21 Of The Best Things To Do In Paris

Ah, France, the nation of l’amour, exceptional fromage and striped bretons; it’s the world’s most travelled to destination…

TV & Movies

20 Crime Shows On Netflix You Should Have Watched By Now

If there’s one genre we simply can’t get enough of when it comes to a solid binge-sesh, it’s crime. There’s just…


22 Of The Best Books To Read In 2024

Whether you’re a life-long bookworm or you’ve never quite gotten into reading, now is the perfect time to fall in love with…

TV & Movies

12 First Nations Movies And Shows You Need To Stream On Netflix

As well as donating to grassroots projects and buying products from First Nation’s owned businesses, another great way to educate…


From Firefighting AR Glasses To An AI Buddy For Seniors, This Design Award Is Changing The World

VR tech to restore the feeling of lost limbs and exercise therapy that employs AI—we’re living in the future, baby—and…


19 Of The Best Prime Video Australia Shows To Watch Right Now 2024

Because you can never binge your way through too many shows, right?

TV & Movies

20 Of The Best Shows On Stan To Stream In 2024

The hunt for the next Stan binge never ends so with that in mind, here’s a sling of the best shows to watch on Stan right now.

Things To Do

Serving Up Summer | Everywhere To Eat, Stay and Play on Your Australian Open Adventure

We'll show you how to ace the off-court scene by serving up Melbourne's best during the Australian Open

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10 Of The Best Christmas Movies For Kids

It's the most fab-yule-ous time of the year.


10 Christmas Playlists Worth Rocking Out To This Year

 Deck the halls with sounds of Michael Bublé and the Queen of Christmas—Mariah Carey.

TV & Movies

24 Of The Best Christmas Movies On Netflix 2023

We don’t care what anyone says, it’s never too early to start celebrating all things Christmas—especially when it comes to…


13 Of The Best Travel Movies To Inspire Your Next Trip

Nothing makes you want to hop on a plane more than watching beautiful famous people in beautiful exotic locations. 

TV & Movies

18 Of The Best Shows To Stream On Binge In 2024

Brought to you by the team at Foxtel so we can now all stream a heap of HBO Max, Warner Bros, Sony, NBCU, FX and BBC content.

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17 Of The Best Netflix Documentaries To Watch Right Now

We've rounded up the best Netflix documentaries you need to watch right now. From the intriguing to the shocking, it’s all here.


How To Buy Taylor Swift Resale Tickets Without Getting Scammed

The hustle for tickets has been every bit chaotic while some economists have predicted a “TSwift Lift” to inflation as Swifties…


12 Of The Best Workout Playlists On Spotify

If you're in the market for endurance EDM, upbeat pop bangers or heavy-based rap when you need to dig deep on your next run or gym…

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12 Of The Best Australian Podcasts Worth Listening To In 2024

Save yourself the trouble of scouring your streaming services and give eight of the best local podcasts a run—there’s…

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The Best True Crime On Netflix To Watch In 2023

We’re not going to lie, Netflix is taking no rest days this year when it comes to bringing you fresh true crime content. 

Podcasts & Books

10 Of The Best Books Written By First Nations Authors

The truth is, you’d be doing yourself a complete disservice if you didn’t work your way through this essential reading list,…

Podcasts & Books

Tune In To These 13 Epic Indigenous Podcasts

When looking for a new podcast series to binge, we suggest turning to our country’s best storytellers—Aboriginal and Torres…

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The Best TV Shows And Movies To Stream On Paramount+ Australia This October 2023

To help get your viewing session started, we’ve picked out the best shows and movies on Paramount+.

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Every Major Live Site Around Australia Streaming The Matildas v England World Cup 2023 Semi Final

It's time to don your green and gold for one of the biggest games in Australia’s sporting history.


11 Of The Best TV Shows On SBS On Demand

To help you uncover some new options, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite shows currently available on SBS On Demand,…

TV & Movies

Why Greta Gerwig’s Barbie Film Will Be One Of The Best Of 2023

If there is one movie the world is collectively keen to see in 2023, it’s absolutely Greta Gerwig’s Barbie film.

TV & Movies

Dive Back Into The 90s With 5 Nostalgia-Drenched Trends For 2023

Dipping into the decade of nostalgia, Yellowjackets on Paramount+ is back for another nail-biting season.

