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Take Your Date To New Heights With Cliffnics, A Picnic Hanging Off The Edge Of A Cliff

By Jessica Best
11th Feb 2021

two people sitting on suspended picnic bench over a liff

Picture this. Your legs are dangling off a suspended picnic seat while you're digging into a whirlwind of wine, beer, and all kinds of delicious snacks. There’s water below and you’re staring out onto distant rivers, mountains, and beaches. Life is good. In fact, life is pretty damn great.

If you’re looking to up your “dinner and a movie” date-night repertoire, listen up because there’s a memorable sky-high feast with your name on it. We give you: the “Cliffnic”.

Brought to you by Outdoor Raw, Cliffnics are an organised hanging picnic where you will hanging off, you guessed it, a cliff. They’re based around the stunning Shoalhaven region and will see you and your significant other (or best mate) lowered down a cliff top while you sit on a picnic bench, feet dangling over the edge.

There’s a number of different packages you can scoop up depending on how extra you want your picnic to be. The Standard Cliffnic will have you lowered down with a picnic stock of local wine and produce. The Cliffnic amps things up a little further with additional hot food and a more secret location. Finally, the Premium Cliffnic will take you to a super remote part of Shoalhaven and feature all the good stuff (like local food and drink) plus a craft beer range, polaroid photography, music, and a few sneaky little extras.

You can check out all the details right here.

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Image credit: Outdoor Raw

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