This Devoted Fan Recreated The Costumes From Taylor Swift’s Tours

By Yvonne Lam
11th Jun 2018

Some absolute legend of a Taylor Swift fan has recreated two costumes from Tay Tay’s touring shows, and it puts our Year 12 textiles major work to shame. 

Lotte Lutjes aka @teatimetay13, a 20-year-old student from the Netherlands, has unveiled her impressive home-made recreations: a yellow marching band outfit from the Fearless tour, and the spangly black leotard from the current Reputation tour.

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But that’s not all. Over the months, she’s made the blue fringed number from the Delicate music video, several outfits from the Red and 1989 tours, the pink bodice two-piece from the Bad Blood vid, and that black feathered jumper thing from Look What You Made Me Do. She is one productive gal. 

Just in case you were questioning her fan credentials, the bio on her Tumblr blog Taylor Treasures reads, “I like rolling around in glitter and I’m obsessed with cats. I love pretty much anything cute and creative and well, I JUST REALLY LOVE TAYLOR SWIFT.” 

Lutjes even looks like Taylor Swift, with her blonde locks, fringe, red lippy and all. Tay Tay herself has remarked on the striking resemblance, back in 2016. 


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She’s booked tickets to not one, but two Fearless shows in Dublin and Manchester, i.e. not the Netherlands, and we’re mighty impressed at her ability to coordinate such a logistics-heavy schedule. Twenty years old and already #adulting, while I’m here sweating that tax time is coming up. All we can say is, she wins the award for most dedicated (and talented) Tay Tay fan of the year.

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Image credit: teatimetay13

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