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10 Of The Best Spots For Bubble Tea In Brisbane As Chosen By You

By Ranyhyn Laine
27th Oct 2021

bubble tea on a table

Originating in Taiwan, bubble tea became popular in the 80s and typically features tea, sometimes milk, and those delightfully chewy tapioca balls that are equally fun to chew as they are to shoot through a straw at unsuspecting victims.

The popularity of bubble tea in Brisbane is at sky-high levels, as shop after shop have popped up offering different takes on the refreshing drink from cheese toppings to obscure flavours. All we know is we’re here for it all.

We asked you where to find Brisbane’s best bubble tea on our Instagram and you more than delivered. Here are 10 of the the best places to find bubble tea in Brisbane, as recommended by you.


Sunnybank Hills 

You'll want to visit this brand new bubble tea house as much for its pastel pink interiors as you do for its bubble-filled sips. Already a Sydney and Melbourne fave, Gotcha farm their very own tea, and brew it fresh for each and every order. It's a dedication to quality you'll taste from your very first sip of Bamboo Charcoal Milk Tea. These guys have flavours you won't find anywhere else, as well as Japanese-style yoghurt filled with popping pearls to try.

What to order: Durian fresh milk tea



Ask any Brisbane bubble tea addict where their favourite boba spots are and Heeretea will probably make their top five. With multiple locations from Sunnybank to the city, there’s plenty of places to get your fix. Not to mention, the tea selection is huge, with flavours like chocolate truffle and coconut purple rice taro. You can also adjust the sugar level, which we really appreciate heading into summer.

What to order: Brulee bubble milk tea or Oreo brulee milk tea

Machi Machi 

Brisbane City and Sunnybank

This Taiwanese bubble tea spot has a cult following in Taiwan, and it’s finally made its way to Brisbane. Here you can sip on their famous bottled milk teas and lattes with panna cotta, as well as their caramel-topped coffee milk teas and crème brûlée-topped black milk tea. The Machi Machi menu extends to fruity green teas, and you can get the likes of cream cheese foam and pearls added to your chosen sips.

What to order: Caramel coffee milk tea with pearls or brown sugar milk tea

Wushiland Boba 

Brisbane City and Calamvale

Is this bubble tea, or is it just dessert? You’ll be left wanting more of Wushiland Boba’s boba Ovaltine latte, which is basically the grown up version of your favourite childhood sip. Bonus, for the bubble tea lovers with an unfortunate intolerance of dairy, Wushiland does a lactose free creamer to add to your milk tea.

What to order: Ultimate chew milk tea

Botanical Lab 

West End

Botanical Lab not only fronts as a shop for all things tea, boasting everything from bubble tea and iced tea to chai lattes and good old green tea, but it also mirrors as a gift shop, high tea venue and so much more. Staying true to their name, this lab is not only famous for their unique flavours—blue mango milk tea to name one of them, but they are extremely well-known for their boba soft serve sundaes, with flavours that change regularly.

What to order: Chai tea with pearls   

Milk Tea 

Brisbane City

Sweet tooths unite, we’ve found the perfect bubble tea bar just for you. Milk Tea will satisfy all your bubble-tea fancies, whether you prefer brewed tea, milk tea, cheese fruit frappes  or even something from their dedicated Yakult range. With a range of toppings that includes brulee, pearls, cheese foam, fresh taro and coconut jelly, you’ll be spoilt for choice. They also stock our personal favourite, blasting pearls—give them a go, you’ll thank us later.

What to order: Lychee yoghurt tea

Moge Tee


For anyone new to bubble teas, and for whom oolong and red bean sound a bit hard core, Moge Tee’s Oreo and creme brulee milk teas might just be the sips to tempt you in to trying this delicious drink. And for the die hards, there’s freshly brewed tea or fruit tea frappes with cheese foam in flavours ranging from avocado to jinfeng oolong  (you’ll get there one day newbies). 

What to order: Brown sugar bubble milk tea

Oiian Tea 

Brisbane City and Toombul 

If you’re wandering around the city or Toombul and can’t decide whether to eat or down a bubble tea, stop at Oiian Tea for a boba and an accompanying bowl of sandwich or bubble waffle. Their signature chocolate milk tea is a delicious choice, designed for that 3pm pick-me-up after a full day of shopping 'til you’re dropping.

What to order: Lychee rose green tea


South Brisbane 

For a more traditional menu, with not an Oreo or creme brulee in sight, Addictea is traditionalist approved. Newbies may not know exactly what they’re ordering when it comes to sips like Cloud Sesame Tea and Pineapple WangWang, but trust us, it’s all good.  

What to order: Peach oolong tea with milk

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