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Settle In, Brave New World Is Your Savage New Binge Set In A Dystopian Society

Big news people, your binge of the year is here and it will replace every void for you cult Hunger Games and Handmaid’s Tale stans out… Read More +

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Pass The Popcorn And Binge 15 Of The Most Epic New Shows On Stan This Month

The hunt for the next Stan binge never ends so with that in mind, here’s a sling of the best shows to watch on Stan right now. In the… Read More +

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Treat Your Soul To 13 Of The Best Feel-Good Movies On Netflix

When your faith in humanity is yet to be restored, it means it’s time to throw your feet up and hit the best feel-good movies on… Read More +

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Cover Your Eyes, The Director Of The Sinner Just Dropped An Intense Crime-Thriller On Netflix

You may have seen the buzz about town for Netflix’s book-to-film adaptation of The Devil All The Time, a grim small-town thriller… Read More +

Dive Into Your Sweet Destiny With 6 Of The Best Tarot Cards

It’s always a good time when somebody whips out a tarot card deck at a party. Truth be told, tarot card reading is the adult version… Read More +

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Fill That Parasite Void, Netflix Just Dropped A Hectic New Korean Horror Movie

Every time we think the crowded zombie genre has been done to death (pardon the pun), we're surprised by new and intriguing ways… Read More +

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