6 New Brisbane Cafes To Hit Up This July

By Sophia McMeekin
3rd Jul 2017


All the crisp mornings and fresh weather we’ve been having lately has put us in a right mood for a Brisbane café safari. This time-honoured pilgrimage to Brisbane’s finest fuelling stations gets completed pretty regularly in winter but that’s only because we’re greedy and can’t really handle being outside when it’s anything colder than room temperature.

Kit yourself out in a chunky knit and arm yourself with a keep-cup; we’ve got you an agenda for the month of July that is practically vital to your survival. Here are the best cafes in Brisbane you HAVE to check out this month.

Lonely Boy

Spring Hill

Having delicious lunches and coffee every day is a snap with a daily visit to Lonely Boy. The new Brisbane café shaking up Spring Hill is where you’ll find game-changing chow like jalapeño waffles and a souped-up, off-the-charts iteration of a McMuffin. Lonely Boy also offers dinner delivery six nights a week, which is great if you have hectic attachment issues. 

Miss Jones

New Farm

Brought to you by the crew at Little Loco, this latest character to sashay onto the New Farm café scene is one foxy debutante. A vision of pastels, Miss Jones brings the warmth and joy of Single O coffee, Nordic lines, and eggs benny on hash and cheddar waffles to the hungry masses. Her popularity is gaining momentum so don’t wait for an introduction to go around and meet her properly.

Greenhaus Coffee


Taking up residence next to sister-store Botanica, Greenhaus is the snack-sized coffee nook for people on the go. You can totally stick around if you feel like it, but the object of the operation is to facilitate the zoomy hustle with really spectacular brews and snackage. On the brews they’ve got Allpress on the coffee, West End Tea Co. on the tea, and Matcha Maiden on the alt-sips, while the foodstuffs include soups, sangas and sweet treats, all made on site.

Café Gia


It’s no secret that we’re all super busy and pressed for time and can’t be expected to get around to everything that happens all the time… but if you haven’t been to Café Gia yet you’re seriously missing out. The food, the coffee, the vibe all make for a thoroughly happy experience, made all the more glorious by taking your morning charge in an edible cup. That’s right, we thought the keep-cup would be the pinnacle of waste-free living but we were WRONG. How does a waffle cone coffee cup sound? Like pure, unadulterated genius? Like the heavens have opened up and spilled manna on our mornings? That’s because it is. And you can get it at Gia.

Frankie & George


With the combined powers of a nutritionist and a die-hard foodie, Brisbane’s CBD has welcomed the integral feature of a glorious day. New Brisbane cafe Frankie & George have taken aim at boring, tacky breakfasts and average Joe and annihilated the tedium with delicious, organic, seasonal dayfeasts and some really banging coffee. Get down to their cosy courtyard digs on George Street the next time you’re in need of an office escape.

The Single Guys


Sipping on a specialty brew from the comfort of your power suit has never been more pleasurable thanks to the lil sweethearts behind The Single Guys. Charged with all the amp and stoke from Kenmore’s favourite coffeehouse, this new venture promises slamming coffee, moreish bites, and a fully-stocked bar for the after five trade.

Now you've torn through this list, you better get to checking out Brisbane's most indulget, wintery desserts.

Image credit: Ariana Gillrie

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