Where To Get The Best Waffles In Brisbane

By Catherine Blake
15th Sep 2017


Whether you’re starting out on a new bromance, or looking for an alternative to pancakes on a Sunday morning, few breakfast items bring as much joy as waffles—and let us tell you, Brisbane's waffle game is strong

The dips and ridges in a waffle slab allows for maximum surface area on the grill making a waffle almost 80% crispiness and every bite better than finding spare cash in the pocket of an old coat. We’re delighted to see so many waffle variations available from Brisbane’s best cafes. The hectic array of waffledoms now borders on indecent with everything from the sweet and classic to the downright bizarre, so here are our picks of Brisbane's best waffles to get stuck in to.

Billykart Kitchen

West End

The crispy potato aspect of these waffles is really what takes Billy Kart’s waffle contribution to the next level. They’re even generous enough to throw in some hot smoked salmon, poached eggs, charred mustard greens and a shriekworthy horseradish hollandaise. 

Let Minnow


Things get dark and moody with Let Minnow’s perforated Black Forest waffles. Begin with a chocolate waffle stack, add cream, fresh berries, cherry jam, a rich chocolate ganache and cherry-infused maple syrup then top it all off with macadamia crumble and vanilla ice-cream.


South Brisbane

The sourdough waffles at Gauge have been making waves ever since they hit the scene. The latest iteration of their breakfast favourite takes the same sourdough base and dresses it up with dollops of wattleseed custard, rhubarb and malt ice cream. 

best waffles brisbane

Café Grenadine

Camp Hill

When ordering the waffles at Cafe Grenadine, be prepared for a plate of splendour. They take some ricotta waffles and dress them up with sugar-scorched banana, fresh mascarpone, salted caramel, peanut butter and chocolate cookie crumb then finished off with jewels of peanut brittle.

NKB Express


The breakfast waffles at NKB Express are so famous they've winkled out their own section of the menu with no fewer than four iterations. Our pick are the super simple Flatiron waffles with vanilla ice cream and maple syrup, no overthinking in sight. 

Little Loco

New Farm

They called them crazy, but Little Loco has been busy asking the big questions. Like, what would happen if you served poached eggs and chipotle hollandaise on a smoked ham and cheddar waffle? What would salted caramel waffles taste like if you added mascarpone, Oreos and honeycomb? There’s only one place to go to find out…



Another day, another raunchy AF addition to the Naïm menu. Their Belgian waffles are a mound of house-made fig ice cream, spiced rum butterscotch (!) and mulled rhubarb with a smattering of walnut snow.

Miss Kay's

Various locations

Known across town as one of the best burger joints, well, anywhere, Miss Kay's also offers a cheeky breakfast menu for those early risers amongst us—which of course has waffles—with quite the cult following. Their take on the classic American brekky dish is literally fried chicken and waffles, served with maple bacon and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Don't knock it until you've tried it.

best waffles brisbane

85 Miskin St


Just making wattle seed waffles just wasn't enough, no they HAD to go and add raspberries and violet ice cream and ruin me for pancakes, didn’t they? I hope you’re happy, Miskin, because I’m rapt and I’ll take a second serve if it’s going. 

Rogue Bistro


Don’t expect to go bored or hungry when you take on the waffles at Rogue Bistro. The black forest waffles wouldn’t look out of place on a dinner dessert menu matcha cream, fresh cherries, Persian floss and dark chocolate gelato. Rogue also does a savoury waffle that turns things up a notch with popcorn chicken, a fried egg, duck fat aioli, carrot jam and maple syrup. 

Kettle & Tin


If you don’t want your waffles too sweet, check out Kettle & Tin's chicken waffles. Featuring some slammin' crispy chicken thighs, Kettle and Tin dress up the waffles with spiced mayo, maple butter and spring onions to make a feast to rival the Colonel. 

After a more well-rounded breakfast meal? Here's where to get breakfast yiros in Brisbane.

Image credit: Michelle Jarni, Esteban Rivera, Ariana Gillrie

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