12 Of The Best Spotify Playlists To Listen To At Your Next Dinner Party

By Jessica Best

best spotify playlists dinner party

A dinner party well-done means you’ve gone above and beyond to create the perfect feast and vibe. Which is exactly why choosing the ultimate Spotify playlist is crucial. Maybe you have a talent for finding the best mash-ups or maybe you lack in that department, regardless, this list is a certified hack to making your dinner parties an absolute eleven.

From curated lists of the very best cinematic music moments to coveted playlists emulating every major hip artist you need to know about right now, this line-up is a sure-fit for any kind of gathering.

Here are the best playlists to listen to at your next dinner party.

Dinner Party Essentials

For the legends out there who can’t cook but like a mean playlist, this collection of modern bangers will provide endless vibes with minimal effort. From Harry Styles and Daft Punk to Aretha Franklin and Amy Winehouse, this dinner party playlists looks after your guests like any serious host should. It’s smooth sailing which means you can concentrate on more important things, like not burning your French-style chicken and potatoes.

Dinner Party

Aptly named the “Dinner Party” playlist, this guy takes on some serious clout in the playlist world. By combining soft music and modern dinner music, this collection of tunes is the gift that will keep on giving all night long. With a number of stellar Triple J Like A Version covers, GRAACE, Flight Facilities, Mallrat, Client Liaison, Ocean Alley and a whole heap more, this chill dinner playlist will save any mediocre attempt at the backyard Weber.

Cocktail Party Beach Music

As the sonic concoction that is most definitely shaken and not stirred, this playlist will hit differently the next time you throw a sneaky little cocktail party at your very own digs. Overall, it’s one of the best Spotify playlists since the dawn of time because unlike other inferior cocktail playlists, this one is sans sounds that will put you to sleep (and we love it). It’s a bit juicy in a “let’s get this party started” kind of way and features a whole lot of love from a number of decades.

Cafe Cubano

Look, nothing brings a dinner party together quite like Buena Vista Social Club can. The ensemble may seem like the poster child for pre-revolutionary Cuba but the good news is that Cafe Cubano will bring you and your grooving house guests a playlist repertoire rich with Cuban clave from a myriad of other artists. We can’t promise your mates won’t get up mid-song and have a little boogie wine in hand.

Quentin Tarantino Film Favourites Takeover

If it’s a colourful and dramatic dinner party you're after, then it’s a colourful dinner party vibe you’re going to get with this playlist. Congegrating all of his favourite on-screen music moments into one solid playlist, Taratino’s line-up consists of 71 absolute music wins including James Brown and Tupac Shakur’s Unchained from Django Unchained, Nancy Sinatra’s Bang Bang from Kill Bill Vol.1 and the ultimate Jungle Boogie by Kool And The Gang in the director’s master film Pulp Fiction.

Rap Caviar

To put it lightly, Rap Caviar is quite frankly the mecca of epic hip hop times on Spotify. If you have no idea what you’re dealing with right now, it’s basically every big-time rapper’s dream to be featured on this talent-filled playlist and it’s cultivated over 11 million dedicated followers. You’ll find the likes of Drake, Lil Tecca, Mustard and Megan Thee Stallion. You can also keep up to date with new additions right here.

Marvel Music

Featuring over 60 songs (that’s 3 hours and 20 minutes of sonic glory), this playlist is a stellar mix of music from Marvel movies. The tunes on this one are brought to you by the likes of Nirvana, Redbone and TLC, with scores brought to you by the legendary Hans Zimmer, Christophe Beck, Alan Silvestri and a heap more.

Bobo And Flex

If it’s not music you’re looking for to be the soundtrack of your dinner party then there’s only one thing you need to do – plug your speaker into the Bobo & Flex podcast. Is it the best podcast to ever hit the interweb? Probably. Will you delve into some of the greatest philosophical, moral and self-analytical bants and debates ever? Hell yeah. Topics span everything from the problem of “being woke”, monogamy in the 21st Century, manifesting your best life, spirituality and even toxic activism. Double whammy—whip this podcast out while you play Flex Mami's ReFlex card game.

Dreampop/Shoegaze/Lo-Fi Buffet

Let’s take a moment to thank the music gods for Chris Chan. This absolute champion has gone and created a playlist that preaches a vibe and a half flexing its 80s/90s genre muscles in the spaces of dreampop, shoegaze and neo-psychedelia. This indie tracklist means you’ll be harnessing a sling of dreamy and cathartic melodies for all the no-frills feels ie. the perfect Sunday mash-up.

Someone Great Soundtrack

One of the greatest things to hit Spotify and Netflix in 2019 was the movie and soundtrack to Someone Great. While time continues, this playlist has only grown better with age. It only blares for a good hour and a half, should you be on the prowl for an epic round-up of bangers to kickstart the best dinner party of this Millenium, this one’s your go. Packed with Lizzo’s iconic Truth Hurts, Lorde’s Supercut and Lil Kim’s early noughties hit The Jump Off (which coincidentally means “to get the party started”), the neatly packaged mixtape will no doubt be the soundtrack to your greatest Friday night.

Synthwave/Retro Electro

If you want your close company to feel like they’re in the middle of an 80s simulation, look no further than Spotify’s Synthwave mix. You might be asking “so, what is synthwave and why is it perfect for my next dinner party?” well, we come armed with answers. This electric and modernising soundtrack emulates everything to do with Stranger Things, Blade Runner, Terminator, Neon Drive and Kavinksy’s Outrun so you and your mates can embrace the best of all things retrofuturism. And good news, this playlist will churn out tunes for a good 19 hours.

500 Greatest Songs Of All Time

If you’re indecisive, rest assured because Spotify’s 500 Greatest Songs Of All Time collection is a no-brainer for any stellar night of eats and beats. If the aim is to get everyone up to karaoke the night away, good news, this gem comes packed with the world’s biggest hits from the likes of The Beach Boys, Prince, Fleetwood Mac, Buddy Holly, House of Pain, ABBA, Janis Joplin and Missy Elliot (you know, for good measure).

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