Dare Cold Pressed

17 Things All Baristas Wish You’d Stop Doing
By Rachel Lay - 05 Mar 2018

Baristas have a tough gig—there are the early hours, the being nice to everyone, the standing on your feet, and the making of what we… Read More +

25 Signs You’re Absolutely Not A Morning Person
By Rachel Lay - 16 Nov 2017

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25 Signs You’re A Serial Procrastinator
By Rachel Lay - 10 Oct 2017

Procrastination. It can make a damn fool out of the best of us. One minute you’re speeding through your to-do list, ticking shiz off… Read More +

10 Daily Swaps To Make You Adult Like A Boss
By Rachel Lay - 29 Sep 2017

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25 Thoughts Everyone Has Had At 3.30pm
By Rachel Lay - 11 Sep 2017

Oh 3:30pm, we know you well. You’re that time the clock seems to freeze on after having a crazy-productive morning, and after the… Read More +

20 Things Every Coffee Snob Has Said At Least Once
By Rachel Lay - 18 Aug 2017

Ah, coffee. What would we do without you? Stumble around in life without ever tasting something so delicious for a start. Let’s be… Read More +

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