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5 Easy Ways To Boost Your Confidence Before Your Next Night Out

By Urban List Writers

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February is just around the corner which means Valentine’s Day 2023 is too. And whether you celebrate it with your mates or a date, the day always calls for memorable nights out with people you love. 

To help you feel like the best version of yourself on February 14, we've teamed up with Listerine to bring you five easy ways to boost your confidence on your next date night. So, if you’re painting the town red with your besties or your beau on Valentine's Day, here are five easy ways to prep for your night out—from start to finish.

Pack Wisely

While you can prep your little heart out at home as much as you like, it’s important to stay armed with your essentials while you’re out and about in case shit hits the fan. If you’re heading out for a garlicky dinner date and a kiss is on the cards, having Listerine Freshburst Pocketmist in your handbag is a gamechanger. Our other on-the-go essentials include deodorant, lip balm, a hair tie and a phone charger. 

Blast Some Tunes

There’s nothing more mood-boosting than a good playlist—especially if you’ve had a big day on the tools at work. To help shift your mindset from business to pleasure, we recommend turning up the dial on your favourite feel-good tracks as you prep for your night out. It’s a surefire way to get you excited about the night, particularly if you’re lacking energy and would prefer to get under the doona and order food. In the same breath, music can help calm your nerves if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by your evening plans. Whichever camp you fall into, turn to the tunes to curate the mood you’re after. Here's one of our go-to playlists filled with timeless, dopamine-inducing tracks. Or, if you need to calm your nervous system, opt for this dreamy jazz curation or some comforting hits from way back.

Pick Your Outfit The Night Before

After making decisions all day long at work, the last thing you’ll want to stress about is what to wear on your night out. Our tip? Figure it all out the night before to alleviate the potential of a full-on pre-date meltdown. We recommend sticking to something tried and tested, or a variation on something you know you always feel confident in. Whether it's a matching set, the classic jeans-and-a-nice-top combo or a fun and flirty dress, it's better the devil you know—particularly when nerves a flying high or decision-making has hit capacity. If feeling your best means buying something new, check out our newest obsession: barrel jeans. Or treat yourself to one of our summer dress picks.

Pop On A Hydrating Sheet Mask

For a little added dewiness, you can’t go past popping on a hydrating sheet mask before you head out. Being summertime, the mask will give you that added plumpness and glow we’re all after—especially when we’re feeling a little worse for wear. Our fav is Go-To’s Transformazing sheet mask. Pro tip: pop it in the fridge for added refreshment. 

Scent Is Essential

Smelling like the sweet perfect angel you are is crucial for continued confidence—particularly if you have a signature scent. To help feel you feel like your true self, make sure you douse yourself in the good stuff before you leave the house. And, if you've got a mini version of your perfect perfume or can't-live-without cologne, take it with you for an added boost when you need it. Need help finding a fragrance? Head over here to peep our favourites.

Ready to hit the town with added confidence? For more information on Listerine's range of products, head over here.  

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