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15cm Is Sydney’s Secret Burnt Basque Cheesecake Delivery Service

By Jessica Best
1st Jul 2021

burnt basque cheesecake slice

There are some things in life that never stop and our love for cheesecake is one of those things. So, sit tight Sydney, because there’s a sling of creamy slabs of the good stuff you’re going to want to order straight to your door.

Basically, 15 Centimetres is a Japanese artisan cheesecake heaven, a floating cheesecake factory if you will, with no hard HQ and to be honest—the more mysterious the better. While its exact location is hidden, 15 Centimetres is known for churning out Sydney’s best Basque cheesecake with a myriad of great flavours and twists to get around. 

As the name suggests, the cakes here go for a standard 15-centimetre cake tin size, or in other words, 15 centimetres of pure happiness. The original burnt Basque cheesecake here forged 15 Centimetres’ pastry success, repping a rich Basque batter known for its gooey-ness and a toastie casing with that iconic caramel shell.

Elsewhere on the menu, you’ll find a tangy Tahitian lime take on the Basque, a bitter “Yame” matcha basque, as well as a wild berry and chocolate burnt Basque cheesecake loaded with Belgian dark chocolate, premium milk chocolate, and wild blueberries. You’ll also want to scan your eye over the French Earl Grey cheesecake, a mega bergamot blend, and the Hōjicha milk tea cheesecake with a lil’ hint of bitterness. The best part? These cakes can be delivered right to your door and also tick the box for being gluten-free.

To really put the cherry on top, 15 Centimeters has announced that for the whole of lockdown the crew will offer free delivery on all of its cheesecake orders. Absolute madness or pure genius? We'll let you decide—right after you order a slab of happiness right here.

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Image credit: 15 Centimetres

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