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39 Of The Best Shows On Binge

By Jessica Best
5th Dec 2022

The cast of Gossip Girl reboot sits on the steps of the MET.

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We guarantee you’ve seamlessly worked your way through nearly every Netflix, Stan, Amazon Prime Video and Disney+ show by now, but fear not, Foxtel's streaming service BINGE is here to save the day.

Home to some of the best series from HBO Max, Warner Bros, Sony, NBCU, FX and BBC content you can now work your way through the likes of The Office, Seinfeld, The Wire, The Walking Dead and True Detective. On top of that, it’ll only cost you $10 per month.

With over10,000 glorious hours of content we've hand-picked the best new TV shows to watch on BINGE.

Gossip Girl

Eight years after the original blog went dark, a new generation of private school teens are introduced to Gossip Girl. Season two of this famed reboot is here and Gossip Girl is leaving no stone unturned in her effort to control the scandalous lives/spin the scandalous lies of Manhattan's elite. Watch it here.

Lovecraft Country

Based on Matt Ruff's novel of the same name, Lovecraft Country follows Atticus Freeman as he meets up with his friend Letitia (Jurnee Smollett) and his uncle George (Courtney B. Vance) to embark on a road trip across 1950s Jim Crow America in search of his missing father. This begins a struggle to survive and overcome the racist terrors of white America and the terrifying monsters that could be ripped from a Lovecraft paperback. This series get’s our pick as one of the best shows on Binge right now. 

White Lotus

The Emmy® winning series The White Lotus, from Mike White, returns for a second seven-episode season and we are thrilled, to say the least. The next chapter of the social satire is set at an exclusive Sicilian resort, in Italy, and follows the exploits of various guests and employees over the span of a week. In addition to Jennifer Coolidge and Jon Gries, the new season’s star-studded ensemble cast includes F. Murray Abraham, Adam DiMarco, Beatrice Grannò, Tom Hollander, Sabrina Impacciatore, Michael Imperioli, Aubrey Plaza, Haley Lu Richardson, Theo James, Meghann Fahy, Will Sharpe, Simona Tabasco, and Leo Woodall. Watch it from October 31.

Below Deck

With a whole new location, new boat, steamy romances and all the drama onboard, you can expect season 10 of Below Deck to really push Captain Lee and his crew over the edge. Watch it from November 22. There's no trailer out yet so keep your eyes peeled.

Alone: Frozen

Okay, if you've never watched Alone, you are about to be privvy to one of the best guilty pleasure shows out there. This adventure reality TV series follows a bunch of contestants as they try and survive alone in the wilderness. In the show's next iteration, six participants from past seasons return to put their survival skills to the test for a second time. Dropped off on the frigid North Atlantic Coast of Labrador, Canada survivalists will set out to last fifty days in a location with extreme conditions worse than any previous season of Alone. We love it. Watch it here.

House Of The Dragon

The countdown is officially on for House of the Dragon, the Game of Thrones prequel and easily the most anticipated series of the year. The show, based on George R.R. Martin’s fantasy novel, Fire & Blood, which is set 200 years before the events of Game of Thrones, tells the story of House Targaryen. If you're not all caught up with GoT just yet, fear not, you have time. It takes just over 70 hours to complete every Game of Thrones episode from start to finish. You can watch it here. 

Below Deck Mediterranean

Season seven of Below Deck Mediterranean is finally here and we know we don't need to tell you how big this is. If you don't know, in this reality TV series you'll follow the lives of the crew and guests on a 150-foot yacht as it journeys through the Mediterranean with all the drama a boat can handle. Watch it here. 

Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin

This new coming-of-age, horror-tinged drama series introduces a new generation of Liars who are tormented by A—a masked killer hellbent on punishing them for the sins of their mothers, as well as their own.  Watch it here.


Back for season four, Westworld is on a hard return—nearly two years after its third season first premiered. Like all previous seasons, you can expect this next iteration to be absolute chaos with all the twists and turns. Dolores Abernathy is obviously no more (RIP), someone has taken a trip to the Sublime (we’re looking at you Bernard) and obviously, The Man In Black is a robot. Watch it here. 

