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5 Audiobooks On Spotify You Need To Listen To Right Now

By Jessica Best
3rd Feb 2021

Simply put, audiobooks are a way to cheat your way into being a literary legend. So you might have hit up good old Sparknotes in your senior years of high school or you actually watched the movie adaptation of a certified classic, we hear you. No one’s perfect.

Audiobooks are here to save the day so you can still get the most of books in the easiest way possible. The good news is that Spotify is trialling a number of audiobooks on its platform and that only means one thing—you’ll need to tap into your best Hermione Granger and finish them all (no skipping).

Check out the best audiobooks to listen to on Spotify right now.

The Awakening

By Kate Chopin

Narrated by Hilary Swank, The Awakening is often dubbed as Kate Chopin’s best piece of work. When The Awakening was first published in 1899 though, it was said to be “immoral” and effectively ended Kate Chopin’s career as an author. The book itself was kind of revived in the 70s as an epic feminist classic because it tales a woman who refuses to be caged by marriage and domestic life and seeks a whole new level of moral and erotic freedom. Spoiler alert, things get saucy (and that’s exactly why we love it).

Little Women

By Louisa May Alcott

Read by Connie Booth, Little Women is another classic you’ll be able to dive into on Spotify. The coming-of-age book is one of Louisa May Alcott's most popular reads by far. Following the pretty damn charming story of the four March sisters. While their Dad is out fighting on the war front, the four sisters fight, play and grow up following very different walks of life. Love, health and guilt gets in the way but the wholesome classic throws down an enduring recording which rivals the book in a big way.

Jane Eyre

By Charlotte Brontë 

If you’re the type of person who hasn’t actually read Jane Eyre yet, cheat your way as a literary god and plug into the epic Spotify audiobook narrated by Sarah Coombs. It’s basically the story of a young, orphaned girl in which life plays a pretty cruel hand of cards to. While she does get to live with her relatives, The Reeds at Gateshead Hall, they don’t particularly make life easy for Jane and her day-to-day is a grim situation. However, as she gets older, she becomes a governess at Thornfield Hall and she falls in love with her employer, Mr Rochester (which is obviously a big no-no), who just so happens to be keeping one hell of a juicy secret.


By Jane Austen

Another goodie you most definitely should have committed to by now is Jane Austen’s fiery Persuasion (but we won’t judge you if you haven’t, after all, what are audiobooks really for?). In true Jane Austen form this story is a scandalous one and follows the life of Anne Elliot. The poor thing basically crumbled under loads of pressure from her family and missed her chance to marry the absolute love of her life (think Gossip Girl style with Lily and Rufus—tear), Captain Wentworth. Eight years later, her life crush somehow falls back into her life and Anne, unsurprisingly, catches old feelings for him which, also unsurprisingly, stirs up some big ol’ fashioned period drama.


By Mary Shelley

Oh yes, if you bypassed your high school reading of the seriously twisted story of Frankenstein, Spotify has got your back. Mad scientist Victor Frankenstein is uber obsessed with the secret of resurrecting the dead (weird flex, we know) but when he makes a new type of “man” out of random corpses, his new creation becomes a bit of a disappointment. When the creature eventually gets rejected by most of humanity, he sets out to destroy Frankenstein and everyone he loves.

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Image credit: Blaz Erzetic

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