5 Reasons You Should Consider Investing In An Electric Car To Save Some Coin And The Planet

By Morgan Reardon

So you’re keen to invest in some new wheels but unsure where to start? How about a sleek car that is both achingly cool, cost-effective and good for climate change? Keen? Then an electric car is where you’ll want to spend your coin. 

If you still need some convincing, we’ve teamed up with the crew at BMW—who have just dropped the BMW iX1, their first fully electric small SUV—to fill you in on the reasons an electric car is the right move for you.

They’re Better For The Environment

Let’s kick it off with the biggest reason we’re so obsessed with electric wheels—they’re straight-up better for the environment than a regular, petrol-operated car. BEVs (battery electric vehicles) are powered solely by electricity and have no fuel tank, diesel engine or exhaust pipe, meaning they’re not emitting harmful carbon emissions. Shockingly, Australia is the world’s 14th highest contributor of carbon dioxide. A whopping 17.6% of our emissions come from transport—85% of which comes from road-bound vehicles, with cars contributing to almost half of that. According to a 2021 International Council On Clean Transportation report, electric vehicles were shown to produce 60-68% less greenhouse gas emissions during their life cycle than traditional, petrol-powered cars. With Australia committing to net zero by 2050, by purchasing an electric car you will help play a crucial role in achieving this important target. 

They’ll Save You Major Coin

Real talk, literally everything is expensive these days but an electric car is a worthwhile investment that will save you money in the long run. While the initial cost to buy your new wheels is more exxy than their petrol-powered cousins (for now), electric vehicles have much lower running costs. Why? We mean, have you seen the rising cost of petrol these days? In fact, the average electric car costs just $4 to power 100kms of travel. A petrol-operated car costs around $14 for the same distance. That could mean savings of up to $2,000 each year. 

They’re A Seriously Smooth Ride

Where do we even begin with the list of luxe inclusions that come with an electric car? First of all, with no exhaust, you can say goodbye to the heat, smell and noise petrol and diesel create. Near silent when driving, you can whip around the city to the suburbs with minimal noise pollution. With most electric vehicles built with the battery running underneath (as opposed to the back of the car), it lowers the centre of gravity which means manoeuvring these babies is a total breeze. Most also come with regenerative braking systems where you need only lift your foot off the accelerator to slow the car down to a  complete stop. In fact, many car gurus consider BEVs to have better technical performance than petrol-run cars. And if you’re someone who likes to live life in the fast lane (sticking to speed limits obs), you won’t miss the gradual torque delivery of regular cars—BEVs accelerate much faster because they have no gears to work through, so they can unlock full power as soon as you put your foot on the accelerator. 

They’re Oh-So Easy To Power

Forget having to watch the petrol gauge, BEVs are perfect for young families who are always on the go thanks to their long-lasting batteries. Most BEVs can easily traverse 200km before they need to be recharged, but the new BMW iX1 has a range of up to 400km*. For comparison, the average Aussie drives around 40km a day. Even better, you can recharge the BMW iX1 up to 120kms in just 10 minutes—or from 10% to 80% in 29 minutes**. When you’ve got kiddos or a needy fur baby in the backseat who are easily bothered when having to stop at the petrol station multiple times a week—this BEV is a total game-changer. 

They’re Chic 

TWOOBS, ILIA, Bassike (we could go on)—are all proof that sustainably can be incredibly chic. Case in point, the aforementioned BMW iX1. The auto company's first fully—yes fully—electric small SUV, is oh-so sleek. Unmistakingly modern with dark smoked glass, distinctive double grill and selectable blue accents, it’s a powerful and electrifying (sorry, we had to) statement. Inside, the luxe additions don’t stop, with active seats offering massage and lumbar function—perfect for those family road trips. The cockpit boasts a frameless curved display with touch and voice control, plus it has a reversing assistant and parking assist. 

Keen to make hitting the road a breeze with some new electric-powered wheels? Head here for all the details

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*Electrical consumption and range is based upon the Combined Driving Test Cycle in accordance with ADR 81/02 on purpose built test vehicles and is provided for comparative purposes only. Actual range will vary in real world conditions depending on many factors including traffic conditions, driving habits, prevailing conditions and your vehicle’s equipment, condition and use.

**The calculation takes into account consumption and charging performance. Values refer to 29–33 degrees Celsius battery start and ambient temperature with certification values excluding additional auxiliary consumers such as seat heating, displays, air conditioning. Individual consumption may vary (depending on e.g. driving profile, temperature, ambient conditions) as well as the individually achievable charging performance (depending on e.g. battery state of charge, vehicle air conditioning). Consumption is based on WLTP best case. Charging performance is based on the maximum possible charging performance (depending on charging type and vehicle).

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