Irma Vep

Starring Academy Award winner Alicia Vikander and created, written and directed by Emmy nominee Olivier Assayas, this new drama series revolves around Mira, an American movie star disillusioned by her career and a recent breakup, who comes to France to star as “Irma Vep”. Sound familiar? You’re on the money there as it’s a remake of the French silent film classic Les Vampires. Watch it here. 


The Time Traveller's Wife

You've seen the movie, now watch the show. The Time Traveller's Wife is a magical love story, adapted by Steven Moffat from the much loved novel by Audrey Niffenegger. Unsurprisingly (because even if you've never heard of this one, the title tells all), this show delves into the lives of Clare and Henry, and a marriage with a problem... time travel.  Watch it here.

The Staircase

The Staircase is a highly-anticipated limited-drama series starring Colin Firth and Toni Colette. Based on a very true story, the show looks at the life of Michael Peterson, an American Novelist who was convicted of murdering his second wife, Kathleen Peterson back in 2003. Watch it here.


We Own This City

From the Executive Producers of The Wire, this six episode limited drama series is based on the book by Baltimore Sun reporter Justin Fenton, which chronicles the rise and fall of the Baltimore Police Department’s Gun Trace Task Force. Watch it here.


Get ready to bon appetite on the new comfort series worthy of your sweet time. Julia is inspired by Julia Child’s extraordinary life and her long-running television series, The French Chef, which basically pioneered the modern cooking show. This series explores a pivotal time in American history with the emergence of public television as a new social institution, feminism and the women’s movement, the nature of celebrity and America’s cultural evolution. It ticks all the boxes. Watch it here.

Winning Time: The Rise Of The Lakers Dynasty

The story of how mixing the high life and celebrity of Hollywood helped the Los Angeles Lakers become the most successful professional basketball team of the 1980s—defining  an era both on and off the court. Dare we mention this one is also directed by the same legend that brought you The Big Short and Vice—Adam McKay. The entire show is an ode to peak 80s sport and celebrity culture and you need it in your life. Watch it here.

Our Flag Means Death

This hilarious new comedy is very loosely based on the true adventures of Stede Bonnet, a pampered aristocrat who abandons his life of privilege to become a pirate. After trading in his comfortable life for one of a buccaneer, Stede becomes captain of a pirate ship but struggles to earn the respect of his potentially mutinous crew. Stede’s fortunes change after a fateful run-in with the infamous Captain Blackbeard, played by Taika Waititi. Go in with no inhibitions, come out the other side with your new favourite TV show. Watch Our Flag Means Death here.

This Is Going To Hurt

Based on the best-selling book of the same name, by Adam Kay, comes a new comedy drama that features the life and times of Adam (Ben Whishaw), an overworked junior nurse set in a hospital labour ward. Watch This Is Going To Hurt here.

The Girl Before

Kick up your heels and grab a bowl of popcorn because The Girl Before is the latest show set to grip your attention this month. Based on the international bestselling book by JP Delaney, this four-part BBC series is a psychological thriller and follows a super strange sequence of events. Jane gets the chance to move into an absolutely stunning house, designed by an enigmatic architect. The catch? All occupants have to abide by his list of exacting rules. Already squirmish? You should be.

The Sex Lives Of College Girls 

Created by Mindy Kaling (so you know it's going to be hiliarious), this new comedy follows four roommates navigating some pretty hectic terrain. There's Kimberly (Pauline Chalamet), a new work-study student who comes from a small town ; Bela,  an Indian-American student who wants to become a comedy writer but her parents think she's studying science; Whitney, a rising star soccer star who is also the daughter of a U.S. senator. And rounding out the crew is Leighton, an affluent legacy student from New York City who is also a closeted lesbian.  Together, they'll nagivate the ups and downs of life and romance in a prestigious college.

