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A Harry Potter TV Show Could Be In The Works, Here’s Everything To Know

By Jessica Best

Auckland Is Getting a Harry Potter Party!

It's been a tumultuous few years for Harry Potter fans, what with a few (very) rogue comments from JK Rowling and now Hogwarts Legacy flying off shelves faster than you can say butterbeer.

Now the mega franchise could see an actual television series coming to light so whether you've absolutely rinsed each book and then some or can't quote a Harry Potter movie to save your life (not even if the Goblet of Fire depended on it)—Hogwarts could very well grace your screens again much sooner, rather than later.

As it turns out, Warner Bros. Discovery (according to Bloomberg) has been hard at work trying to lock in a massive deal that would see the series live under HBO Max. Word on the street is that the show could have multiple seasons, with each taking inspiration from each of the seven books.

Understandably, a number of Potterheads have since packed away their wands after JK Rowling made a number of controversial tweets about the transgender community back in June of 2020 however, Rowling will apparently (supposedly, allegedly—you know the drill) only take on some loose, creative direction with the series rather than showing up as a primary creator or showrunner.

For now, that's all we've got on the potential Harry Potter HBO TV series so stay tuned for more details over the coming months (maybe).

For now, you can binge all the best shows on Netflix Australia and New Zealand.

Image credit: Warner Bros.

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