Here’s Where To Get Cheesy Birria Tacos In Brisbane

By Annabelle Allpass
15th Sep 2021

a birria taco in a basket

It's possible that no other food has had quite the chokehold on the entire internet than the birria taco. You know the one, you’ve seen it on Tikok—a crisp tortilla embraces a bed of slow-cooked beef with a scattering of sweet yellow onion and cilantro encased in cheese, served up with a cup of broth and chunk of lime. Utterly drool-worthy

If somehow you haven't seen these before you'll be glad we’ve got the goods on where to find them right here cause once you do, you'll be hooked from the pictures alone. Without further ado, here's where to find birria tacos in Brisbane. 

South Austin 

Mount Gravatt

If you appreciate a masterfully prepared bit of meat, South Austin is your dream destination. One from the team behind Barbecue Mafia, who cook up low and slow-smoked meats so tender it's somehow like butter, South Austin takes that melt-in-your-mouth meat and constructs Tex-Mex feasts that are to die for. While their regular tacos are undeniably good, their bestseller is the birria taco—and for good reason. Crisp on the outside, cheesy on the inside and accompanied by steaming broth, they are deceptively addictive.

Birria Boy


If it's anyone who knows food trends it's the team at Mac From Way Back. If you've pulled up on a Tuesday you might've caught a whiff of something downright insane—that would be the workings of Birria Boy, a taco pop up that calls Mac home every Tuesday. Truly a taco Tuesday setup from heaven if we've ever seen one, they're totally dedicated to slinging birria tacos that are so good it should be illegal. Bonus, they come with broth laden with noodles, just in case you need more carbs. On top of this, you can grab a mojito to wash it all down. Let's just say it is not helping our craving for travel to Mexico, that’s for sure. 

Enzo Y Ollie

Petrie Terrace 

On the other side of the river? Enzo Y Ollie is your best bet, a Caxton Street newcomer that has well and truly showed us that they're here to stay. Get a marg slushie while you wait for your birria to arrive which thankfully doesn't take long at all. To be honest, we don't know how the people who made birria tacos viral even had time to film their plates—we saw ours approaching from across the way and were already ready to demolish them immediately. Probs don’t wear your best white ‘fit. 

If you prefer the regular kind of tacos, here’s where to get Brisbane’s best

Image credit: Ranyhyn Laine 

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