And Just Like That

Yes! The highly anticipated Sex and the City reboot is finally here. The new chapter of the ground-breaking series follows Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker), Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) and Charlotte (Kristin Davis) as they navigate the journey from the complicated reality of life and friendship in their 30s to the even more complicated reality of life and friendship in their 50s. The series also includes old faves like Chris Noth, Mario Cantone, David Eigenberg, Willie Garson, and Evan Handler. 


Season three of this award-winning series has just dropped to bring on the binge. Succession follows the uber-wealthy Roy family, known for controlling the biggest media and entertainment company in the world. However, their world changes when their father looks to step down from the company and the fight for power begins. With characters so well drawn, you'll be utterly and immediately entranced by their Machiavellian schemes and often hilarious family dynamics. There's a good reason this is one of the best shows to watch on BINGE right now. Watch it here.


Recently dropping the ninth and final season, the entire suite of Wentworth eps is just waiting for you to devour. If you’ve haven’t dived in yet, the Aussie drama follows Bea Smith and the women at Wentworth–a women’s prison—where they soon discover that life behind bars never means the troubles are behind them. The star-studded ensemble of Australian and New Zealand actors includes Danielle Cormack (Bea Smith), Nicole da Silva, Kate Atkinson, Pamela Rabe and Robbie Magasiva. Binge every episode ever right here


From the makers of Line of Duty and BodyguardVigil follows DCI Amy Silva who is tasked with investigating the death of a crew member on board the Trident nuclear submarine HMS Vigil. The catch? The UK’s nuclear deterrent must remain unbroken, so the submarine stays on patrol and Amy must go aboard to begin an investigation. Although the death was written off as an accidental overdose, Amy suspects foul play. But when the crew close ranks in the face of Amy’s questioning, a new threat overshadows her inquiry. Watch it here

A Discovery of Witches

A Discovery of Witches is a modern-day love story, set in a world where witches, vampires and daemons secretly live and work alongside humans, hidden in plain sight. The series follows Diana Bishop (Teresa Palmer) who after discovering a mystical manuscript in Oxford’s Bodleian Library, jumpstarts her latent powers, forcing her to go into hiding and travel through time to escape from evil forces. The third and final season just dropped and trust us when we say this magical series is the ultimate binge-fest. Watch it here


Creator Issa Rae stars as Issa Dee, a young woman struggling to navigate the tricky professional and personal terrain of Los Angeles in the final year of her 20s. Stuck in a job where she feels like everyone is progressing but her and questioning whether her relationship is at a dead end, she joins forces with her best friend Molly (Yvonne Orji), to finally take control of her life. BINGE just dropped the fifth and final season of this hilarious show, so pop Insecure on your must watch list. Check it out here


This amazing series follows the underground ball culture in New York. While witnessing the evolution of dance and the rise of the Trump-era, an LGBTQ ball fixture, Blanca, starts her own house and turns mother to a gifted dancer and a sex worker. Celebrating the gay and trans community, the cast of Pose is seriously stacked featuring Mj Rodriguez, Indya Moore, Billy Porter. 

The Nevers

Historical drama fans, The Nevers is for you. Set in 1896, Victorian London is rocked to its core when a supernatural event gives certain people—mostly women—abnormal abilities. But no matter their particular “turns,” all who belong to this new underclass are in grave danger. It falls to mysterious, quick-fisted widow Amalia True (Laura Donnelly) and brilliant young inventor Penance Adair (Ann Skelly) to protect and shelter these gifted "orphans".

American Horror Stories 

Warning: watching this show may cause you to keep the lights on at night. The oh so talented Ryan Murphy returns with a terrifying spin-off from his award-winning show American Horror Story. This anthology series will feature a different horror story each episode, delving into myths, legends and lore. This is absolutely one of the best shows on Binge right now.

Kung Fu

When Nicky Shen drops out of college to go on a life-changing journey to an isolated monastery in China, her family are shocked. But when she returns to find her hometown overrun with crime and corruption she has no choice but to draw on her martial arts skills and Shaolin values to deliver justice. This is the modern day superhero series you need in your life. 