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13 Sustainability Books That Will Inspire You To Make Change This Earth Month

Chances are you’re already dabbling in sustainability by using reusable products and making thoughtful swaps to better our planet. Now…

TV & Movies

A Harry Potter TV Show Could Be In The Works, Here’s Everything To Know

The mega franchise could see an actual television series coming to light with HBO Max.

Podcasts & Books

18 Feminist Books You Need To Read This Year

Whether you’re a baby feminist or a seasoned equality fighter, this list covers the freshest feminist reads from Australian and…

TV & Movies

7 Powerful Documentaries About Women’s Rights And Empowerment

We’re not ovary-acting, these are the absolute best.

TV & Movies

23 Feminist TV Series Everyone Needs To Watch In 2023

We’re all about celebrating and amplifying women’s voices here at Urban List—and that’s certainly the case when it…

North America

Channel Your Inner Child And Celebrate Disney’s 100th Birthday This Year

There's never been a better time to be (or indulge) a Disney fan with the Disney100 Celebration taking over the 'Happiest Place On…

Podcasts & Books

12 Of The Best Fantasy Books For Adults To Transport You To Distant Lands

There’s nothing more glorious than curling up with a good book.


The Best Shows, Movies, Books And Podcasts Championing LGBTQIA+ Stories

While the rainbow celebrations, glitter-fuelled performances and drag icons and legends that are set to fill your world are no doubt the…


Solid Rock: The Iconic Rock Song Reimagined By First Nations Artists

“Australian First Nations music is a powerful force that has existed for tens of thousands of years."


The Joy Of Performing And Embracing Spontaneity With Producer, Kid Fiction

For artists like Isaac who are drawn to creating, music is undeniably in their blood, so we've teamed up with Australian Red Cross…


Finding Creativity Through Routine And The Importance Of Giving Back With Memphis LK

We’ve linked up with Australian Red Cross Lifeblood to take you on a deep dive into Australian artists with music in their…


The Best Headphones To Buy In 2024

Your go-to guide on the best headphones and earphones to buy in 2024—from the best headphones for running to the top noise-cancelling…

Things To Do With Kids

10 Books Every Kid Needs On Their Bookshelf

The next generation of children’s books guaranteed to keep even the busiest tiny tot occupied.

TV & Movies

The Most Terrifying True Crime Docos On Hayu

From serial killers to unsolved mysteries that will have you pulling on your detective hat (and leaving the lights on at night), we’ve…

TV & Movies

28 Of The Best Hayu Shows Destined To Become Your New Guilty Pleasure

Whether you want to admit it or not, we’re all a little bit obsessed with reality TV. Whether it’s a goosebump-inducing true…

TV & Movies

21 Feel-Good Movies To Watch On Netflix

When your faith in humanity is yet to be restored, it means it’s time to throw your feet up and hit the best feel-good movies on…

Things To Do

Make The Most Of The New Year At This Free Street Party Taking Over Sydney

Summer in Sydney is looking the goods. After a successful traffic-stopping inaugural festival in January of this year, it's just…

Activities & Itineraries

Here Are 6 Ways To Reconnect With Your Housemates When Life Gets Busy

Taking inspo from Paramount+’s new rom-com series, The Flatshare, we’ve pulled together six ways you can slowdown and…

TV & Movies

Grab The Popcorn, The Flatshare Is The Must-Watch Rom-com Series Of Summer

Based on the best-selling book by Beth O’Leary (that we may or may not have devoured in a single sitting), The Flatshare will be…


Fire Up Your New Year’s Eve Party With These Vibing Spotify Playlists

A successful New Year’s Eve party—the kind people talk about for years to come—always has a few key ingredients; a rad…


The Best Digital Cameras To Buy For All Your 2023 Memories

If you’ve been on TikTok of late, the revival of the ol’ trusty compact digital camera should come as no surprise.

