild to holy cluck and each level offers a different experience. If you’re in the mood for pure, enjoyable indulgence, we suggest the waffle and mildly spiced fried chicken combo. If you’re wanting an outer body experience, we dare you to go for the holy cluck wings.


Queens Rise

Speaking of hot wings, we can’t forget to mention Lowbrow located on Queens Rise. From the owners and chefs of Culprit, Kyle and Jordan have opened up an eatery dedicated to low-key non-pretentious food and their wings would be one of their star dishes. The crispy chooks are rubbed with spicy seasoning which gives a zing that will leave you wanting more. 



Those yet to sample the heavenly marriage of fried chicken and waffles must visit Orleans ASAP. This signature dish features homemade waffles and a decent serving of fried chicken with herb butter, maple chipotle glaze and crispy sage. Orleans don't just stop there as they've evolved the dish by offering a fried chicken and waffle burger. Bringing a bit of America to Auckland, this is actual happiness on a plate. 

Kai Eatery

Auckland CBD

This list wouldn't be complete without a mention of this classic fried chicken joint, Kai Eatery. Order your XL fried chook with some classic salt & pepper or opt for hot & spicy for a bolder approach. But if you're like us and really want to try Auckland’s greatest fried chicken, order the 'chefs special' and prepare for a tastebud frenzy.

Boy & Bird


Cornmeal buttermilk chicken with pickled slaw and tamarind mayo is Boy & Bird’s take on fried chicken and it’s mighty fine. Some might even say it’s the best fried chicken in Auckland and we might just have to agree with them on that.

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Image credit: Jaiden Bhaga at Kai Eatery

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