This series is a spin-off of Crystal Moselle’s amazing 2018 film Skate Kitchen. It features much of the original cast, including Dede Lovelace, Moonbear, Nina Moran, Ajani Russell, and Rachelle Vinberg, and follows a diverse group of Gen Z women as they navigate their lives through the male-dominated world of skateboarding in New York City. Witty, smart and serving up a serious dose of feminist power—you’ll love Betty. 

Mare Of Eastown

If you only watch one show from this list, make it Mare Of Eastown. It stars the incredible Kate Winslet as detective Mare Sheehan, whose life crumbles around her when investigating a shocking murder in small-town Pennsylvania. When the dark side of the close community is exposed through the course of the investigation, long held secrets will be revealed, changing the course of people’s lives—and Mare's—forever. 

The Flight Attendant

Set in the world of travel and highend airlines, this dark comedic thriller series follows Cassie Bowden (The Big Bang Theory's Kaley Cuoco), a flight attendant whose life takes a terrifying turn when a one night stand turns deadly. Waking up in the wrong bed, with a dead man—and no idea what happened, Cassie flees back to the US but it’s not long before the police come knocking and Cassie needs to figure out fast, who she can really trust. 

The Undoing

From writer David E. Kelley (Big Little Lies), this limited series is the binge-worthy show you’ve been looking for. It centres around Grace Fraser (Nicole Kidman), a successful therapist, her devoted husband, Jonathan (Hugh Grant), and their young son who attends an elite private school in New York City. But the plot twist occurs when a cheating scandal, a violent death and a missing spouse comes to life. 

I May Destroy You 

This drama series has gained worldwide praise, and for good reason—it’s incredible. Set in London, the series centers on Arabella (played by Michaela Coel, who also penned the script), a carefree, self-assured Londoner who is working on her second, highly anticipated book. But when her drink is spiked and she is subjected to a harrowing sexual assault she must question and rebuild every element of her life.

Mrs. America

Mrs. America tells the story of the movement to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment and the unexpected backlash led by a conservative woman named Phyllis Schlafly. Through the perspective of Schlafly (played by Cate Blanchett) and second-wave feminists, this series explores how one of the toughest battlegrounds in the culture wars of the 70s forever shifted the political landscape.


Written and produced by Vicky Jones, half-hour dark comedy series Run follows a woman whose humdrum life is thrown upside down when she receives a text from her college sweetheart inviting her to drop everything and meet him in New York to fulfill the pact they made 17 years previously.

The Plot Against America

A working-class Jewish family in New Jersey watches the political rise of aviator-hero and xenophobic populist Charles Lindbergh, as he becomes president and turns the nation toward fascism. This six-part re-imagining of history is based on the Philip Roth novel of the same name. This one also has a stellar cast too with Zoe Kazan, Morgan Spector and Winona Ryder.



This series is all about a young software engineer named Lily Chan who works for Amaya, a cutting-edge tech company based in Silicon Valley. After her boyfriend’s apparent suicide, Lily suspects foul play and begins to investigate. She quickly realizes that all signs lead to Forest, Amaya's bigshot CEO, and “Devs”, the company's secret development division. 


Euphoria follows the troubled life of 17-year-old Rue, a drug addict fresh from rehab with no plans to stay clean. Circling in Rue's orbit is Jules, a transgender girl searching for where she belongs; Nate, a jock whose anger issues mask sexual insecurities; Cassie, whose sexual history continues to dog her; and Kat, a body-conscious teen exploring her sexuality. As the classmates struggle to make sense of their futures, the series tackles the teenage landscape of partying and anxiety-ridden day-to-day life.


On April 26, 1986, the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine, Soviet Union suffered a massive explosion that released radioactive material across Belarus, Russia and Ukraine and as far as Scandinavia and western Europe. Chernobyl is a dramatisation of this accident which has gone down as one of the worst man-made catastrophes in history, and the sacrifices made to save Europe from the disaster. 

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