TV & Movies

The Best Free-To-Air Shows You Need To Stream

Sure, the likes of the big name streaming services are good and all, but there’s nothing quite like finding an epic new show to binge…

TV & Movies

15 Of The Best Anime Movies And TV Shows On Netflix

Whether you love the classics or a modernised take on the anime genre, there’s something for everyone so we’ve put together a…


Head West For This Massive Music And Arts Festival

Perth Festival 2023 kicks off in January and promises to be more show-stopping than ever with an unbelievable lineup of music, art,…

Podcasts & Books

20 Classics You Should Read At Least Once In Your Life

In a world where there are movie adaptations of just about every book ever written, we’re at risk of forgetting the joy actually…

TV & Movies

22 Of The Best Action Movies On Netflix To Stream Right Now

Sure, streaming that remastered 1958 Russian drama will give you some clout when chatting film, but we’re here to tell you that…


The Best Christmas Music On Spotify To Get You In The Festive Spirit

Surprise, Christmas is not limited to just Mariah Carey.


The Best Spotify Playlists For Every Occasion

From dinner parties to road trips, go ahead and bless your ears with the best Spotify playlists. 

Podcasts & Books

The Best Sex Podcasts Of 2022

Let’s cut to the chase. There’s a big pool of sex podcasts sitting out there (most likely full of lots of banana inflatables) in…


23 Of The Best Playstation 4 Games Of 2022

There’s no better time than now to slip down the glorious wormhole of Playstation 4 games.


20 Of The Best Nintendo Switch Games Of 2022

Get ready to hit cruise control on your brain.

TV & Movies

13 Of The Best Romance Movies On Netflix

If you’re after all the warm and fuzzies that you get from a good romance flick, then we’ve got you covered and then some. From…

Podcasts & Books

14 Of The Best Thriller Books Of 2022

Serious page-turners you won’t be able to steer away from.


12 Of The Best Spotify Playlists To Listen To At Your Next Dinner Party

From curated lists of the very best cinematic music moments to coveted playlists emulating every major hip artist you need to know about…

TV & Movies

12 Of The Best Cinematography Movies Ever Made

Beauty is in the eye of the moviegoer, but these stunning films have to be on your must-watch list.

TV & Movies

Every Reason Why Amsterdam Is The New Movie You Need To Watch

Film lovers rejoice! 20th Century Studio's hottest new release, Amsterdam, is hitting cinemas next month and we're on…

The Power Of Technology In Dance, According To Sydney Dance Company’s Mia Thompson

Mia Thomspon shares her thoughts on the harmony between technology and dance. 


10 Astrology Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow In 2022

From weekly readings to surprise tarot card pulls and all the inside knowledge on what the new moon means for your star sign, these are the…

Health + Wellness

We Tried 7 Mindfulness Apps And Here’s What We Found

We delved into the world of mindfulness and meditation apps and here's what we found. 


10 Books To Help You Stress Less

Reading is a bullet-proof method for accepting stress, learning how to cope with it, and living happily ever after. 

Our Top Tips On Managing Burnout At Work If The Flames Are Tickling Your Toes

Cashing in your AL and going on vacay might seem tempting, but these tips will help your craft a healthy foundation for dealing with burnout…

Things To Do

Here Are 5 Top Tips To Become A Goal-Setting Pro

We share tips on how to implement achievable goals, ahead of Reason Season with Rob and Lachlan from Funny Business. 

Podcasts & Books

Our 6 Fave Reads To Help You Disconnect And Wind Down

As part of the Evenings module for Reason Season, these our fave reads to unwind before bed to reap all of those relaxing rewards.


Here’s How To Create A Morning Routine You Can Actually Stick To

Join us for Reason Season to craft healthy daily habits and routines.

Podcasts & Books

8 Of The Best Health And Wellness Podcasts To Plug In To In 2022

 In case you’ve been out of the podcast loop, wellness is the new true crime.

TV & Movies

Put Your Fandom IQ To The Test, Netflix Just Dropped Its Own Version Of Heads Up!

How would you act out the concept behind Squid Game in under five seconds?


The SBS Emerging Writers’ Competition Is Back, Here’s Why You Should Enter

Enter the SBS Emerging Writers' Competition and you could win $5,000.


