Bagel-icious | The Best Bagels In Sydney

By Jessica Best
16th Jan 2017

sydney's best bagels

A good bagel has the power to make an ordinary day great. When it comes to finding Sydney’s best plain, seeded, stuffed, and blueberry sacred rolls with holes we've done the hard work for you, because we're kind like that. Oh bready, chewy goodness. Oh carbs. We will never stop loving you.

Here’s your seriously delicious list of where to find the best bagels in Sydney.

Brooklyn Boy Bagels


When you can’t jet off to NYC and grab one of their holy grail bagels, you come here. Behold, the juggernauts of bagel-iciousness. Brooklyn Boy Bagels are hand-rolled in true NYC artisan-style. Plus, their dessert bagels are to die for; we will never stop raving about their Nutella and hazelnut baka...ever. And guys, they do home delivery. So you don’t even have to get out of bed to eat these (seriously good) bad boys.

Smoking Gun Bagels


Smoking Guns Bagels is tearing up the bready goodness scene with wood fired Montreal inspired bagels—and we don’t need to tell you that everything tastes 127% better when it’s wood fired. Make a move on their wood-fired ham with house-made piccalilli bagel, or hit up their famous Queen P bagel with peanut butter and salted macadamia brittle. Can’t decide? Order a BOB (that’s a “box of bagels” for all you bagel rookies out there) because there’s no such thing as having too many bagels, amirite?

Coffee Tea And Me

Redfern, Marrickville & Potts Point

Three words. Delicious, crunchy, bagels. And how good does a grilled haloumi and avocado toasted bagel sound? Pretty damn good if you ask us. Plus, these guys offer up bagel and coffee specials, which are only two of the greatest things in life ever.

Low And Lofty’s


We all know that breakfast bagels are the greatest invention since sliced bread. So, there’s no better way to start your day than by #treatingyoself with Low and Lofty’s take on the breaky staple. These guys are putting the BAE (bacon and egg) in bagel with their cracking bacon and egg bun featuring jack cheese and BBQ sauce. 

Garden Park Kitchen

Martin Place

Sydney has definitely hit upon something beyond great with this one. Garden Park Kitchen is a super emporium of every bagel and shmear that ever existed. We’re talking Nutella Ferroro spreads; jalapeno cheddar schmears (and damn it’s good) as well as gourmet bagels filled with prosciutto, rocket and lime, or grilled halloumi with pistachio, kale and lemon.

Reuben Republic


These legends are known for their tasty sandwich fillings and when it comes to their NYC-style bagels, there’s no question that the doughy rings they plate up are nothing short of effing delicious. Cure your bagel fix with Reuben Republic’s major standout: pastrami, kraut and swiss cheese on a toasted bagel. Seriously, it’s so good you’ll go back for seconds.

Lox Stock And Barrel

Bondi Beach

Home to a delicious brigade of baked goods and healthy eats, Lox Stock and Barrel is known for their chewy, dense bagel creations. We’re glad that the team here knows we Sydney-siders love a bagel sandwich. Because what’s not to love when your tucking in to some homemade brisket pastrami, Russian coleslaw and pickles on a poppyseed bagel? That shiz is life.

Brooklyn Hide

Surry Hills

Your plan of attack when it comes to Brooklyn Hide is to start at the top (we're looking at you hell's kitchen), then work your way down. With favourites like smoked salmon, capers, and red onion; to the more substantial corned beef, sauerkraut, swiss cheese and mustard mayo, their freshly baked morsels of carby goodness make even the most average of days great.

Grandma Moses 


If you’re obsessed with the smell of freshly boiled bagels, you’ll want to drop by Grandma Moses (maybe more than once a day). Home to every delicious baked-good that there ever was, you’ll find bagels of all breeds and sizes: pumpkin, choc-chip, brioche-style… and let’s be honest, you’re going to get them all.

The Copper Mill


If you’ve never had a bagel for brunch… we forgive you. The Copper Mill is serving up bready combos we don’t know how we even survived half our lives without. Grab the slow roasted pork chicharron, roast sweet potato and a fried egg bagel because wow… just wow.

Bagel 2 Go

Bondi Beach

When you’ve got a burning desire to stuff yourself silly with a bagel (happens more often than not), this is where you go. There’s no schmearing around here, unless you’re into olive and oregano cream cheese in which case—there’s A LOT. Think nine types of bagels, eight different sandwich fillings, and eighteen variations of our infused cream cheeses. And not that you need much more convincing, but they have a French toast bagel with ice cream, and chocolate. Go.

If you love bagels we're pretty sure you love sandwiches. Check out Sydney's best here.

Image credit: Smoking Gun Bagels

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