The Best Spotify Playlists For Every Occasion

By Morgan Reardon

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They say music makes the world go round and we couldn’t agree more. From lifting our spirits, and encouraging us to get moving to setting the mood, there’s isn’t much the perfect playlist can’t do. 

But who has the time to curate a three-hour-long playlist these days? Fortunately, we’ve done the hard yards and found epic musical round ups for every occasion—from dinner parties to road trips, go ahead and bless your ears with the best Spotify playlists. 

Best Spotify Playlists For A Dance Party

Most Necessary

If you want to score cred from your mates for knowing all the killer music cuts before anyone else then you’ll want to download Most Necessary stat. Compiled each week by the gang at Spotify, this playlist has a proven track record for predicting big hits before anyone else. Think slick songs from the likes of The Kid LAROI, Kash Doll and Hot Boii. Listen to it here.

Get Turnt 

Nothing, and we mean nothing, will lift the vibe of your party more than this playlist—it’s got over five million faithful followers so you know it’s the goods. Expect five hours of tight tunes from Travis Scott, Megan Thee Stallion, A$AP Rocky and Migos. Download it here.

Rap Caviar

To put it lightly, Rap Caviar is quite frankly the mecca of epic hip hop times on Spotify. If you have no idea what you’re dealing with right now, it’s basically every big-time rapper’s dream to be featured on this talent-filled playlist and it’s cultivated over 12 million dedicated followers. You’ll find the likes of Lil Tecca, BIA and Offset. Feel the vibes right here.

Best Spotify Playlists For Road Trips

Every Number One

If you like a road trip where you can sing along to all the songs (and actually know the words) then this feel-good playlist will inject a happy pop vibe to your adventure. Every Number One does exactly what it says on the tin—for three hours expect to hear every single number one hit in Australia from 2020 and 2021 so far. Expect bops like Heat Waves by Glass Animals, good 4 u by Olivia Rodrigo and Without You by The Kid LAROI.  Start the singalong here

Cookies & Coke

Enjoy 10 hours of blissed out classics that are guaranteed to suit the musical tastes of everyone on your road trip. Perfect for winding down the windows and taking in the beautiful scenery, you’ll feel like the main character in your own version of Crossroads. There’s amazing beats from the likes of Van Morrison, John Mayer, The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac and more. Bliss out here

Road Trip 2021

Doing exactly what it says on the label, this playlist has been curated by the gang at Spotify with every single road trip tune you need in your life. At five hours long it’s got enough beats to keep you going on a decent roadie without having to repeat any songs—although it’s so good you’ll want to go for round two. There’s an eclectic mix of pop, old school and R&B. Have a listen here

Best Spotify Playlists For Working Out

Gold School

Sometimes, nothing but bulk bangers will do. Need Salt-N-Pepa’sShoopon repeat? Maybe some Ice Cube will keep the endorphins high and the effort at 110%? If you need a confidence boost to get you through, hit shuffle and push it out. Download it here

Run This Town

Specifically designed for a 150-165 BPM workout, elevate your run with a mix of hip hop and R&B beats. Think Beyoncé’s Formation, Cardi B’s Money and SICKO MODE from Travis Scott. Be it on the treadmill or pounding the pavement, you’re in good company with this playlist.

Cool Down

Don’t skip the most important part of your workout; hit the cool down on shuffle and let that heartrate slow. With over four hours of blissed out beats, this dedicated cool down playlist will help you rebalance and recharge after a heavy session. Zen out to silky tunes from Tora, DVNA, and leftprojects. Slow it down, right here

Best Spotify Playlists For A Dinner Party

Kitchen Swagger

Pre dinner party beats are just as essential as what you play when the guests sit down to feast—after all you need to set the mood from the start and this playlist is a beauty. Full of groovy beats from Frank Ocean, Leon Bridges, Jorja Smith and Janet Jackson, you’ll be vibing out in the kitchen in no time. Hit play here. 

Dinner Party Essentials

For the legends out there who can’t cook but like a mean playlist, this collection of modern bangers will provide endless vibes with minimal effort. From Harry Styles and Daft Punk to Aretha Franklin and Amy Winehouse, this dinner party playlist looks after your guests like any serious host should. It’s smooth sailing which means you can concentrate on more important things, like not overcooking your souffles. Listen to it here

Aussie BBQ

“Dinner party” doesn’t have to equal fine dining. If you’re hosting a more chilled out affair then Aussie BBQ (whether you’re providing snags or not) is a must listen. There’s a cool mix from Australia’s biggest hitmakers including The Rubens, Montaigne, Rüfüs Du Sol, Matt Corby and Vera Blue. Play it here

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