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8 Of The Best Aussie Podcasts You Need To Tune Into Now

By Rick Stephens
24th Aug 2021

Save yourself the trouble of scouring your streaming services and give eight of the best local podcasts a run—there’s at least a solid week's straight of listening to be done here.

The Zest Is History

We’re just a little bit obsessed with this newbie from Aussie journos and all-round legends, Josie Rozenberg-Clarke and Melissa Mason. You might remember them from their OG podcast All Aussie Mystery Hour, but now they’re branching out, bringing their same LOL-worthy chat to The Zest Is History. Dropping weekly, the duo will delve into weird, wild, and totally fascinating tales from Australian history—all explained over a bottle of vino obvs. From the rise of surfing legend Mick Fanning and the Lonergans’ mysterious disappearance in the Great Barrier Reef to the Great Emu War (emus literally won a war against humans, can you believe?), they’re be covering it all. Tune in here

Kunst Please

Kunst Please is a celebration the personalities within modern art; some famous, some infamous and others insane. Hosted by creative professional who moonlights as a critic, Jonathan Heath unpacks everything from the essentials to the unknown within the sub-10 minute episodes that are equal parts witty, charming and enthralling.

The Eleventh

Touted as a spy-thriller with undertones of lust and love, you wouldn’t believe this is the story of former Prime Minister Gough Whitlam unless you listened to it. Created by award-winning journo Alex Mann, The Eleventh uncovers the almost-unfathomable truth behind the sacking of Whitlam back in 1975. Press play on the ABC Listen app or find it on your favourite podcast provider.

Generation Betoota

A collaboration between parody news site Betoota Advocate and @struthless69, Generation Betoota is best described as a fictional rural radio station, set in a fictional rural town, hosted by several fictional presenters that sound all too familiar. The concept is as hilariously absurd as the content itself, but there’s also an abundance of social commentary that hits home for anyone willing to unpack this gem of a podcast.

Who The Hell Is Hamish

Who The Hell Is Hamish is essentially Australia’s answer to Dirty John. It includes a con-man, large sums of money, international evasion and jail; the story of Hamish Watson has got everything you need in a binge-worthy true-crime podcast. And the best part? It all begins on Sydney’s beaches.

Unravel: Snowball

Another from camp Triple J, Unravel: Snowball chronicles the life of con-woman Lezlie Manukian who duped her partner of millions. It’s a familiar-sounding story in the true-crime podcast space, though you’ll find a stark honesty to this series as host Ollie Ward recounts the events through his brother’s first-hand experience with Manukian. 

Get it via the ABC Listen app or on your preferred podcast provider.

The Aunty Donna Podcast

Hosted by comedy troupe Aunty Donna, listening to their podcast feels closest to being barraged by inside jokes; sometimes you’re in on it and other times you’ll be scrambling to keep up. Highlights include recent episode titled Opposite Day, which draws the parallels between Radiohead's Thom Yorke and videogame character Sub Zero from Mortal Combat. 

Hilariously exhausting and a welcome distraction from the current state of affairs.

Let’s Talk About Sects

A deep dive into cults. Say no more. The award-winning Let’s Talk About Sects hits you with the ins-and-outs of a new cult every month. Your favourites like Australia’s very own The Family are of course squared off, but you’re free to get as weird as you like with lesser-known sects like the Koreshanity, who believe the earth is in fact hollow.


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Image credit: Unsplash | Reynier Carl

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