Get Cosy This Winter With These Silky Bamboo Sheets

By Agnes Wan

A girl sitting on a bed with white sheets.

We know you’ve probably been counting on trendy French linen to give you the ultimate sleep, but it’s time to move on because something better has come. It’s smoother than silk and softer than butter: Macoda Mattress’s brand new bamboo sheets

Famous for producing one of Australia’s comfiest mattresses-in-a-box and reinventing the humble (charcoal) pillow, Macoda’s sheets are 100% natural bamboo and sateen woven, which means it produces a softer, shinier, cooler, and lighter fabric that’s more durable against the wear and tear, and also keeps your bed sheets from looking wrinkly and messy. 

Because these dreamy, minimalist sheets are 100% bamboo, they're also completely additive and material-free, which adds sustainability (bamboo being one of the most sustainable plants on the planet), naturally antibacterial, and hypoallergenic to its list of traits that’ll demand your affection. If your skin is sensitive, don’t think twice because these dreamy sheets are for you. 

To celebrate the launch, Macoda is dropping $40 off the price for a limited time.

Check out Macoda's new bamboo sheets here

Image credit: Duncan Shaffer

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