Lose Yourself At Illuminate, Adelaide’s Electric Winter Festival

With a program loaded with free and ticketed events to appeal to folks young and old, art-savvy culture vultures and first-timers alike will…

Things To Do

6 Reasons You Need To Visit This Food & Entertainment Mecca On The GC

Nestled in the beating heart of Surfers Paradise, we’ve found the perfect place for the ultimate fun day out. Think: epic games, live…

Why Diversity Is More Than Size Fluidity, According To Modelling Agent Nikki Mann

When we think of a model, we conjure a standard vision in our minds. You know the one. For decades, model status has remained tall, thin,…

Podcasts & Books

25 Of The Best Audiobooks To Listen To Right Now

We've tried to hit a range of genres to please every ear and offer a listen for every mood. 

TV & Movies

15 Of The Best Comedies On Netflix Australia

Sometimes you just need to switch off from the outside world and have a good laugh—the kind that makes your stomach feel like…

15 Career Books That Will Change Your Life

Barefoot Investor is great and all but have you read these?


Learn How To Go Plastic-Free With This Practical Go-To Guide

If you’re keen to step up your sustainability game and keep the momentum going you've already achieved through this crisis, then…

Podcasts & Books

10 Autobiographies You Should Read At Least Once In Your Life

Autobiographies are a window into the soul and sometimes they are so powerful they can change the reader, so and here are our top picks of…

TV & Movies

11 New Movies You Need To Watch In 2022

Grab your large popcorn and drink combo.


Harry Styles Is Touring Australia And New Zealand In 2023

While we don’t like to play favourites here at Urban List, we can’t deny that when it ones to One Direction, Harry Styles has…

Podcasts & Books

Chill Out With 9 Of The Best Podcasts For Mindfulness And Meditation

There’s no denying it, times are tough and confusing as hell right now. Physical distancing and the general daily news headlines can…

Podcasts & Books

Feel Inspired With 8 Of The Very Best Podcasts For Women, By Women

With International Women’s Day before us, what better way to get yourself prepared than listening to some podcasts that are hosted by…

TV & Movies

13 Of The Best Female-Directed Films On Netflix

From horror and docos to action and comedy, every day of the year—including IWD—is a good day to check out the brilliant work of…

Podcasts & Books

16 Female-Written Books To Read In 2022

 Think new talent, new reads and new voices that are well worth your time.

Podcasts & Books

14 Of The Best LGBTQI+ Podcasts To Listen To Right Now

Bless your ears with these incredible LGBTQI+ podcasts that will make you laugh and cry with their raw, honest and hilarious storytelling.…

Things To Do

Don’t Miss Your Last Chance To See Hamilton The Musical Before It Leaves Sydney

The award-winning musical has captivated Australian audiences but now the production will be drawing the curtains closed on Sunday, 27…

TV & Movies

12 Epic LGBTQI+ Movies And Shows On Netflix You Need To Watch This Year

LGBTQI+ stories on screen have become more prevalent in recent years (and rightly so), giving a historically silenced community a proud…


Why The King’s Man Is The Spy Action Blockbuster You Need To See In Cinema

Following The Kingsman: The Secret Service (2014) and The Kingsman: The Golden Circle (2017), The King’s…

Podcasts & Books

The Best Horror Books Of 2022

Full-blown heart-palpitating terror from start to finish.


Bliss Out To A Bunch Of Aussie Artists With ‘Supported’, A Summer Music Series By Jimmy Brings

​ These rough past couple of years have taught us to appreciate two things: having stuff delivered and the support of good mates. As…

Podcasts & Books

10 Of The Best Podcasts You Should Have Plugged Into This Year

If you’re in need of some solid recommendations for summer, you’re in luck because we’re here to tell you what to plug…

TV & Movies

10 Of The Best Old School 90s And Noughties TV Shows To Stream Right Now, As Chosen By You

Fortunately you can still feel the warm embrace of shows from the 90s and noughties thanks to Netflix’s epic old school…


Dig Into Kitchen Party, The Messy Cooking Series That’ll Set You Up For The Silly Season

if your Netflix cooking category is exhausted and you simply can’t scroll through one more random food blog then do we have the series…


How To Create The Ultimate At-Home Cinema

While it’s true we miss hitting up the latest restaurants and spending the weekends at the beach, one of the silver linings of…

Food & Drink

Aussie Band Pacific Avenue On First Date Heartbreaks, Tattoos And New Music

In 2017, Kiama four-piece indie rock band Pacific Avenue was born, but their history goes way back. The stars aligned when Ben…