Brisbane’s Best Health-Food Stores

By Kim Barnard
16th Jul 2013

There has never been a time when what you eat has been more of a acceptable topic of conversation. Whether you're into Paleo, vegan, or gluten free, or, like many, are sitting firmly in the 'just shut up and eat it already' camp, there is no denying that food in the name of health is not only topical, but trendy.

Whether you buy into the many (many) food philosophies that are around, or whether you choose to scoff at the non-bread-eating groupies as you chow down on a buttery croissant, there is no doubting that health, in all its forms and theories, is on our minds like never before.

With that in mind, we have compiled a hit-list of Brisbane health-food stores that are jam-packed with goodies guaranteed to give you that inner glow, no matter what your particular food ethos. 

Here are our picks of Brisbane's best health-food stores.

Sun & Earth Organics

With an incredible selection of health foods, supplements, meals, smoothies, and other healthy-living products, it's no wonder Sun & Earth is one of Brisbane's most popular health-food stores. The food is seriously delicious—try the brown rice sushi!—and they even have naturopaths and nutritionists in store most days if you need a bit of extra guidance.

Fundies Wholefood Market

Stocking an amazing range of organic produce and wholefoods, Fundies Wholefood Market is a Paddington institution, famous with the healthy-living crowd since '98. Go for the groceries, stay for the iconic Fundies Café that adjoins. 

The Green Edge

Looking for a vegan grocer and café? The Green Edge is the answer to your prayers. Think everyday groceries, beauty and cleaning products, supplements, and of course, fruit and veg—and it's all good. Vegan or not, it's worth a visit.

Primal Pantry

Want to eat Paleo, but don't want to spend hours checking out the ingredients on the back of every box you pick up in the supermarket? Primal Pantry is for you. With a small, quality selection of supplements, groceries, and take-home meal options, there has never been a better time to jump on the caveman bandwagon.

Celiac Supplies

Getting rid of the gluten from your diet has never been so easy! Celiac Supplies in Coorparoo is servicing the needs of hungry celiacs and gluten intolerants everywhere, with their impressive range of pastas, biscuits and crackers, sauces, confectionary, and other health products—all sans the G word! 

Vive Health

Healthy East-siders, get to Vive in Hawthorne for your fix of all things health and wellness-related. Whatever it is you're looking for, they've pretty much got you covered—we particularly love their range of organic beauty products.

Wray Organic

Fresh, organic fruit and veg, high-quality meats, and lots of vegetarian and vegan options, Wray Organics is a one-stop-shop guaranteed to make you feel pretty darn good about yourself and your excellent food choices.

Flannerys Natural Organic Supermarket

Another excellent organic grocer option, we particularly love Mrs Flannerys for their Flannerys Own range of dry ingredients, supplements, and oils.


A popular spot for West-siders, Health Shop in Toowong Village, is a treasure trove of organic dried goods, beauty products, vitamins, and supplements. With super-friendly staff there to help you get what you need, you can't go wrong.

Four Seasons Organics

Located out in beautiful Samford, on Brisbane's north, Four Seasons Organics has everything you could want from a health-food store. Fresh fruit and veg, meat, seafood, and dairy, and all your standard bulk products are just the beginning. We love their organic sweet treats and savoury snacks!

Image Credit: The Yummly Life

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