Brisbane’s Best Laksa

By Daniel Colasimone
12th Jun 2013

Laksa is a food thing that makes people very happy. Technically it is a soup, but that word doesn't seem to do it justice, with so much going on in that joyful bowl. It can often look like a dog's breakfast, with seemingly random ingredients all thrown in together, but it tastes like liquid sunshine. Just eating it is fun. You can dig around with your special little Laksa spoon, get stuck into the fat noodles, pluck out tender bits of meat, and when you get bored with all of that, you can slurp on the hot, life-giving broth until you decide to search for more bite-sized morsels. I love you, Laksa. 

Here is a handful of Brisbane's best Laksa joints.

Superbowl Chinese Restaurant
No frills, no fuss, just tables covered with butcher paper and amazing Laksa. Great fun for big groups. Spicy. Food tastes even better if alcohol has been imbibed. It's BYO and there's a bottle-o across the road. What else do you need to know?
Where: 185 Wickham Street in Fortitude Valley 

Malaya Corner
Superb food at budget prices. Malaya Corner is another stripped-back Laksa experience that will have you coming back for more. It's worth a visit to sunny Sunnybank for the authentic Malaysian experience.
Where: 83/431 Main Road in Sunnybank

Laksa Hut
With clay-pot Laksas to keep the traditionalists happy, and a roast pork and vegetable Laksa that is good enough to blow anyone's socks off, Laksa Hut is a must-visit spot if you're chasing the dragon. The Laksa dragon that is.
Where: 27 Station Road in Indooroopilly

Satay Club Noodle House
Everybody raves about Satay Club's duck Laksa, and for good reason. Five words: Duck fat and coconut cream. Nirvana in a bowl. 
Where: 66 Charlotte Street in Brisbane

The Vietnamese
These guys chose a totally appropriate, if slightly unimaginative, name for themselves. They do all kinds of Vietnamese food extremely well, and their Laksa is no exception. 

Thai Wi Rat
Specialists in Northern Thai food, Thai Wi Rat have some stunning dishes on the menu. They offer Laksa as a kind of crowd-pleaser, and very pleasing it is too. Prepare to have your endorphins jolted as this is loaded with blissful chilli. You can also take one of their condiment toolboxes (they are actually toolboxes) to your table and add chilli oil, sesame oil and all kinds of other stuff to taste.

Quan Thanh
They have a bunch of great soups on the menu and the chicken Laksa is a delight. It's a vibrant, fun BYO locale in West End that should satisfy your Laksa needs. 

TUL Note: After a six-year stint as a freelance journalist in Buenos Aires, Daniel is back in Brisbane to find that his knowledge of Argentinian football is of little practical value here. Luckily, his other areas of expertise, such as eating food, drinking wine, and writing about it, are applicable across most cultures. 

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