10 Places To Find Bubble Tea In Brisbane

By Zoe Kirby - 28 Jun 2016

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If you need a break from the caffeine or you just need a beverage to complement your pho addiction, bubble tea will answer all your thirst-quenching prayers. We’ve compiled a list of ten of the best places to get your bubble tea fix in and around Brisbane.

Gong Cha

Located inside Garden City’s very own mini Asia, 8 Street, is Gong Cha. This tea bar is renowned for tailoring your bubble tea to not only your flavour and bubble preference, but also sweetness, tea base and ice level. So if you’re the indecisive type, opt for one of their store favourites that are numbered on a board, or order a Lychee Green Tea with lychee gems and black pearls, little sugar, little ice (this regular can highly recommend it – if you’re into lychees of course).

Ph by Pho Hung

If you’re wandering around the opposing end of Westfield Garden City and can’t be bothered to walk to 8 Street, stop in at Ph by Pho Hung for a bubble tea and an accompanying bowl of pho. The Coconut Milk Tea is a delicious choice, designed for that 3pm pick-me-up – after a full day of shopping til you’re dropping.


Another shopping centre favourite, these tea bar’s seem to pop up in all the right places. Chatime allows you to adjust your sweetness level, choose your favourite flavour and of course, select your accompanying boba (that’s bubbles to you and I). Order your favourite flavours and you’ll be well on your way, with a perfect little cup of bubbly happiness in hand.

Tea Etc

If you’re a poor uni student, or a poor rent-payer, or just generally, strapped for cash; Tea Etc will soon become your bubble tea local. With bubbles priced at $3-$4 a pop, you can enjoy your tea without thinking about the lunch you just sacrificed. Oh, and it’s a dandy little place even in the winter months; try their hot grass jelly to warm your insides and awaken your cultural senses (it includes peanuts, boba and red beans – interesting mix we know.)

EasyWay Tea

Known as Australia’s favourite tea bar, we couldn’t possibly keep EasyWay Tea off the list. It’s popularity means you’ll never be too far away from satisfying those frantic bubble tea cravings (don’t know about you, but this happens to us at least twice a week). Spoilt for choice, you’re best to peruse the menu for as long as necessary before you go up to order – think about the poor guy that spends his days being the reciprocate of all that umm-ing and ahh-ing.

Tea Fusion Sunnybank

Surrounded by cute dessert bars and all sorts of Asian delicacies, is Market Square’s Tea Fusion. Once you wrap your head around their mile long menu, order your little plastic cup of delicious bubbles, sit down and enjoy the cultural and not to mention ‘kawaii’ ambience of Brisbane’s very own piece of Asia.


The name kind of explains this tea bar’s odd location – unusually located inside a shipping depot, the cafe has a very authentic atmosphere, and well, bubble tea to match. With al dente boba and tea that tastes as though it’s fresh out of the Chinese street markets, Alleyway is definitely worth a visit, based on it’s authenticity. We dig it.

Tea Bar

Sweet tooth’s united, we’ve found the perfect bubble tea bar just for you. The Tea Bar will satisfy all your bubble-tea fancies; with a range of deliciously sweet milk, fruit and even icy bubbles – you’re spoilt for choice really. They also stock our personal favourite, popping pearls – give them a go, you’ll thank us later.


Of course, we’re back to Market Square – pretty much known as the HQ for Asian delicacies. Word has it that Sakuraya has the best Taro Milk Tea in all the land – and we totally agree. Fresh ingredients (taro) is used to concoct their popular beverage, and it is served in what we would consider bowls, instead of cups. We like bowls instead of cups.

PHOB Vietnamese Restaurant

Their bubble tea range is limited, but we all know about the quality over quantity ratio. PHOB prides themselves on their milk tea, and we can assure you that a milky mango beverage is much more delicious than it sounds. Make a meal of it whilst you’re there, their bowls of hot, steamy pho are almost as big as the tables.

Image credit: Kyoto Sushi and Grill

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