Need A Holiday? Here’s How To Win One!

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January signals a lot of things, namely shiny new beginnings and a brand new start. Except, sometimes (read: all of the time) New Year’s doesn’t really go down like that. In reality, you’re hung over (still), have kind of forgotten how to do your job and have broken most of your resolutions by January 3rd. Don’t even try and deny it. That’s why we’re so excited to team up with Expedia to share the results of their Vacation Deprivation report, and to score $1,000 towards your holiday, you're welcome. As well as being sleep deprived, vitamin deprived, and nutrient deprived we’re also vacation deprived. Go figure. As if that wasn't bad enough, did you know that as a nation we're working 480 million extra hours each year?! Yikes. Time for a holiday, we think.

Fill out the quiz below to find your perfect holiday, and we'll do the rest. Including giving you $1,000 toward your dream holiday!

Sounds amazing right? Let’s do this!

Find Your Perfect Holiday Now!

Select ONE of the options now to find your deprivation cure and score a $1,000 Expedia voucher.

  1. Is the sound of your coworker's nasally voice making you want to quit, flee the country and never return?
  2. Do you struggle to remember the last time you took a real, proper holiday? No, going to the beach for the day doesn't count.
  3. Do you have a closer relationship with your snooze button than you do with people?
  4. Are you all out of swipes on Tinder and seriously craving a snuggle buddy?
  5. Do you wish you had a window by your desk at work and spend your lunch break soaking up the sunshine outside?
  6. Do you consider yourself an adventurous foodie, yet eat the same thing day in and day out?
  7. Are you stuck in a career rut and feeling trapped?

It's Bali Time, Baby!

You're totally me-time deficient. Feeling snappy, snarky and irritable? Of course you are. If your headphones go straight to your ears the instant your co-workers open their mouths a week of solo, unadulterated alone time in Bali is just what the doctor ordered.

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London Calling!

You've got chronic holiday deprivation. How do we know? Because you're highly strung, irritable and this close to breaking point. Cue overly dramatic office desk flip. Get far, far away to London with all those annual leave hours.

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Feeling Japanese!

If you're feeling sleepy 24/7, and have not-so-accidently fallen asleep at your desk, a trip to the Japanese countryside will fix what ails you. You’ve got snooze debt, cured only by the soothing waters of a Japanese onsen.

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New York, New York!

You're fling deprived; seek treatment immediately. The symptoms? Feeling totally single, nightly Sex & The City binges, and a repeatedly empty bed. The cure? A trip to the dating capital of the world, obviously.

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Hawaii Five-Go!

We know the feeling, honestly. Your days are spent basking under fluorescent lights, awash with the serene light of your computer screen. So tranquil... Get the hell out of that fluorescent dungeon (too dramatic? Us? Never?) and to Hawaii, stat.

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New Year, New Orleans!

Hands up if your New Year's resolutions involve protein shakes, meal prep, and other stupidly healthy meal options? You've got taste deprivation, cured only by a trip to the tastiest place on earth: New Orleans!

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Dive Head First Into Queenstown!

You've got a classic case of worker's itch. Otherwise known as adventure deprivation. The only known cure is, of course, a spontaneously booked trip to Queenstown filled with bungee jumping and other ridiculously adventurous last minute activities.

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