7 Reasons This Stunning Cafe Is In Our Brisbane Hall Of Fame!

By Jessica Pridmore
5th Aug 2018

You know how we love literally ANY Brisbane cafe that’s good for the ‘gram—double those feels if it’s a café that’s so pretty it makes your heart ache and the food matches the drapes (so to speak…).

Case in point; St. Coco in Daisy Hill. Now, we hear you, these guys aren’t exactly brand new to the Brissy dining scene, but (and this is a big but) if you haven’t yet taken a drive out to this literal hidden gem, then you’re not doing Brisbane life right, friends!

If you’re not convinced, it’s my job to change your thought process/change your habits/break you out of your repetitive habits etcetera etcetera.

So, here goes; the 7 reasons why you really should go check out gorgeous café St. Coco. Read up, read good, take notes, tag your mates. Whatever you do, make sure you bloody well go!

1. First and foremost: can we steer your attention to St. Coco’s aesthetic for one moment, please? Not content with the standard subway tiles, neon signs and pastel palette (not that we’re throwing any shade; we unashamedly froth for a splash of neon and seafoam paint) they’ve opted for a Santa Monica-come-California Bungalow-meets-South American mash up that results in a rustic-looking cabana, stuffed with cosy corners full of kilim cushions and antique chairs. (read: the sort of place you’d set yourself up with a good book or lappy and camp out all freaking day).

2. The coffee! St. Coco serves beans exclusively sourced by Wolff Coffee Roasters—making their speciality brews highly sought-after. From nitro cold brews, to v60 filter, velvety smooth lattes to organic chai, if you only come to hydrate, here is your literal fountain.

3. Coffee aside, it’s the food that’ll get you hooked. Sticky date bircher muesli, anyone? How about bratwurst benedict? Perhaps a lamb chop burger? Who cares, we’ll have one of everything

4. (P.S—their avo on toast makes me not bored with seeing avocado literally everywhere! Eat it. You owe it to yourself.)


6. There are plants and cacti scattered generously about the place! Eye-gasms (and ‘gram ops) aplenty.

7. Everything, from the food, to the décor to the tattoos on the staff are so bloody gorgeous, you’ll want to settle in and never leave. Like, ever.

Image credit: Grace Elizabeth Images for The Urban List

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