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Sydney’s Best Jacaranda Walks

By Ange Law
16th Oct 2017

Jacaranda walks Sydney

Nothing says summer in Sydney like a street of jacaranda trees in full bloom. As if Sydney wasn’t already the prettiest city in Australia, once the warmer months hit we find ourselves living in nothing short of a magical, lavender coloured, wonderland. 

They’re the perfect backdrop for those cool girl snaps, (you know the ones), so we’ve rounded up 7 of Sydney’s best jacaranda walks. Your Insta is about to get 1,000 times prettier.

Lavender Bay 

North Sydney

Lavender Bay (the name says it all) on the north side has turned a rich shade of purple thanks to their epic jacaranda trees. The colours have tourists coming from miles and have been known to turn locals into tourists, as they pose for the perfect shot. 

Macquarie Street 


Who said the CBD was nothing but a concrete jungle? When the jacarandas are in full bloom Macquarie Street turns in to a purple oasis. We recommend that you actually take your lunch break today and remember to look up. 

Hunters Hill 

North Shore

Hunters Hill is a beautifully leafy suburb at the best of times, but now that the jacarandas have reach peak bloom, it’s even prettier. Our hot tip is to start at the Hunters Hill Club and wander your way down, but if you want to dive even deeper, book a spot on one of their jacaranda walks. Details, here.

Oxford Street 


The eastern suburbs are a regular go-to for any self-confessed jacaranda fanatic. This is where you come to spend an afternoon meandering down Oxford Street, with a coffee in one hand and a camera in the other. You’ll want to head off the main drag for a little bit of extra exploring because there are jacaranda trees scattered throughout the entire suburb and that's where the real magic happens.


Lower North Shore

Woolwich is another Sydney gem if you want to see the jacarandas in full bloom (of course you do). No really, it's one of the best jacaranda walks in Sydney. Start at The Old School House before heading for an hour and a half walk around Woolwich, complete with harbour views. Make sure you walk through the sweet spots—Kelly’s Bush and finish up at the old Woolwich Dock. 

Royal Botanic Gardens


It’s probably about time you got around to finally planning that picnic before the ridiculous summer heat sets in. Stroll through the gardens then settle on in under the best blooms you can find. The best part about the gardens is that due to their size (they’re massive) you won’t have any problems snagging the best spot all for yourself. 


Inner West

Spend your Saturday soaking up the sun at Glebe market and all of the lavender hues on offer. Just like our friends in Paddington, the inner west boasts long, winding streets of purple fun and with some of the best food in Sydney hidden amongst the jacarandas, you can consider your afternoon sorted.

There's also a neon rainbow bar popping up on the harbour, FYI.

Image credit: Grafton Jacarandas

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