These 20 Sustainable Gifts Are Your Answer To Conscious Gift Giving

Searching for sustainable gifts? This list covers everything from shopping small (and local), purchasing from environmentally, socially…


Host The Ultimate Sustainable Dinner Party With These Easy Hacks

To all of you who kind of want to be more sustainable but kind of think it sounds too tricky, we hear you. We’ll admit that it can be…

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The Best Markets In Sydney To Visit This Weekend

To fill the pantry with fresh produce or your closet with locally-made goods, there's nothing we love more than Sydney's best…


Refugee Week: 12 Incredible Refugee-Owned Restaurants To Visit In Sydney

Sydney is home to a rich and eclectic collection of businesses owned or operated by our refugee community—serving up vegan Palestinian…

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6 Meaningful Ways to Give Back To Your Local Community

Set yourself a pledge to give back. Volunteering your time and effort is a rewarding, warm-fuzzy experience. The positives are endless:…


The Heart-Warming Story Behind This Socially Conscious Wine And Spirits Label

As well as producing the world’s first Kurdish Gin and Kurdish Arak, refugee-owned Bandesh Wine & Spirits has a dream of a better…


This Sydney Fashion Label Blends Rich Culture With Sustainability And Female Empowerment

We chat with Gina Barjeel about her eponymous fashion label, how her cultural background and ethos influence her work, and empowering…


How To Repair, Repurpose And Recycle Your Stuff In Sydney

Here’s how to recycle your stuff the right way in Sydney. 


This Ethiopian-Australian Cook Is Bringing Injera, Coffee And Soul Food To Sydney

We chat with Tinsae Elsdon about Ethiopian food, coffee ceremonies, and where she shops for Ethiopian spices in Sydney. 


Here’s What The Circular Economy Is All About, According To 5 Sustainability Experts

To put it simply, the theory behind the CE is about transforming our current linear consumption model (Take-Make-Waste) into a circular one…


This Sustainable Sneaker Brand Will Plant 5 Trees For Every Purchase

Born in 2019, Australian-based sneaker brand BLAC needs to be on your radar if you’re looking to take positive, planet-saving steps…


8 Game-Changing Investments To Help You Live Your Most Sustainable Year Yet

On a journey to live a greener life? Technology is proving itself as the key to protecting Mother Earth. Innovative products are making…


7 Of Sydney’s Best Thrift And Vintage Clothing Stores

To save you the trouble of swimming through the floor stock of every vintage shop from Crows Nest to Marrickville, we’ve curated the…


How Kester Black’s Anna Ross Created A Sustainable Beauty Empire

When it comes to the beauty industry, sustainable and eco-conscious aren’t often the first words that come to mind, which is why…


Make A Difference And Support These 6 Businesses Doing Better By Our Planet

The winners of The Circle Awards AUS & NZ 2021 have officially been announced, and our carts (and hearts) are full of sustainable swaps…


Show Your Fave Zero-Waste Brand Some Love By Voting In The Circle Awards Now

Here at Urban List, we're passionate about putting our best foot forward, dedicated to being as conscious as possible when it comes to…


Here’s Why Chanel Contos Wants You To Keep Conversations Around Consent Going

Sex education in Australia needs a shake-up—here’s how you can help. 


Green Up Your Digs, The NSW Government Is Giving Away Trees For Free

It’s part of a big plan to plant one million trees in Sydney by 2022.

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Hit The Harbour And Make A Difference With Sydney’s New Clean-Up Kayak Tours

Clean up our beautiful harbour while you explore with an oar. 


Get Back Into Denim With Levi’s Dreamy New Earth-Friendly Cottonised Hemp Jeans

Created using Cottonised Hemp instead of regular cotton, Levi’s new High Loose and Stay Loose jeans are a revelation for our times. If…


Fire Up With Wood Roasted Coffee, A More Sustainable Coffee Process With Stacks Of Flavour

By using dry heat, as opposed to the wet heat of gas roasting, wood roasting allows for a greater caramelisation of coffee beans, a more…


Support Disaster Relief In Lebanon With Lebathon, A Silent Auction With Epic Items Up For Grabs

There are ways you can help Lebanese disaster relief from afar—and a Sydney-created social media silent auction called…


Meet The Halliday Darkhorse Winery Of The Year, A NSW Vineyard With A Sustainable Approach

Located in Yenda, about 30 minutes outside of Griffith, Yarran Wines has been more or less a well-kept secret, an if-you-know-you-know type…


Meet Sprout Stack, The Northern Beaches Urban Farm Pioneering The Future Of Food

Sprout Stack grows 15 varieties of vibrant greens in hydroponic shipping containers in a warehouse in Warriewood on the Northern…


Level Up Your Plastic-Free July With These 5 Life-Changing Essentials

Got your keep cup and a reusable water bottle? Level up with these plastic-free products from Go For Zero. 

