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5 Of The Best New Podcasts Dropping In May

By Morgan Reardon
6th May 2021

Our love affair with podcasts runs deep, and this month is no different. Whether you’re keen for a new listen to get you through your workout or if you’ve just burned through your latest Netflix binge, we’ve found this month’s best new podcasts to plug into. 

As per usual, we’ve got you covered with a generous serving of true crime and inspiring stories. You know the drill. Fire up the playlist, here are all the podcasts worth bingeing this month.

The Doodler

From The San Francisco Chronicle comes The Doodler, a new podcast following the still-unnamed serial killer that terrorised the gay community in San Francisco in the ‘70s, nearly five decades ago. Hosted by Pulitzer-prize nominated reporter Kevin Fagan of The San Francisco Chronicle and investigative reporter Michael Taylor, the series aims to re-investigate the case, speaking with a wide variety of guests tied directly or indirectly to the case, hoping that these conversations will lead to the eventual identification and capture of The Doodler. Listen to it here. 

Sliding Doors With Elle Ferguson

Aussie influencer, beauty entrepreneur and all around boss babe, Elle Ferguson has taken to the airwaves in her new podcast Sliding Doors. In each ep, Ferguson hangs out with inspiring people in the world of beauty and fashion and chats through the ‘sliding door’ moment that made them turn their passion into a career. Guests include Jen Atkin, hairstylist to the stars (Chrissy Teigen and the Kardashians), editor Jackie Frank and celebrity makeup artist Ask K Holm. If you’re inspired by people who go after their dreams, this podcast is for you. Listen to it here.

We Regret To Inform You: The Rejection Podcast

While this podcast isn’t new, season two just dropped and you’ll absolutely want to bless your ears with it. We’ve all been rejected at some point in our lives right? Whether it be at work, in a relationship or even with friends, we have all felt that familiar kick in the guts. The silver lining? Everyone, even the mega rich and famous, has experienced rejection and in this podcast, hosts Sidney and Terry O'Reilly chat about the rejection stories of everyone from actors like Gal Gadot and Mark Ruffulo to poet Amanda Gorman. Listen to their stories of resilience right here.

In God We Lust

From Wondery comes this seriously saucy new podcast. Over six eps, hosts Brooke Siffrinn and Aricia Skidmore-Williams will dive into the salacious affair the tabloids dubbed “the pool boy” scandal. Taking place in Miami at a luxury hotel, the pool boy meets—and flirts with—a married couple. Soon enough, a love triangle erupts. But what makes this affair news-worthy is that the husband in this love triangle is Jerry Falwell Jr., member of one of the most famous evangelical families in America and president of a Christian university with a strict code of conduct. Listen to it here.

Internet Urban Legends 

Whether you’re a true crime buff or a conspiracy theorist, this new Spotify Original is right up your alley. Hosted by internet sleuths Loey Lane and Eleanor Barnes, the duo scour the web for the most chilling unsolved mysteries that have plagued the curious with endless questions. Each episode, Loey and Eleanor take a deep dive into one big story—from terrifying TikToks like Tyson Chandler’s stalking encounter to “The Watcher House'' in New Jersey where someone is haunting the family’s new home. Bring on the chills, and have a listen here. 

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