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Victoria Park
203-271 Victoria St West
Auckland City, 101
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Strong Like A Girl, Auckland

The Verdict

Forget the saying “you’re pretty strong…for a girl”, it’s all about being strong LIKE a girl! Allow us to introduce you to Auckland’s hottest new workout: Strong Like A Girl, a women-only group training session like no other.

The 45-minute outdoor boot camp (that’s right, it’s only 45 mins!) will lead you through a series of HIIT exercises. HIIT (translation: high intensity interval training) is all about alternating intense training periods with recovery periods. You’ll be grateful for that recovery because your muscles will be burning!  

No two workouts are the same with the sessions showcasing body weight and weighted movements, boxing and circuit training. We’re particular fond of the ‘booty babes’ workout that is all about squats, lunges, squats, hip thrusts and even more squats.

Strong Like A Girl allows you to track your effort during the workout—thanks to the heart-rate monitor strapped around your chest or wrist. A savvy real-time display shows you what heart-rate zone you’re in and whether you need to step it up (or drop it down) a notch. Burpees will have your heart racing, while the much-needed stretches afterwards will bring it riiight down.

Strong Like A Girl is the brain child of Camilla Payne (aka Wonder Woman) who has trained alongside Ashy Bines. Camilla is on a mission to give Aucklanders the crème de la crème of boot camps. Think friendly customer service (you’ll be on first-name basis after one session), an empowering environment and flexible memberships.

The sessions are currently held in two locations: North Shore (they alternate between Takapuna and Milford) and the newest venue, Auckland City’s Victoria Park. Yep, the boot camps will have you training in the fresh, open air—bliss! If it’s a wet, wintery day—fear not—they have access to covered and indoor venues to keep you niiice and dry. The timetable changes on the regular but you can expect morning sessions at 6am and evening sessions at 6pm.

Once the 45 minutes are up, you’ll get a post-workout summary that gives you a breakdown on your heartrate and calories burned. It’s a great way to track your progress and work towards smashing your fitness goals.

Strong Like A Girl will also test your fitness and strength beforehand to create measureable goals. They’ll then provide you with online support (there’s a members-only Facebook page) to help you stay on track. And, thanks to regular fitness tests, you’ll be able to see how far you’ve come!

One thing’s for certain: this hot new workout is changing the way Auckland gals train for the better. We’ll see you there!  

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