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Introducing Messina’s Lockdown Snack Pack, A Sticky Baked Brioche And Cheesecake Gelato Tub

By Simon Cassar

A shot of the Messina sticky brioche

We’ve become quite reliant on Messina Gelato over here, their speciality desserts have been seeing us through each lockdown, and true to their nature they’ve gone and done it again. The supreme ice cream leaders have just announced that they’re dropping their ‘Lockdown Snack Pack’ a two dessert combo that is designed to pair perfectly when consumed together, (no arguments here). 

First up we’ve got the bake at home sticky brioche, an escargot-shaped pastry filled with caramel custard, and choc chips which has been covered in gooey malt caramel, all you’ve got to do is fling into the oven. To accompany this sugary snail-shaped number, Messina is also dropping a hot tub filled with layers of their vanilla custard gelato, cheesecake mousse and finally doused with a rich cheesecake crumble. Remember to be careful when combining these desserts, it’s said to produce increased satisfaction and happiness tingles all over. 

The sugary combo is available to order across New South Wales, Queensland and Victorian stores. You know the drill; this one won't last long. For more sugary details head over here

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Image credit: supplied

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