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A Huge Banksy Exhibition Has Just Opened In Brisbane

By Ranyhyn Laine
8th Mar 2023

Something brilliant has come Brisbane this year and it’s not yet another wine bar or Italian restaurant. Nope, what’s coming is bigger, better and more iconic than ever before. Queens Plaza in the CBD is hosting The Art of Banksy: “Without Limits” exhibition featuring no less than 150 artworks from the world’s best graffiti artist. Excuse us while we black out our calendar.

Banksy is UK’s most controversial artist. No one knows his face, everyone knows his artwork. He is a name that will be remembered for years, he is the man behind art located throughout the world and he has multiple documentaries and books dedicated to his legacy. He’s kind of like the Sia of the art world… ridiculously talented, holds millions of fans yet remains a hidden face.

The Art of Banksy exhibition has showcased in Melbourne, Amsterdam, Istanbul and Tel Aviv and is now open in Brisbane. Many of the graffiti artists' most famous paintings will feature, in the form of prints, photos, sculptures, installations, murals recreations and more. There's an infinity room where you can immerse yourself in Banksy’s most iconic works, murals created to represent seven of his latest works in war-torn Ukraine and an entire room dedicated to the Louis Michel artworks. There’s even a simulation of Banksy’s largest art piece, “Dismaland,” a pop-up amusement park that was anything but amusing. 

This bold stance Banksy takes with his art is what makes his work iconic. He’s known for questioning politics, social trends and using art as a form of activism. Even if you don’t agree with his ideas, the artwork is difficult not to admire. Keeping his identity unknown is much to do with the pranks he pulls against the art establishment. He’s broken the news a handful of times for secretly hanging his work inside museums around the world such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Brooklyn Museum. 

We feel obliged to tell you that the exhibition is in no way affiliated with Banksy himself, and the artist has even put a statement on his website to the effect—though he has also pointed out that he's not the best person to complain about people putting up pictures without getting permission, so do with that information what you will. 

The Art Of Banksy: “Without Limits” is in town from Thursday 4 May, and will be sticking around until the end of June. Tickets start at $36 for adults and $25 for children and you can grab them here

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Image credit: Supplied

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