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Get The Post Iso Party Started With Sydney’s First Sustainable Cocktail “Goon Sacks”

By Jessica Best
27th Jun 2020

Redfern Surf Club Sustainable Party Bags in the Negroni flavour.

Sydney, it’s time to slowly but surely emerge out of those lockdown trackies and into the winter antics. Bringing you a sling of epic food and booze brilliance to get around is the recently reopened Redfern Surf Club (RSC) and the team here is taking things to the next level. We’re talking about sustainable cocktail party bags, a new retro chicken shop, an online store and an in-venue bottle-o.

First up, your attention needs to be drawn to “The Chicken Shop”, Redfern Surf Club’s brand new retro pop-up. This beauty is bringing old-school chook and chippy goodness back to the menu with a slew of nostalgic and delicious creations. Standouts on the new menu include a “Surf Club Burger”, which looks like a Martin’s Famous Potato Roll loaded with shredded lettuce, kewpie mayo and crispy Southern fried chicken and then a whole lot of Chiko roll and gravy goodness.

Next up, and our personal favourite thing kicking off at Redfern Surf Club right now, is the bar’s slick new sustainable cocktail party bags (if that doesn’t make the kidult within you scream, we don’t know what will).

Yep, off the back of COVID-induced takeaway options across the hospitality scene, RSC is changing the takeaway cocktail game forever with batched versions of classic and signature mixes all up for grabs in shareable, easy-to-pour bags (a glorious ode to the almighty goon sack of yesteryear).

The best bit (unlike the old goon sack) is that these cocktail bags are actually made from sustainable packaging and they’re reusable—which means they have a lower carbon footprint (always a yay). At $60 a pop, these half-litre beauties will be packed with classic mixtures like the Espresso Martini, Pina Colada, Negroni and a "Spicy Boi" Margarita, as well as newbies like a pineapple Margarita and “Sex On The Couch”.

You’ll be able to pick these cocktail bags fresh from the bar and yes, you can play goon of fortune with them should the mood swing you that way. Pro tip—if you chuck them in the freezer they make incredible boozy slushies.

The club has also whipped up an entirely new in-venue bottle-o so you can swing by in person and grab all the natural wine, tinnies and batched cocktails. This guy will be open until midnight Thursday through to Sundays.

If that wasn’t enough, you can now also go hard at Redfern Surf Club’s new online store, which will be packed with said cocktail party bags, natural wines and tinnies, plus the club’s very own merch.

For more information, jump over here.

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Image credit: Redfern Surf Club

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