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Get The Post Iso Party Started With Sydney’s First Sustainable Cocktail “Goon Sacks”

Redfern Surf Club has created sustainable party bags—basically fancy and environmentally friendly goon sacks. And they are…


Everything You Need To Know About Sydney’s Black Lives Matter Vigil Happening Today

This weekend, several protests and vigils will be held around the country. They’re a sign of solidarity for the death of George Floyd…


Step Up And Help The Gumbaynggirr Embassy End Excessive Logging In NSW

In spite of the environmental impact and the fair warning—it seems the current NSW Government has forgotten about last summer’s…


Get Fishy With Sydney Chef Josh Niland’s Multi-Award-Winning Cookbook

Sydney chef Josh Niland is one-of-a-kind and a real national treasure. His book, The Whole Fish Cookbook just won the super-prestigious…

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Book Your Post Iso Escape With This New Directory Of Quirky And Epic Cabins

NSW has just scored a ripping new regional escape directory that’s brimming with unique properties. Think forest cabins, floating…

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Satisfy All Your Natural Wine Dreams With Sydney’s Best Sustainable Bottle Shops

Over the last few years, natural, organic and sustainable wines have edged their way into Sydney's heart. If you're…


Have A Positive Impact On The World With Us As We Take On Sustainability

Let us introduce Urban List Sustainability, a commitment we are launching in partnership with Bank Australia to take our platform and our…


In The Studio | Holly Ryan On Recycled Jewels, Sustainability And Dressing Up For The Future

Within the layers of Holly Ryan’s eponymous jewellery label is fashion and art—but also a strong sense of respect for the planet…

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8 Socially-Conscious Entrepreneurs To Get Behind

From vegan leather accessories to delicious crepes for homelessness, we round up the best of this year's ING Dreamstarters. 

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Ditch The Plastic Packaging At Sydney’s Best Bulk Food Stores

Sydney has a whole lot of supermarket alternatives that’ll have you trimming your carbon footprint in favour of more sustainable (more…


6 Of Sydney’s Best Sustainable Cafes And Restaurants

These days, every decision and effort we make counts—so here are the most sustainable and environmentally friendly restaurants in…


9 Of Sydney’s Tastiest Vegetarian Restaurants

Being vegetarian is remarkably easy in Sydney these days. We’ve narrowed down our favourite plant-based restaurants for all the…


Wave Goodbye To Excessive Packaging With These 6 Eco-Friendly Brands

These six standout brands with innovative packaging ideas are here to help save the planet. 


7 Of Sydney’s Best Sustainable Hair Salons

When it comes to looking after your hair—styling, colouring and maintaining your bob, bangs, fade or balayage—it’s…

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Recharge Your Career At Getting The Gig Live, Urban List’s New Career Panel Series

This year and for the first time ever, Urban List is bringing Getting the Gig to life in Sydney—a panel series and a networking night…


How To Save Water (And Your House Plants) And Stick To Sydney’s Level 2 Water Restrictions

On the 10th of December, Level 2 water restrictions took effect in Sydney, the Blue Mountains and the Illawarra. But what does that actually…


These Are 10 Of Sydney’s Healthiest Cafes

Before you jump on the next fad diet, check out our picks of Sydney’s healthiest eateries. We’re pretty lucky here in…

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Go Waste-Free At This Three-Night Sustainable Cocktail Weekender

Coming up in September, Adelaide’s incredible ethical cocktail bar Maybe Mae shifting to Sydney for three-days of waste-free,…

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Dine For Good At This Epic New Chef-Led Charity Dinner Series

Featuring one-off menus from Hartsyard and Dear Sainte Eloise to start.


Sydney Just Scored A Totally Sustainable, Multi-Sensory Art Party

Hosted at the Marrickville Bowlo, Hiccup Sustainable Art Party will feature climate change-inspired installations from 11 artists and a…


The Verdict | 6 Head Is Sydney’s New Sustainably-Centred Steak Emporium

Inspired by the six head of cattle that arrived with the First Fleet, 6 Head features harbour views, history and some of the best steak…


Champion Of First Nations Food Culture Jock Zonfrillo Is Headed To Sydney

Through his Adelaide eatery Orana, Jock Zonfrillo been passionately championing cooking and ingredients drawn from First Nations…

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Join This Global 24-Hour Beach Clean-Up And Help Make A Difference

Did you know that by 2050 the oceans could have more plastic than fish? Scary, huh? To help prevent that frightening statistic becoming…

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Trash Is For Tossers | A Simple Guide To Going Plastic-Free

Let’s chat about breaking a dirty, little habit. No, we don’t mean your daily 3pm chocolate binge, we’re talking about…

The Stylish Aussie Sisters Behind Twoobs Talk Podcasts, Mentors and Disrupting The Shoe Market

You’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t adore sartorial sister act Jess and Stef Dadon. From their perfectly curated…


Fall For The Winter Charms Of This New Sustainable Knitwear Label

Described as “earth, people and animal-friendly”, each one of Wolfgang Scout's plush jumpers is hand knitted by Indian…

How Vincent Tolefe Founded His Own Record Label At 23

As far as dream jobs go, they don’t get much greater than owning your own record label. Top that off with the fact that you’re…

Tkay Maidza Talks Streetwear, Killer Style And Never Blending In

Tkay Maidza is the ambitious Australian rapper taking up space on everyone’s playlist right now. We caught up with her during…

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Where To Load Up On Magnum’s New Vegan Dessert

Magnum has announced that vegans can have a piece of the goodness.


The Ultimate Vegan Gift Guide

You never realise how hard it is to buy for a vegan until you’re stuck doing it. Make things easy on yourself and treat your vegan…

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7 Sustainable Startups To Get Behind

To propel positive change this holiday season, we’ve rounded up seven of our favourite ING Dreamstarter startups, each with standout…

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This Colourful Vegan Beauty Range Is Damn Insta-Worthy & Just Gimme

Seriously though, how much time do you have because we’ve been lusting over everything all damn day.


10 Eco-Friendly Beauty Products Doing Their Bit For The World’s Oceans

Down in this beautiful pocket of the world we’re blessed with some of the most incredible beaches and marine life,…


Vegan or Plant-Based: What’s The Difference?

People are becoming more aware of the impact consuming animal products has on our bodies and our planet and are gradually reducing their…